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  1. I'm with you, they keep selling cruises even for 2020, I think it's so they have the money to keep it turning over when they cancel a cruise in let's say August, they have the people's deposit money from future cruises to refund the August cruises.
  2. Interested to know we have a Free Casino offer booked for Oasis in November 2020. Crossing fingers we get to go!
  3. Same for us but on Oasis in Nov, Casino rate $231.99 Junior Suite. 1st time getting a Casio Rate cruise for us. I hope it sails in Nov.
  4. Can you please tell me where the bed is on Oasis 14297. Thank you.
  5. Hi, Can someone please tell me what the term Close-In Sailings mean. We have just gone up frpm Gold to Platinum and the newsletter says 25% off Close - In Sailings. I have no idea what that means. Thankyou in advance.
  6. I had an electric scooter on The Majesty of The Seas in a non accessible room and it still fitted in the door. ( Mine did not fold ) If the scooter folds you will have no problem. You may have to leave it next to the cupboard in the cabin but if she can walk a few steps she will be fine.
  7. Me too and we are going on the Symphony in 2 weeks time and it is not on their menu, it was not on Harmony's menu. I am crying!!!!
  8. You could always buy the Beach Club pass. It also provides a Lobster or Steak lunch plus it has it's own pool area and beach views. He could sit at a table there. I believe it has just opened, I will find out on the 21st Feb 🙂 We have booked it for the day.
  9. I am so glad I do not live in a sue happy country.
  10. I just looked at the deck plans. We are on Symphony next month and they skip 13 and call it deck 14 which we are on. I wonder when they started skipping decks
  11. Don't you mean 14? even though it really is 13 , I stand corrected! I just looked at the plans and they do call it deck 13.🙂
  12. I always loved the Bay Scallops, they no longer have them on the menu 😭
  13. I wish they had a separate dining room for people that like to dress up in formal wear.
  14. Thank you I forgot it wasn't open yet, our cruise is not until Feb. You look at the pictures in the Cruise Compass and it looks like people are already there. I will give them a call. Thank you.
  15. Can anyone tell me if I would be able to ride my mobility scooter right up to the Coco Beach Club, where they have the infinity pool, I have purchased the day passes for myself and hubby. Thank you
  16. You are a genius! Both Hubby and I have new hard side suitcases and I was wondering if they would fit under the bed, I would never have even thought to slide it under with it opened. So glad I read this post; Thanks for the tip!
  17. These are the same ones I have purchased. 🙂
  18. You were lucky then, on the Harmony when I asked for the egg crate they said they no longer have them because of heath issues, our cabin steward then folded extra bed spreads and put under the sheet. It was still hard but better than nothing. I have since purchased our own roll up bed pads and they are great. We will be using them again on our Symphony cruise.
  19. You will not get them on any of the ships now unless you take your own.
  20. I just read this on the RCCL Cruise Planner ( A tram service exclusively for Coco Beach Club guests will run every 10 minutes, all day.) Does anyone know if this is straight from the ship or the end of the port. I am thinking about booking the Day Pass for the Cococay beach club. Thank you
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