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  1. Thanks for the info Julie. Was your cruise fully booked?
  2. Oh, I've been asking since we first booked. On our previous AQSC cruise dinner seating was at assigned tables. Was this not the case on your cruise?
  3. A question...we have been unable to secure early dining and 8:00 is just too late. Are there any other options available daily for dinner?
  4. We did 15 days on Emerald a few years ago. We were very pleased. Wouldn't hesitate to book again.
  5. If he's behind the bar that's serving customers then at that moment he's crew.
  6. Thank you...can you pick any beer on the list included with dinner or only the $5.00 brands?
  7. A question from one who has never sailed on Viking. I'm a fan of IPA's. Are the available beers different whether you have the package or not? I'd certainly prefer something better than a Bud Light with my dinner.
  8. I believe the cruise actually starts on June 14th. American Queen's 9 day cruises are analogous to an ocean cruise line's 7 night cruise. It's just that the first day is a hotel stay and the last day is when you get off the boat. In reality a 9 day cruise is really a 7 night cruise.
  9. That no doubt was true but I ended up having to fly on different dates, from a different country, and on different airlines from my original ticket. I was certainly a relief not to have to deal with that on my own as the airline offered no help at all.
  10. You can use them forever, they just require a periodic update so that they don't expire.
  11. I can't answer directly to this situation but when the second half of our back to back was canceled due to covid they handled everything. The original tickets were to return from Auckland but instead we were forced to return from Sydney 12 days earlier. They rebooked tickets and then rebooked them again as transit passengers were banned from airports. In fact we were next in line to check in for a flight from Sydney when we were denied boarding due to connection restrictions. Called Celebrity Air and they rebooked tickets on a different route on different airlines without even a discussion
  12. Oh, I didn't mean to suggest that Key West wasn't worth the time and that there weren't some very interesting sites to visit. It just seems that many people consider Key West to be the only destination in the Keys. I was just trying to point out that there was much more than just Key West.
  13. To me, the attraction of the Keys is the Keys, not Key West. There are lots of great views and stops along the way. Key West is the party, the trip there is the scenery.
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