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  1. Thanks everyone! I talked to my husband who I was sure would want to do Horizon and he picked Legend 😁
  2. Booking a cruise for our 15th anniversary in April. Definitely want Western Caribbean but mainly Cozumel is a must. I'm looking at the Legend or the Horizon. I can't find much info on the Legend and I'm reading really mixed reviews on the Horizon. Any input or experiences much appreciated!
  3. We used to feel the same as all of the reviews above and stay on the ship until our last time there! Right off the ship, take a cab to "Junkanoo Beach" (yes there is one in Nassau too not to be confused) The taxi ride is around 20 minutes but it's a $3 fee to access the beach, where there is a bar and great food and a really pretty beach surprisingly! This made for a great day for us before heading to Senor Frogs before getting back on. We will definitely do this again.
  4. By far THE BEST excursion in Cozumel is the bar hop (if youre into drinking and no kids). One of our favorite ports/excursions. There is a designated meeting area. You take a nice, air conditioned bus to the other side of the island which is BEAUTIFUL. The tour guides are amazing and you spend time at 4-5 different beaches/bars. The views and scenery are amazing and nothing like you will see doing "touristy" stuff. When it's over, they drop you right back off at your ship!
  5. We always do YTD. On the last few cruises, we've gone right at 5:45 when it opened. There was hardly anyone ever waiting to go in at that time. I feel this is better than the 6:00 early seating because you don't have EVERYONE showing up at the same time and our food and service is much quicker. That time just works great for us as to not miss any night time activities and I like to be hungry for some pizza or room service before bed :)
  6. Just be aware of your account and what's being charged. We do Cheers and our son likes virgin daiquiris. We werent happy to find that they were charging those out of our 15 after we were told they wouldn't so we added charging privileges to his SS card to avoid any confusion.
  7. It was offered on our Ecstasy cruise a few weeks ago. They said we could buy 24 hours and if we wanted to extend, they would apply what we paid to the package rate.
  8. My husband is GF, although like you, not deathly allergic. He knows what he can and can't eat so we didn't make anyone aware of his allergy. His favorite things on the ship are Guys burgers no bun, at the Cantina ask for corn shells instead of flour, pizza ask for GF crust (you'll have to wait for them to cook it) and at dinner, ask for GF bread and butter rather than the rolls they serve. :)
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