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  1. I was onboard and would agree that Seabourn handled the situation extremely well, though more communication would have been reassuring. There was a rumour which was then confirmed by the Captain. I seem to remember his words as being "a small number of cases."
  2. How were your tests, braidmcd? Another bulletin would be reassuring.
  3. I don't know about suits, but friends who have recently disembarked told me that those in a tux were definitely in the minority.
  4. A friend who had a similar dilemma had her PCR done at her Athens hotel and the result came back very quickly. It is worth asking her hotel if this can be arranged.
  5. Thank you, Hank, for all your interesting and helpful posts. Enjoy your last day at sea and good onward travel.
  6. The letter states all cruises departing August 14th through October 31st 2021.
  7. Seabourn has confirmed to my friend that the bookings can now go ahead for UK passengers.
  8. Many thanks for this which is very reassuring. Have a wonderful cruise and let us know all about it if you have the time.
  9. A friend who is considering the Greek island cruise in late August is worried at reading that there are new updates from Seabourn and that guests will not be allowed to discover the ports on their own but will be obliged to take a Seabourn excursion. I think she's getting confused with the Caribbean cruise. Has anyone heard anything?
  10. Always a very good array of salads in the Colonnade.
  11. If Seabourn is transporting you, as they have done us in the past, you won't have a choice in this, i.e. wait in the airport or travel on to theship. However I am sure they will have something planned for you. I suggest you ask about the arrangements.
  12. We have often used FlightEase through Seabourn and have always found that arrangements are in place to take care of you. I imagine that there will be other Seabourn passengers on your flight. Getting your luggage and getting through Athens airport could take a fair while. Someone will be waiting for you as you exit Airside. That still means you'd certainly arrive at the ship too early. I suggest you ask Seabourn or your TA what the procedure will be. Given the choice, I'd rather be waiting at the terminal rather than at Athens airport.
  13. What I don't understand is how it doesn't matter to Silversea but Seabourn are making a big issue of it.
  14. We confirmed our cover including cruise with Staysure within the last week.
  15. It's several years since we sailed Fred Olsen. We had a very good cruise but since then have opted for a line where you can dine when you wish and with whom you choose. What are the arrangements these days?
  16. No bus needed for Patmos, a very attractive little town to walk around. Do venture into the pretty back streets and gardens.
  17. Is The Herald still provided as a paper copy?
  18. Is it possible that they were revising the Internet access benefit?
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