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  1. Bequia and PA, :D Thank you all so much! I changed the reservation and instead of 2 rooms we now have a suite at the Sleep Inn. We are arriving 2 days before the cruise and our DH and fiance are arriving the night before, so the queen suite will be perfect and it was less expensive than the 2 rooms at the Comfort Inn.;) The people on these boards and this website is incredible. I would not travel w/o checking here first. Thank you all again for all the help and info! Happy Cruising!
  2. Bequia, My goodness you are a vast source of info! :) Thank you so much! The Sleep inn is available for the nites I want. Please, just one more question. ;) Is there a mall or stores and restaurants within walking distance? Always need to pick up those last few items before the cruise. DH is watching Monday football and told me it is cold FL! Cold here in Oregon too. Stay warm and Thanks again!
  3. Bequia, Just read your response regarding the Comfort Inn. Is is that bad? Just curious. Thanks tho,I was hoping I could find someone who knew about that hotel. We have it reserved in Feb., 2 rooms for 2 nights before our cruise. The reviews were not that great. I guess we will switch to the Sleep Inn you mentioned. We are not looking for anything fancy, just want someplace clean where we can walk to the store or restaurants.Hopefully this is possible at the Sleep Inn. We also like the transfer's to and from the airport and dock. Thanks for all the suggestions and taking the time to answer so many questions.
  4. I love this thread. I am finishing up the packing this weekend. Two things I have not seen listed. The toiletry roll bag that hangs on a towel bar or on the door and a travel jewlery roll. We have both and they are great. I keep the toiletry bag packed at all times, as we travel quite a lot. It is great as there is no need to have things on the counter in the bathroom as the bag has many see thru compartments. The travel jewelery roll that I have has separate see thru zipper compartments so necklaces do not tangle, earrings do not go astray and it fits quite nicely in the safe. I am taking the shoe bag on this cruise. Did not have it last time and it sounds like a great idea. Thanks again for all the ideas and lists.
  5. CrazyforCruisin

    Cruiseline Formalwear Inc.

    Right on Gini! More room in the suitcase for me! Yipee!
  6. CrazyforCruisin

    Cruiseline Formalwear Inc.

    Hi, YES! It was great! It was one less thing we had to worry about or pack. My husband ordered the pkg with the two jackets. It was so convienient. The tux arrived at our cabin door the first day of the cruise and the steward came to pick it up the last day of the cruise. I just ordered the same pkg for our upcoming cruise. No hassle, no muss, no fuss. So go ahead and suprise her. There is nothing handsomer than a man in a tux! Have a wonderful cruise.
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    Planning Process - Half the Fun!!!

    Hi all, Just a quick note to anyone going to Alaska. I took one of those small foldable umbrella and sure was glad. When we got off the ship in Juneau and waiting for the excursion bus, it was raining that awful misty rain that soaks you thru. There I was with my umbrella, nice and dry. I had lots of people say, why didn't they think of one. HHHMMMMM must be because I live in rainy Oregon?! LOL! :D Anyway, just one more thing on the "to take list". Jodie
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    What have you ever forgotten?

    It was our first cruise. We read all the suggestions, duct tape, travel clock, shoe bag, etc etc. We made lists and checked them twice. :cool: We were sure we had packed everything we would need. The first morning at sea we are getting ready to go to breakfast, I came out of the shower and my DH is sitting on the bed, shirt on , socks on and naked from the waist down. I do one of those double takes and ask what is going on? He looks up at me and asks "How did I feel about him going commando to breakfast!?" He had forgotten all his undershorts! I could not stop laughing because I am "the blonde" in the family. It wasn't easy but we did find some boxer shorts in one of the souvenir shops in Juneau. He spent the rest of the cruise with ALASKA and a BEAR across his backside! This has become one of our favorite Alaska cruise stories within the family. I am still chuckling just thinking about it.
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    Planning Process - Half the Fun!!!

    Uber cruiser, I noticed you were on the Mexican Riveria in Feb. We are booked for the frist part of Feb. How was the weather? Our goal is to be out of the rainy cold winter weather in Oregon so sure hope the sun is shining then! Patti, The Alaska cruise is wonderful, very relaxing and lots to see. There was very little movement on the ship except one nite I woke up and it was rocking but that was so soothing I just went back to sleep. I am the planner. My DH justs lets me go for it. I already have our hotel reserved in San Diego. Now looking for airfare. Also checking out shore excursions. Any suggestions for Cabo, PV or Matzatlan? I also put all the numbers, dates etc on one piece of paper to carry with me and to give to family back home. I also took copies of our passports and credit cards and left them with our daughter just in case. To me the planning is as much fun as the trip...Well, almost!:D