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  1. Does Carnival notify you via email when they assign your cabin or do you check your booking periodically to find when they assign the cabin? First time we have booked this type but sure can't beat the savings by booking guaranteed right now!

    No carnival doesn't notify you. You need to check your booking and one day it will just be there.

  2. We could save $240 per interior cabin by giving up our Lido interiors and going guarantee. This is on Glory for New Years.


    Thoughts? Advice?


    My husband says yes, I'm torn about giving up my cabin.

    I just had my first guarantee experience and I couldn't be happier..got assigned cabin and it was ok then got an upsell offer for suite and used the obc to pay so am in a suite and still a little in the kitty

  3. Funny thing. As I mentioned previously we got our assignment about 33 days out and we were ok with it. Plus we had oodles of obc so we were very happy.


    So today I get a call from the upsell fairy with a good offer on an ocean suite. I asked if I could use the obc to pay for it. After checking she said yes since it was cash I had paid in then switched to the guarentee room.


    So now I got a suite cheaper then the advertised price and didn't have to come up with extra and still have a little bit in the kitty.


    Don't think it can get any better

  4. Personally I think it's silly to spend more money when you have plenty of choices that are already paid for and you do get good attention in the MDR


    That being said every Dec we eat at the steakhouse the first night of the cruise. This is because my son and his wife love it. So it is nice for a special long quiet time to catch up. The atmosphere is nice and attention to detail excellent.


    But again it's not our norm the dining rooms are great as well as various other options.

  5. Yes everything is booked on current prices and sometimes you have to do the math.


    One cruise we r booked on dropped the balcony considerably however if we rebook at the lower rate we lose about 220 when we consider the free gratuities and obc we have at the higher balcony rate.

  6. Yes prices can change quickly and it is catch it if you can. I sympathize with trying to get your pvp. I really don't like using one because of their set hours and availability. Currently I am connected to one because of a group booking and I called her weeks ago and didn't get a return call and prior to that after trying her and her partners number that was on her voice mail I called the general number. But back to the original price changes are time sensitive make screen shots and call asap.

  7. We NOW have a balcony and money back! In fact $108 back. Cha Ching for us. I was however, surprised they didn't keep our money and just give us an OBC. Our PVP said to look for the credit on our credit card in 5 to 7 working days.


    Another note, the booking, on line, won't allow me to "edit" or change the beds from two twins to one bed. I emailed our PVP so hopefully we can help. My luck, this is will be the "gottcha" to doing this! LOL.


    Thanks again for everyone's input. Another great reason to be a cruise critic member.


    79 days!

    You can't edit the beds until you have an assigned cabin.

  8. Glad someone posted the link. I saw this early this morning and thought about time. We have a family Christmas party and kind of a Chinese auction. Since several family members are going on the Regal in February I am going to get one and wrap it up. That should stir the pot a bit.

  9. From what I understand...


    Yes they can change you depending on the type of cabin you have...2 people in a 3+ people cabin, non-handicap in a handicap, etc..


    After final payment ..no without a change fee of I think $50

    Cool. The only thing I could tell from deck plan is that it was a connecting room. I guess I will just keep my eyes out for an upsell.

  10. We used a old room key card from a motel, attached a small piece of duct tape rolled sticky side out, placed it on one end of the card and placed it on the wall above the card slot when we were out of the room.

    Finally!!!! Something useful to do with the old key cards from previous cruises bring one along n use it

  11. Yes 30 days seem to be the assignment date. We booked 30 days ago and just got your cabin which is 30 days out...

    Do they ever change the assignment? I was also wondering if I can upgrade using current prices since I'm past final payment date. There are some spa balconies as well as aft that would be relatively inexpensive since prices dropped.

  12. By time I got on, the 'traffic directors' were no longer visible, or at least I never saw them.


    The same 'collisions' took place on the Ruby Princess in the Horizon Court, the problem was that that space was so much smaller, whereas the Royal-class has those nice wide isles. I never witnessed any of the 'collisions' on Royal Princess, everyone took their time and were pretty much respectful of each other waiting turns at getting their selections.



    It was an interesting change and there were pluses and minus some can just be attributed to learning the new way.


    It seemed like rows and rows of food spread out and if you are with others easy to get separated. Personally I was afraid my food would get cold b4 I went up and down the aisles. [emoji1]

  13. It different from the other ships. It runs port to starboard. There are multiple sections which seems to feel less congested.


    Island Princess 2008 Alaska

    Island Princess 2009 Alaska

    Royal Princess (Old) 2010 Alaska

    Golden Princess 2011 Alaska

    Coral Princess 2012 Panama Canal

    Star Princess 2012 Alaska

    Crown Princess 2013 Western Caribbean

    Caribbean Princess 2013 Western Caribbean

    Royal Princess 2014 Eastern Caribbean

    Royal Princess 2014 New England


    Future Cruises

    Emerald Princess 2014 Western Caribbean

    Ruby Princess 2015 Alaska

    It is different but the problem I noticed was people entering from both sides causing collisions in the middle since people were going in opposite directions

  14. Difficult to say. I am sure they won't stay in their cabins all the time so they would be out & about with everyone else. Was hoping if we passed by one of them they would allow a picture with them. But guess that would get tiresome for them since everyone would want a pic with them. Time will tell...........

    Maybe we can invite them to meet and greet somehow..

  15. Yes, we will have a great time & be sure to a have camera at all times since you never know which cast member we will see passing by onboard for a photo op :D !

    You think they will have ant type of photo ops on board. They seen to be keeping their presence very low key.

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