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    Oman Day tours

    We are back from our cruise. We were appointed at 10.a.m. at the gate of the Mascat port. The gate is a door with 1 meter in width! We were there at 9:45 a.m.. We wait until 10:45, look around, ask everybody, especially all 4WD drivers. Around 50 Taxis and other 4WD companies stayed there, waiting for customers. But nobody from Oman Day Tours. Nobody at the phone, also a local tried to reach them. No answer on our mail. Later on they answerd to my Mail and claim, a driver was waiting there. But, after more than 70 visited cruiseports we´re not too stupid to find a driver at a port gate. Well booking experience - No driver at the meetingpoint - Never again!
  2. alpha1hit

    Oman Day tours

    Hello Cruisers, we are preparing our 7 days cruise in the Arabic Golf. Ports of call are Dubai, Mascat and Abu Dhabi. At Mascat, we book a full day tour for 4 to the Jebel Sharms Montains in the upcountry. We have are very good booking experience with Oman Day Tours. Our request was replied very soon, on all questions we got friendly and quick replies from Sarah :). We also request another company with bad experience, no answer :confused:, so it was easy to decide for Oman Day Tours. We look foreward to have a pleasant tour with them, I will inform about our tour :cool:. Best Regards from Germany, Manfred