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  1. Greetings explore4ever; I just wanted to alert you to a thread that is now ongoing for the Transatlantic crossing that kekukjoe and I have posted on. At least there are a few of us booked! I am sure many of us have the same questions. And as we all well know by now, things are ever changing so it must be quite challengng for the cruise lines to "plan" things as well as make contingency plans. Not an easy time to be launching a new cruise line. Many kudos to Atlas for having the foresight to simply omit the US in making any port plans for months to come, likely this entire year.
  2. We are also booked and have booked the 3d/2n pre cruise Lisbonstay. Our agent told us the hotel there will be the Olissipo Lapa Palace Hotel, which looks lovely, so hopefully that is correct. Meanwhile I have just finished planning a driving trip exploring the cuntryside for a couple of weeks before that, so we have extra reasons to hope Portugal opens to visitors. I hate to see the planning get put on a shelf for the future "someday". While we have also gotten the vaccine, I am still waiting for more information regarding what requirements Portugal will have for entering the country and A
  3. I know there are at least 2 more signed up for this sailing having just read the general Atlas Cruiseline general thread. Given the category we wanted to book was supposedly "full" there are even more of you out there! While with limited ports we won't have much to plan, even so it is nice to "meet" and trade information as we all learn things. Especially so given this company and ship is new. Hope to see more posters. Fun special times ahead. Mary and Greg
  4. We too have now booked the October '21 Lisbon-Bridgetown, Barbados cruise & inauguration. Sounds interesting, different and fun. While we were intially told by our TA that suites included Business Class air, when we went to book we were then told no, all categories are only Economy Class. Hmmm... But of course we can upgrade, pay the difference and an air deviation fee of $100 p.p. Will be checking into that shortly so we shall see how that goes. Hoping this will indeed be special and worth it as this will be in celebration of my husband's 70th birthday. We were also originally tol
  5. Interesting to find this thread, and very helpful. We have booked our first Silversea cruise for Galapagos, April 15, '21. Naturally we are somewhat doubtful it will sail but we are taking the wait and see approach. Meanwhile we are mulling over our "back up plan" if Silversea cancels our April sailing so this thread has been very helpful to factor in this information in that decision should it come to that. Now the policy we understand is either 110% FCC or full refund "of the cruise fare". They were including the airfare and 2 nights in Quito, so what they would consider the amount to b
  6. We received our $400 refund last week for the deposit on an October b2b Caribbean sailing they cancelled in July. No CC dispute filed, simply received a credit on our Sapphire card. Line item 55 on the deposit spreadsheet, Susie. This leaves our only remaining outstanding amount of $1,000 for a non refundable "admin fee" for an April '21 Asia b2b cruise we cancelled before Crystal changed their policy re. admin fees, so hopefully they will sail again and we will be able to use it towards something. We have far too many great memories of Crystal cruises to let bitterness take ove
  7. Wow. Great information here. I had no idea about any of this. We were booked on the holiday sailing for this year which as you all know has been moved forward to December '21. Surely SB would not plan to roll the itinerary forward, still using the Quest if they would not be able to still use the Quest due to this.
  8. Glad I found this thread. We were booked on the 12/20/20 Quest Antarctica cruise which has now been moved forward to '21, thankfully still on the Quest and identical itinerary as the itinerary on the new expedition ship coming onboard next year (?) is quite different along with the price. Personally I give Seabourn a lot of credit for pulling this off and think it is a good way to handle a cruise cancellation. At this point we plan to stay booked for next year, but are debating the risk of seizing the "pay in full by 9/30" for a 10% price savings. Our TA told us in essence "Se
  9. We disputed our Crystal deposit refund around mid July, received the refund less $1,000 admin fee to be used on a future cruise, about 5 days later. We have until one year from the date we cancelled (4/2) to make another reservation. We are waiting to see what happens the rest of 2020 to book something. So theoretically the $1,000 is still hanging out there. Another thought re the WHO article. Is everyone aware of the CDC’s latest cruise industry antics? They are now “conducting a survey to get input from the public about the cruise industry returning to business.” My quote
  10. What article and where did you see it Bitob?
  11. “So it really would be much easier for me if you booked a world cruise or two.” Pretty funny Commodore. Like your sense of humor. I know many of us are angry and say we will never book with Crystal again, but I for one hate leaving money on the table (ie our “admin fees”), and have many great memories sailing on Crystal, so I do hope they survive. First and foremost so everyone gets their money back, secondly so I can use my admin fees on a sailing if they make it through this. For now though don’t count on my booking something.
  12. We spoke with Chase (Sapphire) today to confirm that in fact we have received our refund requested on 4/2. Indeed so. $4,812, leaving the $1,000 "Admin Fee" for a possible future cruise booking. Official refund received 7/22.
  13. I also meant to add that interestingly, I have yet to receive the official Crystal confirmation of my recent deposit refund request referred to in my post above. I asked our agent to follow up and she said Crystal said they would be sending it out. With our previous deposit cancellation (initiated solely by us for and April '21 cruise) we received it the day after we wrote our agent to cancel. I'm not sure why the delay this time. Perhaps because they cancelled the cruise and we needed to let them know how we wanted our deposit handled, which we did that very day.
  14. Susie, please add my recent deposit cancellation: Booking number 2258137 Cancelled by Crystal 7/22/20 Requested (also on 7/22/20) refund of $400 deposit (vs offer of 125% of deposit paid in FCC) Sail date 10/15 & 29 (b2b) Thanks! Mary aka Andiamo76 P.S. yes still waiting for our 4/22/20 deposit refund.
  15. Think I would go charge some groceries and gas. The last thing you need is another hassle getting your refund because the card was closed.
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