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  1. I doubt anyone plays for free drinks. More like these are people that would gamble anyways, and the drinks are a perk, not a money saver.


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    I don't really play for the drinks I just enjoy playing however sometimes it's fun to see if I can get enough points on my casino budget.


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  2. come on.... :cool: is it really free?


    CCL LOVE LOVES LOVES people playing for 'free' drinks.. haha

    Lol not free by a longshot! And it just seems harder to spot a server when you finally get the card....


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  3. I called Princess. They had a system issue last night. I need to contact my credit cared company and have them reverse the three bogus charges. Princess will call me back with an opportunity to repurchase the gift card (even though the offer date has expired).

    That's good and very nice if Princess to offer.


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  4. We usually get to ports about 12:15 as me DH usually puts in a half days work at a near by hotel. That bring said I don't think it's ever been later than 1:00 when we are aboard. The port people are very efficient.


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  5. Can one $500 gift card be purchased in each couples name.


    So, can husband purchase one and wife purchase another if each has own Princess account? :rolleyes:

    Says one per person not household. So I would think if you have different accounts and emails it would work.


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  6. :confused: Please help me be clear about how to use the $500 gift card and how to add the $25 to my OBC for our upcoming Oct 20 day Royal cruise.


    The $25 would be digital. how do we transfer it to our Cruise OBC? please


    Can the $500 be used for Oct cruise if we have not made final payment yet?


    Lastly, is one $500 card the most you can purchase?

    I would use the $25 card first towards cruise then the $500 (since you want to use the one that expires first). With the digit one you just use the card number they send you. It basically the same as the plastic gift card it's just electronic or paper if u print it out.


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  7. We saw the promo & wondered how it works; but since the cards expire Sept 30 & we set sail Oct 1 it's not gonna do us any good.

    The $500.00 card does not have an expiration date only the $25.00 one expires. If you haven't finished paying for your cruise use the $25.00 one first. If you finished paying use it to buy something and deliver it to your room, you can do that before the cruise.


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  8. Hi,


    I have a quick question. Can the $500 be used in the casino? I read the Faqs but it did not specifically mention the casino. Thanks in advance for your help!

    Sure you can add it to your room bill and then charge the casino to your room. Just go to guest services and they can credited it.


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  9. I knew that! Yep, sure did, uh-huh.


    (Well, no, actually, I didn't even think of that!...how come the obvious is only obvious after somebody tells you? :rolleyes:


    Thanks, gremlin!



    Lol my 1st thought was to tell you where to click but then I thought if you are not using mobile phone the website on a regular computer has different steps...so that was actually my second thought also[emoji33]


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  10. I've looked for the special offer on the Princess website but have been unable to find the darn thing. Can anyone give me a hint as to where it's hiding?



    You can just Google princess gift cards and click on the one with a princess. Com address.


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  11. Thanks Thrak for the tip. We will order the cards online.

    Hey just thought I say hi...our next cruise is in Dec but we haven't decided where lol how about you guys?

    But just to make sure we get our water dose off to Niagara shortly!


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  12. Princess has a Father's Day promotional. If you buy a $500.00 gift card you get a bonus $25.00 card. It's only 5% but free money is free money.


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  13. While victory is just out of dry dock you don't see significant changes. They did add the Alchemy bar. Just got off her yesterday and they are redoing some decks flooring so there are some construction areas blocked off on the upper decks.


    While we totally enjoyed ourselves we will probably avoid the Victory for a while.


    One point of interest was on every cruise except this one have met our steward the first day. This trip we did not see him until the afternoon of the last day....not that our room wasn't clean it was it's we have come to expect that friendly greeting.

  14. Who sent it? What ships?

    It was from the ocean players club and I don't recall the times or ships. Asa I said I glanced at it realized our vacation time is allotted for this year. I remember wishing we could go and the file 13 it.

  15. The Emerald deck compared to the first couple on the top are completely different as far as the viewing goes.

    Agree with you. However I don't think a higher balcony would b that bad. Nobody..i hope..i just going to stand there and stare at you..a friendly wave and they go on by. If you are a social type it could even be fun

  16. I got a pamphlet which after glancing at it I couldn't do any of the dates as our vacation dates are planned out for this year and the cruises that were listed were all this year. I wish I had saved it but does anyone knew since I received this offer might I get another one later this year or next year so I can take advantage of it?

  17. I can't imagine who would stand and stare all day at your balcony. Yes on the higher decks people can see you so wave back and have fun. I mean I'm sure you're not doing anything they can't see.


    I stayed on the emerald deck on the regal. It was private enough and we enjoyed the extra balcony space for the obstructed view price and would certainly book the cabin again.

  18. I did the Behind the Scenes Tour 4 years ago and they mentioned the extensive training they undergo to train them to memorize names. They would not disclose the method or technique but it is partly one of things that allows them to move up to Steward from asst. (Language tests is another) They have access to all sorts of educational tutorials they can use on their time off to gain skills to use while employed w Carnival and after.

    That is interesting. I am always amazed at how well they remember names. Even crew members moved to different locations remember names. It makes the cruise that much more memorable.

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