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  1. Always a very good array of salads in the Colonnade.
  2. If Seabourn is transporting you, as they have done us in the past, you won't have a choice in this, i.e. wait in the airport or travel on to theship. However I am sure they will have something planned for you. I suggest you ask about the arrangements.
  3. We have often used FlightEase through Seabourn and have always found that arrangements are in place to take care of you. I imagine that there will be other Seabourn passengers on your flight. Getting your luggage and getting through Athens airport could take a fair while. Someone will be waiting for you as you exit Airside. That still means you'd certainly arrive at the ship too early. I suggest you ask Seabourn or your TA what the procedure will be. Given the choice, I'd rather be waiting at the terminal rather than at Athens airport.
  4. What I don't understand is how it doesn't matter to Silversea but Seabourn are making a big issue of it.
  5. We confirmed our cover including cruise with Staysure within the last week.
  6. It's several years since we sailed Fred Olsen. We had a very good cruise but since then have opted for a line where you can dine when you wish and with whom you choose. What are the arrangements these days?
  7. No bus needed for Patmos, a very attractive little town to walk around. Do venture into the pretty back streets and gardens.
  8. Is The Herald still provided as a paper copy?
  9. Is it possible that they were revising the Internet access benefit?
  10. We have been on a few Seabourn Greek island cruises and never had Caviar in the Surf, although we did once have champagne/caviar by the pool with many members of staff jumping in the pool fully clothed. It was great fun! As for marina days, a lot depends on the weather. If there's too much wind, they don't happen.
  11. This is all very helpful. Thank you. 🙂
  12. Thank you. When I booked, I said I was happy to take "pot luck". Travelling on the Ovation, I could see that all cabins had balconies. My paperwork states that I am in Category V1, Suite Guarantee.
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