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  1. Took my son at 2 and 8 months. He had a great time. We had a great time. But I should have waited 4 damn months for some adult time for him to go to kids club. Fair warning 🙂
  2. ah great thanks for the tip!
  3. ya, thats going to be bermuda, which is always closed on sunday, so I anticipate it being...well...super closed?
  4. Ya I imagine all of this to be true. but this is april vacation week so a cold beach day is better than a warm work/school day. Thanks for your input.
  5. So has anyone experienced Easter on a cruise ship? Does anything special happen - does someone in the Kids club dress up as the bunny or something? Obviously precovid, I'm not really looking for speculation as to what may be, rather what has been. TIA
  6. I booked NCL to Bermuda April 15-22 2022. She will be in Bermuda on Easter Sunday. Aside from the facts of it being A: Early for cruising in Bermuda, B: Post Covid and C : A Sunday in General in Bermuda, Does anyone know if anything special happens on the Island? Or if it is in Complete Shut Down Mode, despite a ship being docked there? I Imagine some things will be closed. I am just hopeful if nothing else we will be able to get a taxi to the beach and back (and the store there will be open). Thanks
  7. This saturday the 13th at Twin river is the pickup time for the land based. Although this year you go in, scan your card and they mail it to your home, likely to avoid the long line cluster that happens every year. I believe Foxwoods was a week or 2 ago but I didn't make it out there.
  8. I was on her Jan 2020, so one of the last to do so. It's a great ship, and we had a fantastic time. We loved the Spa and highly recommended getting the package, as it is a great place to relax in relative privacy pending you are not in a suite (in fact we got the spa balcony which if getting the spa and the balcony will save you a few bucks). I will be willing to bet the shows are different than what we saw (hated six but to each their own), but we had trouble booking the shows both at home and while on the ship. They just sell out way too fast. Oh well, back to the thermospa we went 🙂
  9. ah yes I have had that happen to me at a chain that rhymes with longborn. sometimes you just get seated in that in between spot I guess. Glad you didn't let it bother you!
  10. Hey Sid, just found this while dreaming about cruising. Great job. I did an similar cruise out of canaveral right before the pandemic and have to agree...10 days maybe a bit too much haha. At any rate, I looked and looked and reread, and can't find what the heck happened at Savor??? Thanks for the great read!
  11. likely the 301 is the handicap room. To my knowledge, there is no difference between any other rooms per category other than this.
  12. If this were just a temporary thing for say a month or 2, i'd pass. If it is the only way to cruise until say 2023, GSC it is.
  13. Harvest Caye = 6 hour Liver Resuscitation Period.
  14. Was on the Breakaway at the same time. It was a ten day cruise...people had all sorts of reasons why they were serving the food at the buffet. My favorite was "they are running out of food" lol. Boy did we have no idea....
  15. I don't know why they just start selling gift cards at face value to the consumer, especially at christmas time. Seems like a winning idea to me
  16. They call you? Jeez I would have blocked them long ago...
  17. Gets bonus points for figuring out how to turn the big faucet on or off in the thermal spa.
  18. This doesn't answer your question at all, but the casino near me just opened it spa back up. I only bring this up to say that spa openings are trending towards yes. I imagine that 90% of the spa will be open and available if the cruise is as well.
  19. Hi just wondering if anyone knows if the Super Family rooms are eligible for the discount before I call and end up on hold for hours without yet knowing what I want to book 😅 Thanks!
  20. I 100% agree with you. However, one way or another, you are still paying for it. No one rides for free.
  21. Im sure but I didn’t see it and certainly didn’t mean anything by it, same as he didn’t know about the people who got shot last night with guns. My point was that it’s further away then apples and oranges. edit. You’re correct i did hear about it. Last year. I was reading the date wrong and assumed by his reaction it was recent.
  22. I had to look up what you’re talking about, that news never made it accross the pond. Certainly wasn’t referring to that tragedy. RIP.
  23. No tourist would come to America to buy a gun for the same reason no tourist would go to England and drive on the right side of the road. The argument you make isn't apples and oranges. Personally there is little doubt in my mind that whatever I or anyone this side of the keyboard says that will change your mind. So carry on enjoying your cruise while people work for free for you.
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