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  1. Man, I should be your best buddy, because a coffee punch is golden!
  2. I had a polite conversation with the Internet manager after you shared your experience. When we checked our final bill, he had credited us with the days I complained about. I'm satisfied with the outcome. It did leave us with some unused OBC. We ordered several Americanos at breakfast. 😁
  3. Also sailing on the Crown Princess right now. I feel ripped off for buying the unlimited package, because I can't really do much. We've been sailing at 30° N for days. Very limited service. I wish I'd stuck with the free minutes and not gotten my hopes up.
  4. We're presently sailing Crown Princess, using the Medallion app. Check in was quickly done . Our security pictures are the ones we uploaded. Much nicer than the mugshot you would have if they snapped as you embark. If you haven't downloaded Medallion to a device it is free to do the first day of cruising. Un other words, you don't use minutes to download it. If you have free minutes as per a. Elite package, you may use those, logging in and out each time, OR you can trade them in on a cruise long package ata further discount. That being said, I didn't think the connection was good enough to stream shows, videos, etc. We did pay for the unlimited, which we used a lot, but we still had weak connections at many times. As for Medallion class on the ship, we did like it. Lots of advantages.
  5. We're on the Crown in September. Since we just made final payment I was able to become Ocean Ready. Wait until after final payment. I had no problems at all
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