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  1. Gets bonus points for figuring out how to turn the big faucet on or off in the thermal spa.
  2. This doesn't answer your question at all, but the casino near me just opened it spa back up. I only bring this up to say that spa openings are trending towards yes. I imagine that 90% of the spa will be open and available if the cruise is as well.
  3. Hi just wondering if anyone knows if the Super Family rooms are eligible for the discount before I call and end up on hold for hours without yet knowing what I want to book 😅 Thanks!
  4. I 100% agree with you. However, one way or another, you are still paying for it. No one rides for free.
  5. Im sure but I didn’t see it and certainly didn’t mean anything by it, same as he didn’t know about the people who got shot last night with guns. My point was that it’s further away then apples and oranges. edit. You’re correct i did hear about it. Last year. I was reading the date wrong and assumed by his reaction it was recent.
  6. I had to look up what you’re talking about, that news never made it accross the pond. Certainly wasn’t referring to that tragedy. RIP.
  7. No tourist would come to America to buy a gun for the same reason no tourist would go to England and drive on the right side of the road. The argument you make isn't apples and oranges. Personally there is little doubt in my mind that whatever I or anyone this side of the keyboard says that will change your mind. So carry on enjoying your cruise while people work for free for you.
  8. I'll go out and say it and risk being banned for life on this site. If you are anywhere on this Earth, land or sea, at a place that the staff works for tips, and receive good or better service...and you don't tip them? You are not smart. You are not thrifty. You are not "going by how it is in the country I live in." You are a cheap AHOLE. Plain and Simple. Butlers, waitstaff, Delivery drivers, Uber drivers, whatever it may be. Tip what you want for services rendered. Just don't not tip for any reason barring exceptionally poor services given. When you go back home you can go back to paying twice as much for your burger to pad the owners pocket a little bit more than to the waitstaff who get minimum wage.
  9. only had a butler once, but I found that it was impossible to not let him do everything like unpack or make reservations. To the point were I had no independence...but looking back, he made my life so much easier so why fight it? Enjoy the butler and give a tip accordingly...
  10. This is our roll call my friend. Their are some really smart poeple on there who may be able to answer for you. The only thing I know, is to call and book the excursions that you really want, do not book online. (assuming you have the excursion credit) Thats what the TA told me, there have been issues. Anyways, see you on board!
  11. These programs do exist, just not in Boston Proper. Given that you are from RI it would probably be better to all pitch in and split a big van service to and from your house.
  12. they have balls and small little nets on a hardcourt area that you roast in the sun as your kid kicks the supplied balls around among others trying to shoot basketball etc. There really is not a whole lot of formality to it. However, the kids club does go down there around 2 every other day to play sports (mostly basketball) for an hour and half, in which they take over the entire court.
  13. It is easy to think this but all one has to do is think of Volkswagon recently...
  14. I assume Bird means free from both land and sea casinos. I would say on every cruise there are very less than 25 people who are comped free from CAS. The point system is just way too high. That said, on free cruise day at Twin river there were Thousands of people who got a free ($1000) cruise. Id imagine multiplying that by all the other casinos in america means that yes, there are hundreds of people on the cruise who are cruising for free ($1000 in fees).
  15. On the Gem Sailing 5/24. Purchased a land based casino "free" inside. Bid 150 pp for balcony and 25 pp for OV. Both denied today.
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