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  1. We used to be given little illustrated guide books on the area we were visiting.... Not on our two more recent cruises.
  2. And what about the ATM eating your money? That happened to us at Nice Airport. You have to grab it quick!
  3. With tours in Israel, Jordan and Oman, would it be acceptable to tip the tour guides in euros, pounds or dollars, rather than changing small amounts of currency?
  4. Thanks to everybody for their input. I imagine that during the sea days (end of October and beginning of November) the weather south of Arabia will be very warm.. ..Thinking of what to pack.
  5. We have really enjoyed Momemvasia twice, an interesting and pretty place. We did this on our own. You can walk it or buy a ticket for the bus.
  6. Two questions to anyone who has done this cruise: Is there likely to be a Shopping with the Chef, and if so which is the likely port? There are quite a few sea days. What sort of activities can one expect?
  7. I have no experience of Silversea. On the basis of time of year and ports, I'd go for the first cruise on your list. If you're lucky they might still do the free evening concert in Ephesus. Brilliant!
  8. Which other sites? Looking for a bargain!
  9. Four days ago P&O cancelled their Gulf cruises for this Autumn. This is supposedly because their ship the Oceana travels under the Red Ensign, the British Merchant Navy's flag. It is thought it would be would be a prime target.
  10. Many restaurants especially high end ones do add a service charge of 12 and a half percent, although the customer does have the right not to pay. I'm sorry to have to disagree with GRJ, but unless a service charge is added in a restaurant, a 10% tip is normal. In many restaurants the waiting staff are paid the minimum wage.
  11. Question for the ladies. Are they familiar with "shellac" in the Spa treatments?
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