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  1. Wow. Great information here. I had no idea about any of this. We were booked on the holiday sailing for this year which as you all know has been moved forward to December '21. Surely SB would not plan to roll the itinerary forward, still using the Quest if they would not be able to still use the Quest due to this.
  2. Glad I found this thread. We were booked on the 12/20/20 Quest Antarctica cruise which has now been moved forward to '21, thankfully still on the Quest and identical itinerary as the itinerary on the new expedition ship coming onboard next year (?) is quite different along with the price. Personally I give Seabourn a lot of credit for pulling this off and think it is a good way to handle a cruise cancellation. At this point we plan to stay booked for next year, but are debating the risk of seizing the "pay in full by 9/30" for a 10% price savings. Our TA told us in essence "Seabourn has made this kind of offer for a long time". Having not sailed with Seabourn previously we have no idea if the agent is merely meaning it has been offered for months this year or has Seabourn actually had this kind of promotion from time to time over the years? We pointed out to the agent that 10% is a heck of a return for us and very expensive financing for Seabourn. Thus we question just why they are offering this 10% savings. ie trolling for money from one customer far in advance of sailing in order to pay for current outstanding refunds? Having been one of the competitor cruise line customers waiting for refunds from "C" and following that refund thread we know there is much speculation that may be what some of the companies are doing. The big issue of course being concern about a company not making it through this massive financial hit. Having read the last 5 pages of this thread it sounds as though SB refunds are being processed albeit some quite slow. Or am I missing something?
  3. We disputed our Crystal deposit refund around mid July, received the refund less $1,000 admin fee to be used on a future cruise, about 5 days later. We have until one year from the date we cancelled (4/2) to make another reservation. We are waiting to see what happens the rest of 2020 to book something. So theoretically the $1,000 is still hanging out there. Another thought re the WHO article. Is everyone aware of the CDC’s latest cruise industry antics? They are now “conducting a survey to get input from the public about the cruise industry returning to business.” My quotes. There was an article in the cruise critic news about it. Think we who love cruise travel best respond.
  4. What article and where did you see it Bitob?
  5. “So it really would be much easier for me if you booked a world cruise or two.” Pretty funny Commodore. Like your sense of humor. I know many of us are angry and say we will never book with Crystal again, but I for one hate leaving money on the table (ie our “admin fees”), and have many great memories sailing on Crystal, so I do hope they survive. First and foremost so everyone gets their money back, secondly so I can use my admin fees on a sailing if they make it through this. For now though don’t count on my booking something.
  6. We spoke with Chase (Sapphire) today to confirm that in fact we have received our refund requested on 4/2. Indeed so. $4,812, leaving the $1,000 "Admin Fee" for a possible future cruise booking. Official refund received 7/22.
  7. I also meant to add that interestingly, I have yet to receive the official Crystal confirmation of my recent deposit refund request referred to in my post above. I asked our agent to follow up and she said Crystal said they would be sending it out. With our previous deposit cancellation (initiated solely by us for and April '21 cruise) we received it the day after we wrote our agent to cancel. I'm not sure why the delay this time. Perhaps because they cancelled the cruise and we needed to let them know how we wanted our deposit handled, which we did that very day.
  8. Susie, please add my recent deposit cancellation: Booking number 2258137 Cancelled by Crystal 7/22/20 Requested (also on 7/22/20) refund of $400 deposit (vs offer of 125% of deposit paid in FCC) Sail date 10/15 & 29 (b2b) Thanks! Mary aka Andiamo76 P.S. yes still waiting for our 4/22/20 deposit refund.
  9. Think I would go charge some groceries and gas. The last thing you need is another hassle getting your refund because the card was closed.
  10. "Crystal apologizes refunds are now expected to take up to 120 days." This is what I received from my agent yesterday when she processed my request for a refund for the $400 deposit for the now cancelled October Serenity sailings. Not surprising since I think we all figured this is the most likely event anyway. Clearly the "up to" is not even what many are seeing, sad to say. At this point we are simply thinking seeing is believing, so if any of our deposit money from this or our previous cancelled cruise deposit comes through at some point, great. If not the money is already gone from our account anyway, so no more whining and on with life. We can't change history. We can learn and not book any more on Crystal until we see how this all shakes out. No matter how poorly they may be handling it compared to some other cruise lines, I can easily see what a horrendous mess and nightmare it must be for cruise companies who are often viewed as the poster child villains of the virus. Seriously I have heard a number of people comment that it is all the fault of the cruise industry that it spread from China. This is a good reminder we don't live in a perfect world. Let's count our blessings for what we do have.
  11. Not surprisingly, just received notice Crystal cancelled the October Serenity sailings. Now to find out what happens with our $400 deposit paid for that b2b. Still waiting of course for the other refund from April 2nd. Thank you Roland4 for clarifying the FCP.
  12. Definitely builds a lot of Goodwill when companies handle things so well. Broken or worse virtually destroyed trust is hard to get back. ak1004, I am curious why you say "knowing 100% that those sailings will NOT sail". I saw the CDC extended No Sail order until September 30, but have not seen anything about October yet. While I am quite skeptical, I am guessing the cruise industry is trying to not have to cancel any more sailings than mandated. Have I missed something? I certainly have not received any word from Crystal about October cancellations. I too think refunding all monies and not withholding their "admin fee" in these circumstances is the "right" thing to do, but am not surprised to see a company hold onto every penny they can especially if they have serious cash flow issues. To me that is one of the clues that indeed there likely are serious cash flow problems. After all, how all this is handled will quite possibly influence what lines people book with in the future. Some companies will be gainers and others losers. I must be brain dead. Can someone please clarify what FCP stands for. The P is baffling me. I've had a hard enough time figuring out when people post "CC" are they meaning Crystal or Credit Card, as it seems it has been used both ways in these threads. Thanks!
  13. While I am not positive Susie, my agent has indicated that we can apply our admin fee as well as awaited for deposit refund to our current deposit on the October '20 Serenity sailing we have a deposit on. I would check with Crystal directly or if you have an agent who is really on top of things and truly knows how things work. Personally our agent appears to be more of a good order taker so i don't bank on what she tells me being true. Case in point, in writing no less she said the October $400 deposit was refundable which is flat our incorrect. At the time of booking she indicated I could roll everything forward - the admin fee and rest of the deposit on my cancelled cruise, but indicated it appeared to be an all or nothing roll over. Ie I couldn't just have Crystal use $400 of my $1,000 "Admin fee" from my cancelled cruise to make the deposit on the October sailings. We already had doubts about getting our refund so opted to do a new charge for the October deposit rather than roll everything from the cancellation forward and then if we cancelled the October sailing once again go to the back of the line hoping for a refund. Pros and cons to whatever way we handled it. By now of course I just wish I hadn't made the deposit on the October sailings. What is done is done.
  14. As I understand it, at least the. “Administrative fee” that is not refunded is transferrable to a future booking, booked within 1 year of the date of cancellation. So some solace there provided Crystal does get through this. If I ever get the refundable portion of my deposit back I will likely book something shortly before my 1 yr cancellation anniversary if they appear to be still in business. As for my second deposit for the Serenity October b2b, thankfully I am just out the $200 p.p. deposit/non refundable amount which I was told repeatedly can also be rolled forward to a future booking.
  15. Interestingly, a week or so ago I listened in on a zoom call a major travel agency hosted with 2 of the top sales Mgr types in Crystal. Basically a major promotion spiel by the Crystal reps. Quite unimpressed. When asked about the delay in refunds they skirted the issue with the usual empty excuses including "they had to install check printers in homes for those working from home". I thought to myself, how many checks and for what can there possibly be? Seems nowadays most people use Credit cards. Sounded bogus but now I know of an actual check. Ah ha! Glad you got your promised air $.
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