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  1. We really liked the Gem for the Panama canal, we like "small" ships too. Great outdoors, Spinnaker, promenade and open viewing at top are great! Glad that there's a chance we can get rangers! We think Norwegian should do more informative content (and less hairy chest contests ;)) Thanks!!
  2. Our TA thinks the kitchen would be less noisy, but I tend to think like complawyer. We never go to the casino so I don't really know if the chairs make noise on the floor, etc.
  3. Hey all, If you were cheap like me and wanted to travel a lot, and the insides left were under the kitchen or casino, which one would you choose? Good day
  4. Hey all, We are looking at an Alaska back-to-back Vancouver-Seward-Vancouver on Jewel at the end of the 2021 season to raise our current morale :) Anyone with experience about this itinerary? Any lectures about Alaska, any rangers onboard during glacier days? We have cruised on the Gem and have looked at the Jewel plans and pics so expect nearly the same ship, nice front viewing indoor and outdoor areas, any comments on the ship?
  5. Hey Sid, great review, thank you. I’m curious about the Smoke and Fire, do you remember more details, ingredients, methods?
  6. Yes I saw the 10 year old thread and thought it would be time for an "update"! So small ships may not have a fridge, I did not even think to ask about it. Thank you!
  7. Are there wine glasses in all stateroom categories?
  8. Hi Sue, We will be on the May 4th sailing... with our children (!!!). In Valdez, more than the HAL options, there is the Dock Point Park & trail, the Solomon Gulch Hatchery, Valdez Museum, Maxine & Jesse Whitney Museum and a few kayak tours, but I didn't note what would not work for us. Worthington Glacier is not possible according to one tour operator. I like Frommers and the website that is an advisor about your trips (think I cannot actually reference it?) for a quick overview of the choices and start from there. I found the Alaska Cruise Handbook by Upton not extre
  9. I see! It is on their cruise "ports of call schedule", last column, "Kelsey". That's a start, thanks!
  10. Hi! In our great series of "Shuttles to downtown", next up we have Valdez. Any recent experience about this Holland shuttle, does it exist, is it regular and free? Also, the location of this port/dock/pier is a bit more difficult to find, with different info around, or is it me? Can you tell where does the ship stop? Thank you!
  11. Hi! We will be docking in actual Anchorage. Does anybody have experience about the complimentary Holland shuttle to the city : Is it to Egan Convention Center, 5th Av and E/F St? Are there enough shuttles, good frequency? Thanks!
  12. Also 1st timer here... Does anyone have experience about forest walks/hiking in May? We are looking for example at a forest walk to Deer Mountain Trail at Tongass National Forest from the Ketchikan pier.
  13. Hi! We booked at cruise at the start of May in Alaska and have a lot of OBC. I guess we cannot use it for excursions booked pre-cruise? In that case has anyone been able to pre-book excursions online and still use OBC on them? Are we stressed for nothing because we will be able to book most excursions onboard? Its our first Holland Cruise and we are usually doing more private tours, but is Holland competitive? Any comments? Happy sailings and holidays!
  14. Thanks Ruth! For me anyway, a reference to the Maasdam would be useful!
  15. I thought it would be interesting to aggregate here the most important Holland tips and secrets. Here are my top tips in "chronological" order: - You can use OBC to pay for automatic gratuities - You cannot use OBC to pay for excursions booked before the cruise - The formal clothes we need if we want to limit packing are, for men : collared shirts and pants excluding jeans - Holland does the MDR lunch on embarkation, for a more relaxed experience than the buffet - You can order more than one item from each category on the menu in the MDR (it depends for Pinnacle) - You c
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