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  1. Many thanks to all who have replied. So my theory that it was only sent to US residents is not valid.
  2. A friend has received an "Invitation from Seabourn President Josh Leibowitz" regarding a Global Summit on Covid-19 to be held on July 28th. He regularly receives emails from Seabourn, but try as I might, using "My Preferences", twice contacting a Seabourn representative, checking my Inbox for Spam, these communications fail to arrive. Have any European based subscribers received this latest email?
  3. I wonder if they're working on the website. I cannot even get to My Preferences. I log in and come to three main headings, My Profile, My Bookings, My Cruise History. I guessed I'd find My Preferences under My Profile, but it isn't listed.
  4. Has it been happening for a long time, or is it a recent thing? After a Windows Update, my keyboard was automatically changed to a U.S. one. Fortunately I managed to change back. I dread Windows Updates.
  5. Thanks for this. Goodness, the website is slow this morning! But where do I find my "Preferences"? Certainly not under "My Profile".
  6. Why haven't I had this message? (Silver member)
  7. Personally I'd opt for June. October could be disappointing, especially in the western Med.
  8. I have to say that I agree with Fletcher in that it depends on the room/suite you pay for. We were booked through an agency for a couple of nights at the Bauer prior to our Seabourn cruise. When we opened the curtains, the only view was of the opposite rooms the other side of an inner courtyard. At the time I had a mobility problem and didn't find it easy getting in to the bath to access the shower. However that was a good few years ago. It was our first Seabourn cruise on one of the little ships.
  9. If you mean beauty treatments, a gratuity is expected. On the Encore last November, there was a Gratuity space on the bill.
  10. No, a tip is expected, at least for beauty treatments. There is a space on the bill for a "gratuity".
  11. No, I'm not expecting anthing too dressy. Just would prefer to do TK on a less formal night.
  12. On a 14 day cruise, which nights are usually formal? I'd prefer to book TK on a different night.
  13. I think our stewardess on the Encore last Autumn must have been new. We told her we only needed two pillows. Her solution was to take the dressing table stool into the walk-in-wardrobe and store the remaining four pillows on it! I rerturned the stool to its rightful place and the pillows remained in a corner of the closet. Perhaps they were short of storage space.
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