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  1. Emailed our request yesterday for our upcoming cruises and and received confirmation within an hour or two that the applicable OBC will be applied. Now have to wait and see whether the cruises will sail and whether the restrictions will be such that we will want to be on the ship.
  2. We agree and will have to look at other cruise lines to satisfy our desire to cruise.
  3. Yes, ship tours are not part of the reason many of us cruise. If we are limited to ship tours, many would rather wait to cruise without restrictions,
  4. If one must make final payment, without knowing how private tours will be treated and if a cancellation fee would be applied once HAL (or the CDC) announces if private tours are allowed at the time of your scheduled cruise, I believe that there would be many cruisers canceling at the time of final payment to avoid the possibility that one may only leave the ship in port if on a HAL tour. I agree the acceptable solution is to waive cancellation fees until there is a clear understanding that the virus is or soon will be under control and that a policy exists addressing private tours. I understand that even after that date there may be unforeseen setbacks.
  5. If the primary reason for purchasing travel insurance is medical coverage and evacuation, is it correct that one needs to purchase enough travel insurance to pay those costs that you have already incurred or are committed to incur. You should purchase sufficient coverage to cover: a. The cost of the cruise, and b. The cost of the airplane flight to and from the cruise. Other expenses that can be canceled without penalty need not be insured: a. Hotel stays before or after the cruise, and b. Private tours. Thank you all, in for your feedback.
  6. I agree and thank you for putting into words what many of us think.
  7. Pete, As long as the cost of the drink itself is 11.00 or less, it is covered in the package. The fact a 15% commission will make the drink exceed the limit is of no consequence to you.
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