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  1. I never heard such a thing. How do they know if you are a cruise passenger or just a person flying elsewhere.


    I would be very comfortable going to the airport when you are ready. I don't thing they are sorting passengers by iff you came by boat, car or bus.

  2. I would think it would work out best using Verizon and buying with Carnival CC as that would give 11% off instead of just double points being 2% paying direct with Carnival.


    I could be doing math wrong as its early, but I would think that would be your best bet. No CC that I know of gives 10%. You may get lucky and get a rate of 10% but definitely not getting it back.

    I'm still sitting here letting the coffee take effect but I think I see what you are saying. I have a cruise later this a month so let's say I get a 1000 dollars worth of gift cards from Verizon it would cost me 900. I would also get 900 points a on mc which is a worth about 9 dollars so my gain Is basically 109 dollars. Right?


    Now if I buy 1000 dollars a and charge to my mc I get 2000 points which is basically 20 dollars...oh yea that makes a sense actually. And only 2 cups of coffee.


    Wonder how fast those Verizon card come if I order today?



  3. Could you purchase the GCs through Verizon with the Carnival Mastercard? The old Two Birds One Stone theory.

    Actually I have done that but I get single points for it. If I use the MC to pay the carnival bill I get double points. For the life of me I can't do the math to see which way is best

  4. I wasn't specifying Carnivals card with that, but other loyalty cards I had would drop me after about 4-5 years which confused me since I was adamant about paying on time. After talking to a few people that was the conclusion I was given why I was being dropped so I would always let like $5 dollars roll over and pay the small interest and fortunately haven't been dropped since.

    Definitely a good thing to know. Obviously they don't like us that they don't make money off of and we get the freebies.


    I have been trying to decide whether it's worth using the card to get enough points for obc or just buy the gift cards at Verizon for the reduced rate ie 90 dollars for the 100 gift card. I have to charge 9000 to get the 90 obc from Mastercard.

  5. Not sure if Carnival does this or not but I've had credit companies cancel my card for always paying on time every month because they made no money on me. At least 3 cards dropped me for this. Now I always let like $5 or $10 roll over and pay that a week later with interest to keep my cards in line and let the banks feel like they won. Its terrible how I can loan them my money and they only wanna give me 1 or 2 % back but they loan me money and they want 14%.

    Haven't done that to me yet. I have been using it that way for about 2 years. But your right they do strange things.

  6. But is really the perks that bring you back or the prices? I mean priority boarding is nice but Is it a deal breaker? A few snacks and a drink or two if you're lucky. I mean you can get free food all over the ship so it boils down to a free drink or two.


    At if you need priority boarding get fttf.


    In all honesty the only perk I would like it's free laundry on 5 plus day cruises.

  7. love those towel animals earlier in the morning. You have to be up early to see them that's for sure or all the lounge people squash them or kids take them etc....


    While Carnival makes towel animals for us we make towel people for them:



    What can I say, we have fun.

  8. The only time we have had a problem, both times was on the Regal. And it was a only at sailaway at the Outriggers bar both times. It was a a very long wait time. Other than those times never had a problem.


    Not sure how long the wait was but at one point I stayed in line and my DH went to the Piazza and brought drinks back and I was still waiting in line to be served.

  9. The worst I saw was the man who wore very short "jorts" - or jean shorts - the ENTIRE cruise. And of course I saw him every single day! He also had a mullet, and wore button front shirts tucked into his shorts. The one thing I will say, he made my husband and I smile every time we saw him!


    But yes, I agree with the theme this post is headed - be happy and who cares what you wear. However, I try to look presentable and not offensive and teach my children to care how they look as well. I think that you should be aware of things like too short shorts, exposed bras, tight clothing etc. But in the end, it's not my business and you are free to wear what you want (to a point, keep it PG-13!)

    Nicely said.

  10. You know what? I've reached the stage in my life where I don't care what others think of me. I am on vacation, I am comfortable, I am covered up (not showing parts that shouldn't be seen), and I am happy, and I just don't care. Life is too short.


    Smooth Sailing! :) :) :)

    Couldn't agree more. Enjoy yourself. Wear what you comfortable in as long as it covers what it should. Life is short! ENJOY.

  11. Lol I totally just bought a blue and white stripped tee, an orange and white stripped tee plus white Capri's on clearance at my local grocery store (joe fresh @Zehr's) was so happy under $20 all in and will finally look nautical. Lol *rethinks packing dumb stripped shirts* ....but am still is on look out for a cool anchor necklace to complete the uniform ;)

    Lol pack it! White Capri are in anytime. Also most people own at least one stripe shirt. And jewelry of any kind is good.


    I am actually thinking of having my nails painted with nautical items for my Feb cruise. Have fun and enjoy.

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