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  1. they have balls and small little nets on a hardcourt area that you roast in the sun as your kid kicks the supplied balls around among others trying to shoot basketball etc. There really is not a whole lot of formality to it. However, the kids club does go down there around 2 every other day to play sports (mostly basketball) for an hour and half, in which they take over the entire court.
  2. It is easy to think this but all one has to do is think of Volkswagon recently...
  3. I assume Bird means free from both land and sea casinos. I would say on every cruise there are very less than 25 people who are comped free from CAS. The point system is just way too high. That said, on free cruise day at Twin river there were Thousands of people who got a free ($1000) cruise. Id imagine multiplying that by all the other casinos in america means that yes, there are hundreds of people on the cruise who are cruising for free ($1000 in fees).
  4. On the Gem Sailing 5/24. Purchased a land based casino "free" inside. Bid 150 pp for balcony and 25 pp for OV. Both denied today.
  5. oh that's my fav. used to have a coworker who would bring my a bottle everytime he went back to the DR to see his family. I've seen it in Mass, but it doesn't taste the same...
  6. The only thing I can add is that the Busses only allow umbrella strollers, which stinks if you like to bring a large diaper bag etc with you. So if you take the bus to Bamz or the beach, just be aware. We bought a cheap umbrella stroller just for the trip.
  7. I was a good kid growing up and my parents raised me right. BUT, I had a cigarette at 10, and I'd imagine there could have been a chance I would have tried a drink at 11 given a blind eye towards it. Good kids make stupid decisions every now and again. Why not play it safe and get rid of the chance?
  8. I was on the Dawn in SJ before the Dry Dock. Yes they fogged a little but nothing that ruined the trip by any stretch of the imagination.
  9. Congrats and GO Sox! For that many people it has to be Horseshoe beach. Easy to get to has a snack/booze bar and has bathrooms. Yes it is the most obvious choice, but one of those 13 people is bound to have to use the bathroom🙂 Plus its one of the few places that will be easily accessible on Sunday, as a lot of things are closed on Sundays in Bermuda.
  10. We went in May from Boston 4 years ago (In fact doing it again 5/24). It was bad. Everyone getting sick (including my wife), lots of dropped plates. It was not a hurricane or anything like that, we always felt safe. But that boat was rocking. If you book May, my suggestion is book in the middle of the ship. Or down below if you are getting an inside.
  11. I like this idea a lot. I put in an ultra low bid because I don't really need the upgrade...however if they told me for an additional 20 bucks you would win, I'd probably increase my bid the 20$.
  12. I had a cruise booked 2 years ago online, was assigned a PCC. He emailed me and called me way too much about nothing. Finally I asked him to only email me (I work nights so the wake up calls were really ticking me off). He said sure, but a week later I got another one. I cancelled the cruise the next day. Screw that. When I need some help, I'll ask for it thanks. TBH if it were for the fact that I won a "free cruise" from a casino I would have never gone back to NCL. I'm over it now and will book again eventually. Just going to use my own TA.
  13. Either add to the discussion or skip posting. Crap like this is unnecessary. JMO.
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