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  1. There are also some nice trails in the State Park right across the street.
  2. I'm hoping I'm in the right place to ask this question. We're booked on the Celebrity Solstice back to back with Auckland/Sydney/Auckland. Flying into Auckland I know about the Neta, After New Zealand the ship tenders in Eden, Australia before docking in Sydney the following day and then departing on the second cruise. After the Australian leg the ship tenders in Bay of Islands, New Zealand before ending the cruise in Auckland. I'm assuming I also need and eta for Australia but where do I get checked? Also, what about entry back into New Zealand. Hope this makes sense. Thanks
  3. I also use zip ties. Done it for years. I don't zip tie every zipper and keep a small jack knife in a separate suitcase pocket. I suspect this works best for soft sided luggage.
  4. I wasn't impressed by the new benefits with AMEX. Not worth the higher fees to me.
  5. I use my points to book hotels. Chase uses Expedia as their booking platform and it's a simple process. When you get to the hotel they show a prepaid booking although they may run a credit card for possible incidentals or a damage deposit.
  6. Can you imagine how slow the internet would be if wifi were free? Twice as many people using the same limited bandwidth.
  7. We did a 14 day cruise with all but 3 ports in Canada and never used a penny of Canadian currency.
  8. Depends on the cruise line. Last year we skipped Bar Harbor on Celebrity while Norwegian didn't. Truthfully, the weather was so wet and gloomy it wouldn't have been and enjoyable day anyway. In our case we had a sea day but managed to arrive and dock in Quebec the afternoon before our scheduled next morning arrival. That worked out great as the entire sail into the city was during the daylight and the colors were magnificent.
  9. Could swear I've seen this on tap on Celebrity.
  10. If Olive Garden is your idea of fine dining, then the MDR will be a considerable step up. Coming from a midwest small town I would be hard pressed to find a meal costing as much as many of the specialty restaurants. Never been in one in 15 cruises and probably never will. Don't see the need. Personally, if I was going to pay for a meal, I'd have one in port as an alternative to the ship.
  11. ericosmith

    NZ eTA

  12. Another nice thing is that the rental car locations at RSW are in a parking ramp across from the terminal. No need to take a shuttle bus.
  13. I don't wear hearing aids but I have bought a assisted listening system. The system has the option to plug in either an earpiece or a portable loop. You might consider purchasing your own loop as that is the only way it's going to work with a portable device. Typically in theaters the loop surrounds the room but that's just not practical when you're moving around.
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