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  1. I've been hoping that travellers on the European cruise ships that have begun operation will comment about which small spaces (such as sauna/steam rooms) are open and which are not.
  2. I suppose there is a chance that by the time cruises start up that your gym, and maybe the cruise ships, will be less restrictive than we fear they will be. Fingers crossed that a post-loosening-up resurgence of the virus will not be as pervasive as predicted (by some). I have a transAtlantic cruise scheduled for November. I'm holding off buying airplane tickets until it is more clear how viable air and cruise travel will be or whether the countries on the itinerary will even allow ships to dock.
  3. Has anyone considered whether small enclosed spaces in a cruise ship such as the sauna and steamroom will be considered unsafe and closed for a period of time when cruises resume?
  4. I wonder how the elevated temperatures in a sauna or steam room effect the longevity of corona virus cells. :)
  5. I cruised on the Splendor recently. There was a single sex sauna (no steam other than a steam setting in each of the two shower cubicles) in the men's gym locker room. I'm not sure about the women's locker room.
  6. I'm not a really fussy person and when I see pullmantur cruises going for 17 dollars per night I'm tempted to try. How does this line compare to some of the other lines? Are there other charges that inflate the cost?
  7. I wear them until they start to smell. Then I wear them one more time and wash them, roll them in a towel, stomp up and down the roll, and hang them up to dry.
  8. You can go to the web site: ***** and click on "cruise lines" at the top of the home page; then find the cruise line you are interested in; then click the ship you are interested in; and on that ship page it will tell the last year it was refurbished as well as a wealth of other information (such as whether the ship has laundromats.)
  9. Most Holland America ships now have what is called Lincoln Center Stsge, They provide an excellent piano quintet with music 6 out of 7 days. Most are classical but there are excellent commissioned arrangements for the group in other genres, Classical predominates.
  10. I'm looking for cruises where there is an option of either biking or cruising parts of the journey. Do these options exist?
  11. In the context of Majesty of the Seas or other Royal ships, what is a compass?
  12. I've been on Grandeur and Rhapsody of the Seas. I'm wondering how they are similar and dissimilar to Majesty.
  13. That is the difficult thing. I try to look on the page on Vacations to Go it see when a ship is last renovated to determine whether to do more checking. ......and probably you can't rely on the ship deck plans as they may not update them speedily.
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