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  1. I wonder why it's OK to fly to London. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, wife of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, has tested positive for coronavirus after returning from a trip to London, a statement from the PM's office says.
  2. rdt10 I not sure if I got the email sent to me. I may have to ask someone to send me a copy, too.
  3. I booked the Millenium for the April 30th sailing so expect to receive the double points. Why are people asking for the email? Was I supposed to mention it at the time of booking or are people trying to have proof of the offer in case they don't receive the double points? Thank you
  4. I booked the April 30th Millenium sailing, too. Would like to book beverage packages on-line because it will cost less than booking on the ship. I guess we'll have to wait and see if they show up on Celebrity.
  5. Hi, Is there any balcony coverage or is it totally open....we would get wet if it was raining? Thanks
  6. Thank you. I also see Aqua cabins on Deck 9. Hmmm.....not sure Deck 9 vs Deck 11
  7. Hi, Looking for an Aqua cabin on the Millenium. Read some reviews and it seems some cabins on Deck 11 don't have much of an overhang on the balcony. We would like a covered balcony. Can anyone share if they've been in Aqua with a well covered balcony? Maybe an aft if it's available? Thank you
  8. Hi, I just put an Aqua cabin on hold. It's on Deck 11 but I am wondering about the over-hang or lack of it. Since it's an Alaskan cruise I would prefer a cabin with a well covered balcony. May I ask what deck you booked your cabin on? Wondering if I should change cabins but not sure what deck to ask for. Thank you
  9. I agree with others...go to the iLounge. We bought Apple watches last year on the Edge.
  10. So sorry to hear that vtcruising passed away. I loved reading her reports on the Edge before we sailed last year. Reading her Flower Power Cruise report is the reason I signed up for FPC 2020. Sad we won't be able to meet her. RIP vtcruising.
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