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  1. So maybe J&J vaccine users don't get a card if it's really only for a reminder? Who knows.
  2. Who knows for sure, but they are claiming those cards are just reminders to get the second shot, not proof of vaccination.
  3. From what I understand (not much) the decline in antibodies doesn't necessarily imply a decline in immunity: By measuring antibody titres, these studies do not capture the matter of immunological memory at both a B cell and T cell level. The adaptive immune system works by building a memory that determines how rapidly your body can respond to an invading pathogen upon second exposure. So while antibodies do wane over time, which is not unexpected, this memory aspect of the immune response does not. https://www.biospace.com/article/do-waning-covid-19-antibodies-mean-los
  4. I read there's a completely legal service where a company flies Canadians on a 15 minute flight from Quebec to Plattsburgh, NY while the company ships their cars over the border to them by truck and they're soon on their way to Florida or wherever by car. Doesn't make much sense.
  5. What the heck did the article author mean by "immediately end the future"? Seems a big ask.
  6. That would only be true if there was a 100% chance of an unvaccinated person being affected on the cruise. The vaccine would (theoretically) make you 5 to 10% as likely as an unvaccinated person to catch Covid, not have a 5 to 10% chance of catching Covid.
  7. It's conceivable that those manifests could allow CBP to still flag a side-to-side cruiser before they boarded the second ship though I guess. (Unless "just before sailing" means it so last minute they would have already boarded) Presumably that person would lose their money for the second cruise, which would be a bitter pill to swallow considering some of them might not even know there was such a prohibition on cruising consecutive weeks.
  8. Does that imply side to side but different cruise lines will be allowed? The same logic would apply, but realizing the same passenger booked on two different lines in consecutive weeks would be a problem. Cruise lines aren't going to want to share their passengers lists with the competition.
  9. Well, in theory it's presumably meant to discourage anyone considering taking a cruise starting from somewhere outside the US. Which aren't many, but they are beyond the CDC control so their role is to issue travel recommendations. Same as they do to nations that might be of concern.
  10. The CDC previously had a Level 3 warning (High Level of Covid-19) and it now goes up to the highest level, Level 4 (Very High Level of Covid-19). While it may indeed have been that the CDC lifted the No Sail Order under political pressure, this escalation of warning level appears to be more tied the the recent dramatic increase of Covid-19 in the US rather anything specifically related to cruising. It's riskier now because the country as a whole is riskier now, in other words.
  11. I saw a new YouTube video today from a travel agent who has a cruise news channel saying he had a client wanting to book back to back Princess cruises and the system wouldn't allow it. So he called Princess and they confirmed they weren't allowing back to back. If that's accurate, perhaps it's just a matter of time before they catch up to the existing b2b bookings and cancel them. Though for more distant sail dates I'd wait and see if the rules change before then if I was Princess. I don't even know if the CDC told Princess to do this behind the scenes or they did it on
  12. I was thinking the same thing. They had the most serious and highly publicized Covid cruise, so they don't want to be associated with Covid again. Let the other lines break the ice so when Princess resumes it'll just be another line belatedly returning to cruising.
  13. Remember they've issued new stock during this crisis thus diluting it's value somewhat. (At least that's what I'd assume, but I'm not really a stocks guy)
  14. Yeah, I'm not sure what that means but it's worded oddly. My guess is it means they started collecting data on how many people got infected in the vaccine and control groups 7 days after they got the second vaccine dose and have been collecting it ever since. That's why they needed to wait until the third week of November to request an emergency authorization, since the FDA is requiring 2 months of data before they'll consider the request. So they are about at the 2 months of data mark. Which as you say doesn't tell us anything about it's effectiveness in 6 months, or anything beyo
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