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  1. That would be more cost effective than wax paper cups. Sounds like a better idea. Though perhaps people might tend to take more yogurt when you're the one choosing the serving size.
  2. Yeah, but... Let's say you originally booked under the recently expired 3 for free promotion and got, among other things, free gratuities. Which is worth about $100 for a 7 day cruise. Now their current promotion doesn't have free gratuities, but instead has $100 off airfare (more for Europe and Japan). So what you're asking them to do is take the good parts from both offers. You're basically asking them to give both the old and the new perk on one booking. You may not have booked under 3 for Free, but it's highly likely the same logic applies with your request to double dip getting both whatever old offer you booked under and the new offer.
  3. A million years ago when I was young, Dannon yogurt came in waxed paper cups. Maybe some company could reintroduce something like that to avoid running afoul of the single-use plastics concerns.
  4. You didn't post the question here, I did. So perhaps I duplicated your post in a different thread. My apologies.
  5. OK, thanks all. It was more of a theoretical question. I actually got a refundable deposit for my Alaska cruise with the recently completed 72 hour sale. But my procrastinating sister did not, and I was wondering what the implications were. Who knows if there ever will be a better offer or not.
  6. If you have a non-refundable deposit booking and then a better offer comes along (before final payment), if you took the new deal would you lose your deposit? I'm guessing yes.
  7. Thanks all. Yes, we might have some people do just the cruise and others the cruisetour. The cruisetour prices don't seem all that attractive at the moment, and perhaps never are for peak times. It's more to add 3 land days onto the cruise than the 7 day cruise is itself. I did see some discounts on cruisetours inside final payment date when I was looking at June this year. But I have my doubts similar discounts would be available in the more popular early August time frame we're now looking at for next year.
  8. We're looking at an Alaska cruise or cruise tour. Some in our group are unsure whether they want or will be able to do the land portion of a cruise tour. Can you book just the cruise now, and add the land portion at a later date? (Assuming it's still available)
  9. I saw something else in the initial picture that seemed of greater concern than door decorations: You can't leave anything plugged in while you aren't in the cabin. With the multiple rechargeable battery powered devices the average person has, and the few outlets available in cruise ship cabins, that could be a problem. You might only be in your room long enough once a day to recharge something, while you sleep. Then you'd have to choose which one or two out of your Kindle, FitBit, phone, electric shaver, iPad, etc., etc., etc. you want to charge. On the door decorations, it seems both sides have overblown their concerns. You can read a room number just as quickly and easily as see a door decoration, but I don't think the vast majority are any significant fire hazard either. They are generally just paper, and the cruise line (at least the ones I know) flood your cabin with papers about sales and activities every night. If paper was such a hazard, they wouldn't do that.
  10. I think you are confusing the term "British Isles" with implying being part of Great Britain. The British Isles is a geographical term that does not change when political boundaries change. Thus, Ireland is, was, and will always be part of the British Isles, while they are clearly not part of Great Britain any longer, as you state.
  11. I have no first hand experience with this, but I'd speculate sail aways from San Francisco would be pretty great too.
  12. I'm not so sure about that. I had a cruise booked far in advance of sailing some years ago (2007?) and the ship was chartered so I lost my booking. and we had the option to get our money back. (Well, that was pre-Early Saver days and we were no where near final payment date, so of course we could have gotten our money back I guess. But they offered our money back as an option.) They also offered to switch us to another cruise of our choice, which we did, no complaints. The new cruise was slightly more expensive but they honored the original rate. I'm not sure how far I could have pushed that if the new cruise was substantially more. I didn't try.
  13. We were once in 6481, the L-shaped cabin next door, way back in 2010. We didn't have any noise issues. The layout is unusual, but I liked that cabin a lot. Based on my admittedly not recent experience, I think you'll be fine in 6473.
  14. The fact is that it would hurt thousands of the innocent cruising public for the duration of a theoretical port ban. Would it get Carnival's attention, as the judge is hoping to do? Certainly. But at too much cost of collateral damage to the public. So it won't happen. I suspect the mere threat of a US port ban was to get Carnival's attention, but the judge doesn't have any intention of going through with it.
  15. They aren't going to shut down the border. It's just political posturing by the President to get what he wants from Mexico and the Central American nations. Or, less likely but I suppose possible, he doesn't understand the full negative implications that shutting the border would cause. But even if that was the case, you can be sure someone will brief him about it and let him know so he doesn't pull the trigger.
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