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  1. On 6/24/2020 at 2:17 PM, jdoc2007 said:

    For those that had a recently cancelled cruise and used a gift card to pay for anything from the funshops (Cheers, Bubbles, Pixels... etc) you can call (1-800-522-7648) and have the items purchased moved over to your new booking, instead of waiting for a gift card refund.  Its best to do it the same day you move your FCC+OBC over to the new booking.  I just moved my Cheers (which I used a Gift Card to pay for) from a Sept 2020 cruise to a Feb 2021 cruise.

    Damn, I wish I had known this.  I had bought Cheers during the 10% discount sale and used GC (it was a significant savings).  I thought I had to accept the cancellation.  Thanks for the info. Will remember this if it happens again..

  2. 6 hours ago, DAllenTCY said:

    You will also need proof of citizenship that neither a drivers license or Residency Card provide.


    A passport is best.




    We never needed to bring proof of citizenship when sailing. Your green card and ID is sufficient if you're not a US citizen. Our most recent sailing was 2 years ago.  

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  3. 19 minutes ago, MsTabbyKats said:

    Some people are slow learners and some think they can outsmart Carnival 🙂


    What people overlook is that some NYers (and others) who have been sitting in, doing nothing, for months, would love to "fly down" and take a cruise from a port that has been less affected.  Considering the high per centage on asymptomatic carriers here, it would be irresponsible to allow "them" on a ship.


    I'm just really happy I have a life left to live.




    Very true about Northerners ready to travel.  However, Florida is requiring travelers from highly affected areas like NYC, CT, NJ, Louisiana to self quarantine/ self-isolate for 14 days or however long their stay is if they arrive.  I don't think they would be allowed to board a boat.  

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  4. 1 minute ago, cindik said:


    I don’t think so, it was previously being shown on booking and ordering details, and on the luggage tags. I am ok with them cancelling it, but at least notify me and issue refund. 

    Are you able to see it on your boarding pass (if you already completed check in)?  I purchased FTTF a year ago and it was never on my luggage tags.  The 2nd room that I booked, I just bought FTTF today for it and the only thing that changed for my booking was the boarding zone.  It from went a reg zone number to FTTF.  The luggage tag still did not have the logo.  I was going to put the logo on the luggage tags myself.  Of course, my case could be different from yours.  I would call Carnival and ask what happened to it.  

  5. 38 minutes ago, Joe817 said:

    Well, I just logged into Carnival's website to look at my cruise docs. Mainly to look at the luggage tags. I could have sworn that the luggage tag had the FTTF logo in the red circle when I checked it 2 or 3 months ago. But it's not there now on the luggage tag. Now it still shows on the booking details page, as being purchased, which we did back in Sept. 2019. But it's not on the luggage tags anymore....unless I was having another 'senior moment' when I thought I saw it a few months back, and I imagined it all. Isn't it usually there on the tags?

    I was able to purchase FTTF when I booked my cruise a year ago.  My luggage tag never had the logo on it.  I thought that was weird since every cruise I had the logo was there.  Perhaps they are doing something different?  My boarding pass still says FTTF.  I know the system has been acting weird for me.  Super glitchy.  

  6. 2 minutes ago, cindik said:

    I just saw where the FTTF I had purchased for our cruise in December has disappeared. Did I get a refund or notification, No! So, I will just add that to the refunds I still haven’t received from our April cruise that was cancelled in March!

    I had purchased Cheers and it completely disappeared from my booking.  I called Carnival and they said it's attached to my booking number but couldn't understand why it's not in my account for viewing.  The agent just sent me an email confirming that the Cheers purchased is connected to my account.  Perhaps this is what happened with your FTTF purchase.  

  7. 15 minutes ago, Organized Chaos said:

    That other thread wasn't discussing anything official. They were just speculating. There also isn't a video in that thread. I went to JH's page and looked through posts for the last couple weeks, but can't find anything about it...unless it's being talked about in the replies to a different post.


    This is where all these speculations gets out of hand. One person thinks something has happen or something will happen, then it's picked up & spread around like it's official. It does more harm than good.

    I was really worried.  There was a video from a TA on Youtube (looks like the post disappeared).  She said John Heald's assistant mentioned something etc etc.  I tried to get to his blog but it wouldn't load. Long story short, I found a few other cruisers asking him questions about it and his response was what I posted.  I personally like FTTF and couldn't find anything official on Carnival's site.  You're right.  One person speculating made it sound like it was one and done when that's far from the truth.  

  8. I went to John Heald's FB page and looked up his response.  He said it's on Hold but should be returning. It's been listed as sold out for my cruise for awhile and I was able to purchase it today. His last response to this question was an hour ago (on his FB page of this this timestamp) and said there are no changes as of right now and if there are, there will be an announcement.  

  9. I just bought it today for our July sailing.  It has disappeared and come back.  But damn...I would be sad if it goes away.  I really took advantage of the priority guest services.

  10. I used to work for a hotel. Waiting for July is not a feasible option because the closer you get to the date, the less rooms available and the higher the prices. The hotel has excellent reviews. I will have a car so walking to places isnt a concern. Miami is expensive the the further away from the beach the cheaper the hotels. I have budgeted for POM parking but looking at different options.

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  11. Wait until closer to July.
    Miami hotels are expensive and if you find something that is cheap, it is for a reason.  That hotel is in a really crappy area and I would not leave my car there unattended if they paid me.  Some airport areas are dismal, dangerous and hotels are cheap for that reason.  Park on the street?  No.
    I would keep looking and use hotwire.  
    At a very minimum in July at least try and get downtown or out on the beaches.  It is HOT here in July.  Our heat and humidity is no joke.
    Have you stayed there recently?

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  12. Hi John,


    I looked at those already.  Blue lagoon is out of budget and La Quinta didnt have what I wanted in a room, I'm traveling with family so we're looking for suites.  Rental car is not an option.  I'm looking for reviews on the parking at the Comfort Suites.  Thank you for your response. 

  13. Hi,


    Can anyone who recently stayed at the Comfort Suites Miami give me a review about the cruise parking?  I've read a lot about the hotel's amenities but I haven't read too many reviews concerning the cruise parking, especially recent ones.  I did read that the parking lot is small and some folks wrote they parked outside on the road.  We are cruising in July 2020 out of Miami. Looking at my options early to get a good rate.  Comfort Suites looks nice and is affordable.  Is it safe to leave my car there or should I just park at the port?  I've been trying to find reviews all week on the boards and all the advice I've found is, "read the boards!" but no actually advice.  Looking for people who has stayed here and use the parking.

  14. I thought I would post a review for others if you wanted to go this route. We read some good reviews and some bad ones so we chanced it anyways.


    We got to port at 8am but didn't pick up our Golf Cart until after the mad rush around 11/12. Golf carts were easy to find with directions from a few folks.


    They sat outside the port but no one had any signs so we had to ask around some more. We originally made a deposit via paypal. Chantal was the lady that rented out the cart to us. She was nice enough. She did have a heavy accent and I had some trouble understanding her. She got frustrated with me when I asked a few times to repeat herself. She didn't tell me I needed to bring exact change so we didn't have exact change. She asked us to put $6 in gas before bringing it back which honestly we needed it because it was almost empty by the time we finished driving around. We needed the gas to get back to port.


    The cart itself was clean ran fine, except one thing. That one thing was pretty big deal. The brake pedal would get stuck to the floor, so we COULDN'T use the brakes at all. My husband figured out if we needed to stop somewhere we just let the the cart slow down on its own and then turn it off.


    We told them about the bad brakes when we dropped it off. They laughed it off but honestly hoping they fix it. We did run a yield sign into on coming traffic because we couldn't stop. It could have been worst and I'm glad it wasn't.


    We drove around the island a bit. I was not impressed by it at all. The beach was nice at port but everywhere else just looked dilapidated. We did not go to Governor's beach. We did go to the lighthouse which was nice.


    So rent at your own risk.

  15. How do you order these cards? I checked the AARP website but couldn't find them.


    Go to the AARP Rewards for Goods Website. It's a different site than the AARP membership. Sign up an account. Then you have to do quizzes and enter promo points to get at least 1,000 points for a $100 card. Once you reach enough points:


    * Click "Redeem my Points" or "Rewards Catalog"

    * Click "Gift Cards"

    * Click "Travel"


    and you'll see the gift cards there. You can filter all the others out by selecting only Carnival as the item you want to see.

  16. Just an update. I just checked a few minutes ago because I'm stalking the site as well for the $100 cards.


    Aarp replenished the $100 Giftcards but not the Ecards yet.


    Also, I forgot to add any amount over $500 will require a signature, Not just the $500 card.


    Happy cruising!


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  17. I got a $500 giftcard and an email receipt/confirmation, but no email detailing how and when I will receive the giftcard. Before I order more I want to make sure I get the first one in time since my balance is due in a few weeks. Does anyone know? I didn't get any message about the option for an e-giftcard or snail mail.
    The $500 gift cards require a signature. I got mine within 5 business days after ordering. UPS wasn't able to deliver it to me (I wasn't home) so I picked it up at the store location that it was held at.


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  18. I reserved one months ago with Karib’s on their website and paid in full with a credit card. I emailed them last week for confirmation (my cruise is in 2 weeks) that my reservation was still valid and had an answer within an hour.



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    Did you have any issues with Karib? How were their carts? We have reservations with them in 2 weeks as well. I've been reading bad and good reviews. Wondering how your experience was.


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  19. My situation is a little unique so if anyone can relate, be persistent with the price drops. I booked through a reward program with my CC company (using points and cash). Using the TA was kind of a pain to be honest. If I wasn't saving 50% on my cruise I wouldn't have done it. I noticed I booked early saver on the documents they sent me. When I noticed a price dropped I called to ask about it, and whoever answered at the TA office didn't know what I was talking about. They said they would call me back and never did (this was 3 months back). I called them back last week (I'm 30 days out from the cruise) and told them I NEEDED them to submit a price protection form for me for my Carnival cruise. The TA on the phone listened, put me on hold came back 20 minutes later said it was done and told me she'll call me back if it's approved etc. Since my cruise is paid in full I assumed I would get OBC.


    The next day I looked at my booking summary and my cruise rate was adjusted. But no where did it say that I was to get OBC. I assumed again that I would get OBC once I boarded the boat and it would be assigned to my S&S account. But something made me nervous about it because this isn't a normal booking. I called back today and the TA that answered was very helpful. She found out that because of the way it was booked through them, I don't get OBC even though it's paid in full I get a refund. She refunded my CC the difference.


    There was a point where I was sooo annoyed with dealing with this TA that I wasn't gonna bother with the price difference but when I looked $138 was more than I could let go.


    Point of the story, BE persistent! I got my cruise even cheaper!

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