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  1. Hi! We are thinking about snorkeling with our equipment at Great Stirrup Cay this December. We would like to avoid NCL excursions if possible. In which area would you suggest we go for interesting views? Can we go to the sculpture garden, where is it? Thank you!
  2. Exactly cruisequeen4ever, we just booked the 14 day, we can bring my parents along to cruise while they can, it is a perfect fit for our schedule, we find the itinerary extremely interesting and we (parents and child) are very confident about our child's experience. I could enumerate reasons but it's not the point. We did cruises with kid's clubs and enjoyed them, and will do more, but we want to try something a little different this time. So nice to know about the pool being usable and available although possibly a bit cold! Thank for your review GirlGoneTexan!
  3. Hi there! We are experienced cruisers (6 NCL + 1 CCL / longuest cruise 19 days), avid CC board reader, and looking at a Maasdam cruise in Alaska in May. Could you share your thoughts about the crowding at the pool, Crow's nest and at the ports? Are most activities available at the ports in your experience? Any advice or thoughts? We have children 4-7 years old and have cruised with our children since our first child had 20 months. We always enjoyed ourselves on moderate size (2200 passengers) ships, and always had positive comments and smiles from other passengers. We know there is no Club HAL on Maasdam. If someone has constructive thoughts about ship services and experience, or tips, regarding children on Maasdam/HAL or ports, please share! It would be very appreciated. Thanks!
  4. I had the same problem. I had my TA contact them around 5 times, then when he gave up, I called IT and we did it in about 30+ mins... something to do with our emails and the exact spelling of our names between their databases.
  5. Hi, I read that there are laundry packages that you can prepay, but are there laundry specials like on NCL (for example fill a bag for x $) ? Any tips you would be willing to share? Thank you
  6. Hi, Does anyone know if there are Legos on the Orchestra? For the benefit of other parents, maybe you could tell about the other ships too. It seems to be present in a few ships but expanding fleetwide. Thank you
  7. I just received an automatic answer from Perspectives, is it me or it is contradictory : " Mention this email when scheduling your session and receive a $100 Gift Card towards your purchase! Sessions are always completely complimentary. Prices start at $399. "
  8. We are planning on having a private photo session on the ship and buying some pictures. Do you recommend buying before the cruise or on the ship? Does anyone remember the deals onboard? I see preordering gives 35 pics for 249$. Thank you
  9. Relax! It was for our kids... and they LOVE bRoiled (not boiled) vegetables.
  10. Just wondering, what did you order in the MDR off the menu, or asked for at the buffet? Last time we got steamed vegetables in the MDR for the kids, maybe broiled next time? More exciting items? 😉
  11. Hi folks, We will be traveling with young children on the Gem and will be arriving in NYC at 10 am on our upcoming cruise, according to edocs. We need to take a private shuttle with a child seat since NCL doesn't go to Newark airport. At what time would you book the shuttle? (Our flight is at 4 pm). Thanks!
  12. We are port people and used to book mainly with NCL. Now we are searching for other means to have smaller groups and save money. I recently discovered ************* and it seems a good way to find quality excursions. The roll call for our upcoming trip is mainly people greeting others, not that it is bad, but it is hard to find relevant information in this sea of greetings and small talk. I would like to read about your methods, experiences, references, etc.! Envoyé de mon iPad en utilisant Forums
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