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  1. I am trying to decide between the Breeze and Sunshine, the sunshine is a closer port to depart from but is the Breeze a lot better? My husband and I have been on several cruises but we are taking our parents this time so I really want them have a great cruising experience.

    We were on the Sunshine in Dec and it was fabulous. We had heard about smells etc but we didn't find them. I think it's an excellent choice.


    I also think Port Canaveral is the easiest and best port in Florida.

  2. There are mid ship stairs opened up to public use during the drill. We used them on the Royal and the Regal.You could have easily walked up the center stairs. They were available for at least a half hour after the drills.

    We always go on up early for a seat. I can't stand for long oeriods. If you head up 3 30 you should be ok

    What time is muster drill? Leaving on a regal, Feb 1. I have a bad ankle so need a head start.
  3. I can't stop laughing!!!



    I guess the one thing I don't think looks good fashion wise are the women who wear cropped, capris or pedal pusher pants (especially with the pants having wide legs) with big clunky work out sneakers. I understand the comfort factor, but full length pants or a more streamlined shoe or sandal would look much better.

    I agree with your comment however I am one of those Capri people with sneakers. I found after 2 knee replacements the sneaks give me good traction.....and I like Capri what can u say

  4. Transition is always hard however yours looks fine. Now a days you see all types of cuts and colors. The bottom line is how you think and feel about it. Don't worry about others go have a blast.


    However if you are worried just wear a hat or baseball cap. Life is to short (lol) to worry about it and if anyway if someone says anything use your 8000 a month comment that's priceless. Chemo is so costly.

  5. Riley's Mom, I'm in the same boat (as well as on the same ship)! I've gained about 20 pounds since May also. My sundress is a little more forgiving, but I am going to have to be creative for my other clothes. I think the salt water from my last cruise shrunk all my clothes!

    Looks like I will be taking a coat because the 10 day forecast for Galveston shows the 50's on Saturday. It changes so often, it's hard to tell. I like the idea of a hoodie.

    Can't wait to get on that ship!

    I'm going to use that line...saltwater shrunk my clothes. ..i knew it wasn't the food!

  6. I'd keep looking especially as the sai dare gets closer. Our ship had a lot of upsell the last 2 weeks. I upgrade d 2 balconies for 2 suites. When we did we also returned 2 FTTF. While note your cruise it could happen. Good luck.

  7. I'll be on the sunshine the 14th also. While I don't have specific knowledge I know from past experience you can walk and climb stairs everwhere.


    That said it may not be easy. Sometimes you walk a few flights then got to go aft or forward or middle to catch a new flight of stairs but if you don't mind exercise it can be done.

  8. If you think this is a problem then go stand in those cattle call muster drills for Carnival and HAL. They pack you in worse than sardines then scream at you over the air raid type speakers. I saw ill people who had to be helped inside after the HAL drill.


    Here's how you handle muster drill - go early, get a good seat, meet new friends or read a good book. Then when everything is cleared out you can go back to your cabin or the sail away party. Couldn't be easier or more civil.

    The other thing I find interesting is princess scans your card so they know you were there. Carnival has never scanned ours so how do they know we were at the drill?

  9. It's funny how everyone's point of view is different. We went on the Regal in November. Having done so we booked an obstructed view cabin in February, E425. I mean some consider it obstructed including princess. Me? I think I got a great balcony, larger than most and it was priced less. Be happy folks and enjoy the cruises.

  10. thanks for the advice. in my quick research it seems that people enjoy the valor/liberty over the sunshine. and i believe the liberty has the 2.0 upgrades?


    would anyone recommending switching cruise lines for the 2nd cruise? Though we really did love Carnival.

    Do carnival again. You said you enjoyed them. You will have fun I'm sure. We are heading to the sunshine this month and looking forward to exploring her upgrades.

  11. I just booked a gaurentee room and don't care for the room assignment I got, I know I took a risk by booking guarantee but if I call a week before cruising will they discount another cabin for a good price??? Does it depend on the current selling price online or can they discount further? And are upsells the prices online or are they better deals if they call u first


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    They will let you upgrade with no problem but it's their discretion if they want to honor a lateral move.


    As for upsell we were called about 30 days out with a offer of 550 which we declined. They wouldn't negotiate. I said well keep me on the list if it goes down any more..then 12 days out same offer for 150..grabbed it.

  12. I sail on the breeze in June in a Spa Balcony i would love a call for an upsell for the Spa Balcony Suite. Can you hagle these prices?


    If they say $500 can i counter them with lets say $400 or less? Anyone ever able to hagle or even try to hagle the prices with them?





    It seems as they have a list of people to call for the upgrade. The upgrade price though is not the same for every person. It is somehow calculated based on the price of the room you booked


    For example people in 2 different balcony rooms, one paid a guarentee rate and the other couple paid a few hundred more for their assigned cabin. The upsell price for the people in the cheaper guarentee cabin is more than the other couple in the assigned balcony that paid more.


    Hope that makes sense.

  13. Wow..you will find new things on every ship. If you use different cruise lines even more variety. Shows change, some of the foods are basics but always new venues to explore.


    Look at your fun times pick things you didn't do last cruise. Somethings you thing are not for you you should try. Just the people running activities are great and entertaining.

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