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  1. I just call it like I see it. if something isn't as good as it used to be I say so, likewise if something improves. I've seen a lot of nice changes over the years, and also a lot of little things disappearing that made cruising a unique vacation with it's own vibe.
  2. I agree the TV is substandard, and it's another cost cutting move, they're getting way too greedy at the expense of little nuances for the customer. On another note and I still scratching my head at this one....the big screen on deck on my recent Sunrise cruise was only used for showing a couple movies at night. During the rest of the day it was used for meaningless ads, like....make sure your "insta" your vacation pics with their hashtags. Used to be able to see some pretty good music concert videos at off times on the screen.
  3. I agree that taking away public spaces and adding cabins is all about bringing in more revenue (and I'm not a fan of it), but I believe they bumped up capacity by about 300 or so, not 700
  4. variety is the spice of life?
  5. I've been directly behind an elevator twice on the Pride. I never heard anything
  6. Saw the same video. I know it's a kinda a trivial thing, but I like the whole gangway experience lol
  7. I'm curious if you have to board on deck 2, or if you get the real glass gangway experience...if that makes any sense...
  8. meant to say I'll be staying in 5344...not sure if I conveyed that ! 🙂
  9. 5344 & 45 seem to be a bit bigger balcony-wise than the two cabins sandwiched between them. I'll be on the 6-24-19 Sunrise sailing , and try to give you some feedback. I snagged theses photos of 5344
  10. Hopefully I can try out the new menu on the Sunrise!
  11. I wouldn't worry about it, it had one problem and it was addressed at that time. I was on the Splendor a few years after it suffered a catastrophic engine failure....didn't think twice about cruising her 🙂
  12. Just do a good search, then click on images, that's how I found it 🙂
  13. last two times to HMC we had a villa, spoiled can't do without it now. I think both times we had C
  14. awesome pics thanks for sharing the link. did you happen to notice if they had PYOB (pour your own beer) stations on the ship?
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