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  1. Received an invitation to sail on the Nov 2019 Ultimate VIP cruise. I am interested in finding out more on how the prizes are received. We have been on a VIP cruise - had a great time. The only difference appears in the $ value of the prizes. Any information would be helpful.
  2. I would like information on how folks handle invitations to officers for the M&G. Any sample invitations would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. We too received an invite - would like to hear more about participating in a prize of 30k in free play and other prizes. Does anyone have details on this or past experience? Many thanks.
  4. Yes. Jan was on the CB last year. She was blending in with the passengers. She was friendly was willing to talk with me. I invited her to our M&G. She had a meeting with the captain and was unable to attend however she had a staff member come. It was wonderful to have someone from her staff to share information and answer questions.
  5. Hi- We just received a notice of an upgrade to A749. Since you have stayed in the room - was there an issue with noise. We are on an Alaska cruise in 10 days so I not sure how many folks will be in the pool. Looks like the noise would be blocked by the doors. Any advise would be appreciated. D
  6. I checked Harris Tetter. Only had Carnival. No where on the card did it state i could use on Princess. It was not an AX Carnival card I believe they will work with Princess. if anyone has purchased a card at HT and it worked with Princess let me know. Thanks.
  7. Many thanks. The extra $50 is great.
  8. Please let me know the link for the gift card promo. I have not received the announcement from Princess. Thanks.
  9. Hi We looked at a similar Z Air credit last year. When you look at the flight the fare is lower by the amount Princess offers. To confirm go to the airline site and book the same flight. It should be higher by the amount Princess is offering off air. Hope this helps.
  10. We loved the Ultimate Ship Tour. We are elite and had never done the tour. We were able to do the tour in February on the CB. The tour fills up fast! We had missed signing up on a cruise in December. I have a food service background, my husband is a HVAC guy so we like to see "behind the scenes" to see how things work. For us it was great. We were were able to ask questions based on what we had happen on past cruises, (ie "asking for O blood for a passenger in need") to gain more details on the internal happenings. There were approx 20 people on our tour. I am not sure if everyone had an understanding of what they were seeing based on the person's individual experiences. We are hoping to sign up to do the tour on the Sky next year.
  11. Thanks for letting him know about the border. Some folks when they receive their medallion - open the case and make their own border. The case snaps back together.
  12. We purchased a badge clip at Office Depot for $2.99. Also, the jewely section of Walmart has a large variety of badge clips. The ones we have work great.
  13. I purchase a badge holder at Walmart that works great for me for pants with out a beltloop. I found in jewelry area. Also, try an uniform store for nurses.
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