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  1. 6/15 is late spring, not mid-summer. If CDC is aiming for mid-summer, my guess is Aug.
  2. In the past, we bought one device internet package to share among our devices. When we want internet access on Device A but Device B is logged in, we can kick Device B off from A. Now my question. If we buy a two devices package for our next cruise. Do we get to pick to kick Device B or Device C off from A? Or it is a random thing?
  3. I am the OP of this thread and like to give a update. Our travel agent was able to reach RC and cancelled our booking on 6/16. RC processed our refund on 7/1 and the refund shows up on our credit card account this morning (7/7).
  4. We cancelled our Nov 2020 cruise thru out travel agent and wonder how long do we have to wait for the return of our deposit. Hope it will not be like the cruises canceled by RC.
  5. RC cancelled our Ovation 5/22 sailing on March 24 and we requested refund on the same day. Refund shows up this morning (6/9) with transaction date of June 3.
  6. The video is not new. Wonder if he edited it (to remove any reference to covid-19) in order to monetize it. I heard YT doesn't pay any videos if certain words are used because no advertisers will place ad on those video.
  7. The last one I saw was a vlog about his trip to Grand Canyon. Not sure if that vlog was up for more than a day before he removed it from public along with the "Q&A" videos.
  8. When someone asked him about his vlogs on Instagram, he replied with "Experimenting with my channel right now. New cruise vlogs coming soon!".
  9. if you like his vlogs, don't forget to give him a thumbs up and share his channel with other. Don't think he gets a whole lot from Youtube but little bit helps.
  10. IIRC, he said his ship (Oasis OTS) is sailing to Miami in day 8 vlog and he will get his flight detail on day 9. Maybe he needs to take care a lot of stuff in order to leave the ship?
  11. Even if PVSA requirement is waived, will there be enough people cruise to Alaska when the border to Canada is still closed? For example, what would people do at :Skagway if they can't go into the Yukon?
  12. Since port charge and tax we paid are not in the 125% FCC calculation, does it mean they will refund those 2 items to our original method of payment if we take the FCC?
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