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  1. It's been a while since I've flown and I didn't even think about checking in online and getting my boarding passes. Well, I just did that (thanks to your post, which prompted me) and it did have my complete flight. And it gave me boarding passes for both, although the seat assignment for the second leg was different from what I had originally reserved. I guess I'll have to deal with that in Miami, since American doesn't seem to be able to do seat assignments for the other airline (LATAM.)
  2. Well, I'm leaving tomorrow, but now I'm concerned that the airlines might not be treating the two legs I have tomorrow (LAX-MIA, and MIA-EZE) as one trip. Do you think the fact that there are two record locators will mean that I can't check my bags all the way through to the final destination at LAX? I sure hope that isn't the case -- I only have 1.5 hours in Miami, and if I had to retrieve my luggage and go back through security, I would never make it!
  3. Well, miracle of miracles, I got an email today (from "ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISES") that contained all of my flight information! All the seat assignments, the meal and baggage information, etc. Maybe I just had to wait until now to get it? I guess I don't understand how this process works and why it took nearly two months for it to show up. (I made the final payment for the cruise + airfare on 9/15.) Oh well ... now the only issue is that weird extra record locator that shows an unpaid ticket.
  4. Did you make your reservations over the phone? I did everything online. The only time I spoke to F by C was when I was trying to straighten this all out (i.e., get something with all of my seat assignments -- which do NOT show on the Celebrity itinerary) and they said they couldn't do anything.
  5. Yes, I paid for the entire cruise, including the flights, several months ago. And the payment is reflected on the other record locators (for both AA and LAN)--just not the weird fourth one that just appeared.
  6. Thanks very much for your thorough and enlightening response. I appreciate the time you took to provide this information. I had assumed that Flights By Celebrity would operate in a manner similar to an online travel agent (e.g., Orbitz or Travelocity.) Now I understand that basically they're just providing the flights and you're pretty much on your own after that. Now to call LATAM (LAN) for the FIFTH time to figure out how to deal with the duplicate record locator ...
  7. I just got off the phone with American ... apparently I made things worse. Now I have two different record locators that include three of the four flights. And the second one shows that I haven't paid for anything yet! And American said they can't do anything about it because it's a LAN record locator. I cannot believe how much time I've spent/wasted on this. Never again. All I wanted was ONE printable itinerary with everything on it, and this is what I've had to deal with.
  8. Mark -- Thanks for the info. Here's what I have (from Celebrity): Record number 1: "AA|XXXXXX (Carrier)" Record #2: "AA|XXXXXY". I also have a THIRD record number that the LAN agent gave me over the phone. (Celebrity did not have this one.) The first record number does work on AA.COM. The second one does NOT. (It can't find a record.) The THIRD one does work, but it only shows the non-AA flights--including the codeshare final flight and it DOES show my seat assignment for that one (but not the other two), so at least one problem is resolved. Once I was able to get into the codeshare part where it showed me the three non-AA flights, it gave me a FOURTH record locator number! So now I'm totally lost. I was able to enter my AAdvantage number into those segments, and put in my traveler information like I did with the first flight. (I had to re-enter everything--passport, Global Entry, etc., even though it was already there for the first segment.) Anyway, now when I try to look at my flights on AA.com, the first record number brings up the entire itinerary, but the FOURTH number now says "We couldn’t display trip details." So I hope I didn't mess something up. Four record locator numbers seems like three too many. And again -- why isn't Flights By Celebrity handling all of this?
  9. I have an upcoming Celebrity cruise (my first with them) and decided to use Flights By Celebrity to book the air travel. My first flight begins on American Airlines, and then I change to a LAN (South American) airline for the final segment. The return flight begins on LAN, then the second segment is operated by American, but is a LAN codeshare. I assumed that Flights By Celebrity would act as the travel agent and assist with seat selection, flight details, etc. Apparently they do nothing of the sort -- all they do is give you the flight times and take your payment. The rest is up to you. And it's been very difficult having to deal with different airlines. I was able to do a seat selection for the AA flight and the next two LAN flights on the respective airlines' websites. But neither LAN nor AA allowed me to select a seat on the final segment. I ended up calling LAN and getting a seat assignment over the phone, but well over a week later, it is still not showing on my LAN itinerary. I have called them again and received assurances that the seat is in fact assigned, but they cannot point me to anywhere that I can see and print that information. After calling them a third time, the agent offered to email a full copy of the LAN portion of the itinerary, including the seat assignments, but the email never arrived. And to add the the problem, apparently there is nowhere I can go to print out a complete itinerary with seat assignments and flight information (other than times/dates/flight numbers.) I've been flying for many years and have never had this problem before. I really wish I'd never used Flights By Celebrity. I could've done this much better using a non-cruise-connected online service or a travel agent. If I ever cruise with them again, I will definitely choose that option.
  10. I did the Panama Canal cruise solo on Princess a couple of years ago over Christmas and New Year's. We spent Christmas Day going through the canal. For me, it was fine, but then I don't mind doing things by myself. There really weren't that many families (at least not with small children), but it was also a 15-day cruise. I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding dining companions, or meeting people with whom to do things. And there may be other solos on your trip as well. Bon voyage! (Note: I'm doing another 15-day solo this holiday season - Buenos Aires to Santiago on Celebrity.)
  11. Just booked a solo on Celebrity Eclipse: Buenos Aires to Santiago over the holidays this year (12/21-1/5.) First time solo on Celebrity. Have soloed on Princess and Carnival previously.
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