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  1. Hi Dave, We are boarding the day you get off.(if they can get you off!). I have enjoyed your cruise vicariously and want to thank you for an amazing experience. Your pictures are amazing. I also want to thank you for giving me so much detail that I have had to accept that I waited too long to do this cruise and now my health will not allow it. At least I got to go with you, so many thanks for that. smooth sailing until you are safely in Boston. Sheila
  2. Hey canadianbear, i’ve been trying to contact you but nothing works. My new email is sheilarules49@rogers.com.
  3. Tom: My apologies. I didn’t think you were trying to flame me. My comment was general and I should know enough to stay away from this thread, but I had a question . I will never defend smoking but as long as I follow the rules I don’t think it’s necessary to insult my choices, poor though they be. Sorry, off my soapbox now.
  4. Thank you Larry for trying to help. I was reluctant to post my question because even when you follow all the rules it seems to me that people just hate smokers and nothing will make them happy. Apparently it’s more fun to flame us.
  5. Hi Tom, We do have the same thing and I have the highest dose. At worst I’ll be cranky and at best it won’t happen. Thanks
  6. Sure I’ve considered patches and will have some but according to my doctor they deliver a fraction of the nicotine in a cigarette. My traveling companion may not be too happy with me and I’m sure there will be some cheating going on but it won’t be me! I’ll just hope it doesn’t happen.
  7. I have a question that may have been answered in these 12 pages somewhere so I apologize if I’m repeating. what happens when the outer decks are closed due to bad weather? Do we have any recourse or are we expected to do without? For anyone who hasn’t been on the Koningsdam, it has a great smoking area on the aft lido. Anyone have details about Zuiderdam? Thanks for any help. Sheila
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