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  1. I am wondering if the rules for closing sauna and steam will be uniformly enforced and whether the rules for closure will vary according to country of the ship's registation, the cruise line, and/or the port being visited.
  2. In all of this discussion I've seen no mention of the measures taken on prelockdown cruiseships on which there were CoVid outbreaks. Enduring the isolation of being confined to a cabin and experiencing the illness was not seen as a pleasant experience. Enduring an onship bout of CoVid and the knowledge that possibly you have caused the illness and isolation of others would be difficult.
  3. I'm guessing that the clever and responsible way the Celebrity plans to deal with CoVid vaccinations and testing has the governor, his lawyers, and the Florida legislature collectively scratching their heads. By developing a process which places the onus on the unvaccinated passengers to prove they are uninfected; a process which will probably prove to be both time consuming and expensive, many passengers may either stick to their "our bodies; our selves" guns and stay home, or get vaccinated. Based on my own current yearning to hit the high seas, my bet is that if the Florida law stands,most
  4. Back to the topic of this blog: Is there any current information supporting the statement that Florida's governor is nearing a compromise on cruise vaccination?
  5. Here is a question about the Florida law that was passed. If a non-cruise company travel agent asked for proof of vaccination or if the cruise company asked the question through an out-of-state entity, would this circumvent the $5000 per passenger fine levied against the cruise company?
  6. You have been misinformed. A quick Google search will help you understand.
  7. Are all the foreign countries that are destinations for a cruise willing to let unvaccinated passengers sail into their harbors? I have heard that India requires passports for all cruise passengers whether they stay on the ship or not. If this is accurate, couldn't it be expected that some countries would require a vaccination passport or other proof of vaccination for all cruise ship pasengers and staff entering their harbors?
  8. Look up your cruise on the Vacations To Go website, go to the itinerary, and click each city to see the highs, lows, and amt of monthly precipitation for each. Having shorts,a short sleeve running shirt, a long sleeved one, and a light jacket has been good enough for me. Oh, and a hat with visor is good in light rain if you wear glasses and a vest to keep your chest warm if you mind the cold.
  9. For a comprehensive introduction to Japanese culture and travel I recommend that you download NHK World Japan to your smart TV. NHK has several series of programs on travel such as biking in Japan and traveling by railroad. Programs are in English or captioned or a combination of both. To be current on Japan's covid status you won't find a better source than NHK. If you are a sumo fan or just sumo-curious you can check that out, too. 🙂
  10. Has anyone seen a review written by a passenger of the Costa Italian cruises? I've been looking for a passenger discussion that reports how the experience felt and how distancing worked in the gym, locker areas, running track, happy hour get-togethers, etc.
  11. I've been hoping that travellers on the European cruise ships that have begun operation will comment about which small spaces (such as sauna/steam rooms) are open and which are not.
  12. I suppose there is a chance that by the time cruises start up that your gym, and maybe the cruise ships, will be less restrictive than we fear they will be. Fingers crossed that a post-loosening-up resurgence of the virus will not be as pervasive as predicted (by some). I have a transAtlantic cruise scheduled for November. I'm holding off buying airplane tickets until it is more clear how viable air and cruise travel will be or whether the countries on the itinerary will even allow ships to dock.
  13. Has anyone considered whether small enclosed spaces in a cruise ship such as the sauna and steamroom will be considered unsafe and closed for a period of time when cruises resume?
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