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  1. kllychpmn

    wondering about alcohol

    great answers thanks im sold and cant wait to book
  2. kllychpmn

    wondering about alcohol

    thing of an arercan cruise but i do like more than a drink or two on vacation, I see they have a cocktail hour but thats about it . Do I bring my own or is this a sobering experience, please help we have found a couple of great cruises , but the booze thing is bit of an issue
  3. kllychpmn

    a balcony on p&o or awindow on cunard

    ok thanks I will keep it in mind
  4. kllychpmn

    a balcony on p&o or awindow on cunard

    We don't tend to spend a ton of time in the cabin maybe the question should be is cunard nicer than p&o excluding the cabins
  5. I think I might know the answer to this but im gonna ask anyway. Our budget allows for a window on cunard or a balcony on P&O we will be on the ship for 3 and four weeks respectively and both are trans pacific crossings We are american but get along with brits well We are frequent cruisers but have never been on either line if it helps we prefer holland america usually HELP !!!!
  6. I have sailed celebrity and didn't find it as nice as Holland America . I do prefer Holland to most every other of the standard lines unfortunately the don't offer a itinerary that meets our needs .I'm sure I will enjoy cunard but as we will be spending 47 days aboard I wanted to be sure thanks again all of you that answered me
  7. Wow nice that helps a bunch thanks
  8. Thanks puska I thought thAt was a great answer
  9. No not at all in fact if I knew how to end the thread I would have done so a day or two ago I'm happy with the answers I got earlier this week and am much more interested in the weather .I would have un subcribed to the thread but felt it might be rude to not thank people for helpful replies. The overwhelming opinion was you won't be feel like your missing out on anything because you won't ever notice it to begin with . I only brought it up because I saw one review from one person who did feel some what second class but they may have a chip on there shoulder about most things . I'm a strong believer in cruise critic and find these boards very helpful and wouldn't waste my time trolling for a fight . I just thought the one answer was very dry and unhelpful and I have limited patience for that !
  10. It may be factuly correct but the question was has anybody with experience on the line felt slighted in the past . So the baseball answer wasn't helpful and kinda dry . I do see you have been on the line so do you have an opinion ? Or perhaps you have had a grill suite in the past and would like to give give an opinion from the other side
  11. Yea I agree but it's nice to hear about trends from folks with real world experience
  12. awesome I get the point and once our weather concerns are put to rest we can begin booking
  13. The wife and I are more than considering 48 days of cruising between California and Australia . My last big sticking point is Ive heard it can often be rough between California and from Hawaii. I do understand anything can happen at anytime but it would be nice to know ahead of time if there are any trends, We are sailing February from California and back at the end of march. To this point our longest cruises have been 8 to 10 days in Alaska and mexico thanks in advance for your help
  14. Ok folks I'm convinced and thanks a bunch now tell me about the transpacific crossings as I will be doing it twice . For me it's not a huge concern I'm an ex avid sailed and fisherman . but here in California the seas are at their calmest in winter and I wouldn't have thought that the South Pacific was angriest in the summer so what's to skinny do I line the wife head to toe with patches or am I again over thinking it