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  1. Hi our August cruise on the Magic was canceled and leaning towards the Mardi Gras since a good portion will be paid for! husband wants to stay in a different type of room we always do balconys we did a cove on the Dream not our favorite. We have done an L shape on the Glory. We have also been on the Vista and Valor. Looking at next August. Preferably not an obstructed view. Thanks
  2. Yep so my PvP said that there are 3 options 1 full refund 2 partial refund and the rest applied to new booking 3 everything applied to new booking So then did the carnival email state this and I missed it?
  3. Can I ask do you just check offers daily then talk to your PvP? As I just want more time to rebook as yes I know that there will be a price difference of course.
  4. Hi we had 2 cruises canceled on 8/9 so looking to rebook. First one was Baltimore second was Miami. For next year probably August again. We booked last year on Black Friday. Question is has anyone ever seen a new booking more than the usual $50? Yes I know we will have the $600. Thanks!
  5. I like your thinking sliver of hope! I just need another place I can fly somewhere else for a great price just can’t get home for less than $500 unless we just stay in Ft Lauderdale!
  6. I have to think positive as we are 8/9!
  7. Per John Heald this morning they are gone due to lower capacity I believe
  8. Carnival owns them? When do they cruise again? Thanks
  9. This is from my PvP yesterday morning
  10. I appreciate your kindness in the answer meaning no negative words!
  11. Thanks that helps as my daughter lives in Maryland and we are cruising in August and I live in Indiana.
  12. Wow that would be something to experience! My daughter moved to Maryland last year only reason it was picked!
  13. It should be announced today cdc are meeting there is another post about it!
  14. Yes I am 8/9 Magic 6 out of Miami was originally on the 8/9 Pride out of Baltimore that was canceled
  15. Then I am confused what is this on deck 11? Thanks
  16. Thanks that helps might try the Italian restaurant too!
  17. Are all steakhouses similar? We have done only the Vista and we are on the Magic in August!
  18. Still no $100 gift cards someone please post when you see them thanks
  19. I agree so I emailed them as I didn’t know that they are that popular!
  20. That’s the only thing that I can think of unless you try and find the post that you are referring to.
  21. Please post where you saw this? I have $600 obc as my 8/9 Pride was canceled but booked an August cruise
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