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  1. I thought that I saw them all! Hmm I missed it maybe he was too fast. Hopefully I can try it sailing 8-14!
  2. You are before so looking forward to your posts!!
  3. I want to make reservations we cruise 8-14!
  4. Not a bad idea for my 8-14 Mardi Gras as it changed to Nassau instead of Grand Turk too
  5. I am 8-14 hopefully something is left to buy as the mugs are sold out.
  6. Looking forward to pictures! I booked the Chefs table on the Thursday my 50th! So excited for you your room sounds amazing is there any pictures yet? I have a regular suite!!
  7. I am curious too! It would make sense to divide this way
  8. So looking forward to a non smoking casino 8-14!!
  9. We have 2 cabins we are in a suite my adult kids are not they have a balcony and can’t check in until 7-31. Yes we are arriving together. Yes I want that boarding picture!! Should I just wait to check in until 7-31? This is for 8-14 sailing. Thanks!
  10. We are on Deck 9 too!! I keep doing research as to everything on deck 8! Oh my looking forward to your opinion! Have a great time too!
  11. We have a suite for 8-14. I will be curious as to what you think of it! We have always wanted to try one.
  12. I will take it!! Looking forward to your input of your cruise!
  13. We are 8-14 haven’t received anything maybe just the first two.
  14. Thanks for all the updates! We sail 8-14 Suite! I have my phone set up to receive his notifications of videos! So exciting!
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