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  1. Made Corned Beef and Cabbage for dinner tonight. Sorry no pictures. But it was Thai food for lunch. Very yummy.
  2. LOL. Reading about roller skates and keys made me think of that song, too. That song is stuck in my head now.
  3. Yes. I believe it is one of the first county fairs in the Bay Area.
  4. It felt so good to attend a first concert since the lockdown at the County Fair today. Really enjoyed Journey Revisited while watching the fluffy clouds roll by. Not the real Journey but these guys were still very good.
  5. Customers crammed inside, out the door and around the corner. Just placed a call to them and the nice young man said the planned date is July 15 but for sure by end of summer. They are excited about the new location, too as it faces the beautiful waterfront.
  6. Here is an article about their closure. I'm glad the new location is on Commercial St., so close to the port. https://www.boston.com/food/restaurants/2020/10/16/the-holy-donut-old-port-location-closed/
  7. It's got to be The Holy Donut. It's the reason why I want to go back- for their donuts (Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and Fresh Lemon) and their T-shirt.
  8. Would you mind if I shared also? Had granddoggie (aka- Mochi) visit this weekend. He has the same head tilt as Bella.
  9. Hang in there. Just remind yourself that when you are feeling back to normal, you're going to treat yourself to something delicious. 😋
  10. I truly admire the strength and resilience you must have to endure those heart-thumping, scary days you all experienced. Continuing to pray for you, your family and loved ones. Love and peace to you! ❤️ 🙏
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