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  1. I love the photo! Lot's of chairs are available. Very strange though...
  2. Thanks for the feedback! My wife and I are on the October 14th sailing of the Summit. We are really looking forward to it! The low passenger numbers sound great!
  3. We sailed on the Edge in July and had an amazing time. The ship was at 50% capacity and it was a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. I felt very safe and did not regret going on the cruse at any point. You should go!
  4. Keep us updated on the arrival time tomorrow in PEV. Good Luck!
  5. The Wi-Fi on the Edge (July 24th sailing) was terrible. I had to upgrade to the streaming package and that was spotty at times.
  6. Let me begin by saying that I am an experienced Celebrity cruiser and love the cruise line. I have cruised on the Millennium, Solstice and now the Edge class of vessels. I boarded the Edge in this post-pandemic world that we now live in not knowing what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised that on board the vessel very little has changed. None of the passengers wear masks, nor most of the crew. It seemed that life was back to normal. I was impressed with the Martini Bar and the main lobby. It was the hub of the ship during the cruise. Everything entertainment wise centered around this area during the 7 days we were on the vessel. Let me compare and contrast the positive and negatives of both class of vessels: The Edge had an amazing lobby and Martini Bar that became the central part of the entertainment for the entire cruise The Infinite Veranda in our cabin was something that I grew to love because it added square footage to our room. If you opened the window and the humidity did cloud the mirrors and warmed the room to an uncomfortable temperature. This was something that we lived with during the cruise. The Sunset Bar on the Edge was poorly designed. You would think that with the greatest designers in the industry they would take into account the sun, especially in the Caribbean. The bar was so hot due to the sun that no passenger would remain at the bar for longer than 10 minutes. All they would have to do is put a tint on the plexiglass and things would improve. Nothing has been done even though the ship has been sailing for several years. One needs to take a look at the bar to see that there is no shade whatsoever. Not only are the passengers uncomfortable but so is the crew. The four different dining rooms on the Edge add variety and choice for the passengers. This is much better than the one dining room concept on the Solstice Class. The main theater is much better on the Edge than the Solstice Class. The tech features and the "theater in the round" are cutting Edge. Pardon the pun. Eden on the Edge I just didn't get. Maybe it was me. I think I spent a total of 10 minutes in the venue. It needs work and a re-do. The shops on the Edge blew my wife away. She loved them! The Club on the Edge I loved! The Pool area was the highlight of our cruise. The largest pool that I have seen on a cruise ship. Also the only pool with a large shallow area encircling the entire pool. We spent many hours here and loved the music and the atmosphere. The food on the Edge was above and beyond, except in the Oceanview Café. I found breakfast to be what we normally expect, but dinner was not good. Gone are the sushi days when they would prepare freshly made sushi rolls and Indian specialties. The food offerings were lackluster. The A La Carte Restaurants were good. I went to Raw on 5 and had the best meal of the cruise. All in all, the Edge has a nicer and more modern atmosphere than the Solstice Class. Yet there are so many things I missed from the Equinox and the Reflection. In a perfect world I would blend both.
  7. I had the same issue. Also called Celebrity and was told the same thing.
  8. Thanks for the info.....let's see if I get the e-mail.
  9. I am sailing on July 24, 2021 and my bid is still showing up as "pending". When does Celebrity notify you? I am within 48 hours of the sailing date.
  10. Glad to hear the disembarkation was painless. Yes, I agree Captain Kate is an asset for Celebrity. One that I am sure they recognize. Safe travels on your trip home.
  11. Amazing! Can't wait to be on board on July 24th!
  12. I believe the delay was related to the FLL airport scare and the closing of the airport for 3 hours.
  13. I understand that in July the Edge and Apex are only sailing at 38-50% capacity. Does that mean upgrades are easier? Has the price point come down?
  14. I am upset that Windstar cancelled the cruise due to poor planning on their part. If they would have done things correctly I would not have missed a pre-planned vacation. Also the Windstar customer service has been lacking. Three days to get a call back from Windstar after constant calls. That is unacceptable. The only reason that I got a call back was because of my posts on this board. By the way, a refund is not "a check in the mail". It is merely a credit card refund. It could take a minute or two to process. The posts that I have seen on this board lead me to believe that a refund will take weeks, not days. When my clients ask me for a refund they are at my office the same day to pick up their check. I have been practicing law for 35 years and if I had done to this to a client I would have had a Florida Bar complaint by the client. I cannot give Windstar a "pass" on this.
  15. I am still waiting for the refund. No surprise from my end. Very much expected from Windstar.
  16. I had my Star Breeze cruise for July 3rd cancelled by Windstar. On July 25th I received my FCC and I responded that I wanted a refund. Let's see how long it takes Windstar to refund my cruise.....
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