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  1. To answer the question about losing your deposit, that is part of the promotion. So it is a gamble you need to decide if you want to take.

    That being said, usually they will let you make changes to the existing booking, such as other promotions or uogrades. Usually u just can't cancel the cruise because then it's not refundable.

  2. No pre-paid OBC shows on the personalizer. You can gift yourself OBC or someone else can gift it to you and it won't show up on the personalizer. A Princess rep can see it in a different area and can confirm it for you if you call.

    I tried emailing and calling. Sent email Thursday and follow up with phone call yesterday afternoon. So far no response. I always prefer ed just making my own booking and calling who ever answered the phone because I got an immediate response.


    Unfortunately this time a family member got a princess vacation planner involved because there was a group going. So I have to speak to a specific person. She doesn't wort sat or sun so now I wait.


    I think it's been changed because I can see the obc change. But I feel I should get a receipt or something acknowledging the Chang and confirming free gratuities...sigh.

  3. After seeing the original post I checked our two upcoming Caribbean Princess cruises, each 5 days, and found that one of them has been reduced dramatically in cruise fare. I plugged in the cabin next to the one we have booked, a BD category, and the difference was $560. My question though is, we are paid in full so what can I expect from Princess? This has never happened to us.

    If you booked with Princess and you are not at the final pay period, usually 60 or 75 days b4 saildate, all you do is called them and they will give you the obc. They are very good about it. If you passed the date well you don't get anything.

  4. Yes as long as you have punches let on the card you can use them on other Princess ships. The fresh brewed coffee is free only on the cruise that you originally purchased the card. After that if you want fresh brewed you will have to use a punch.


    Thanks, I didn't know this. Last time we gave it to some people that were doing a b2b. Now I know better and will save it.:)

  5. I feel the pain. I used to pack way too much and brought things back I didn't wear. Now I first think of my destination and ports and excursions. I say this cause I often use a takini top and bottom with a pair of shorts and if we are doing snorkeling, swimming, even exploring around the Caribbean port this type of outfit works well.


    Definitely pack shampoos, conditioners etc. in small travel containers.


    Pack efficiently. i.e. don't face all blouses and tops the same way(such as collars or to the top) alternate them for a flatter more evenly distributed space.


    Fit things in other things. Socks and brushes in shoes. Roll up things that don't wrinkle such as t-shirts, underwear, and other materials that don't wrinkle. Rolled up stuff fits great in left over spaces.


    You can do it.

  6. You can get a 5 or 6 dollar transponder but then you have to load money for the tolls. The cheap one sticks to your car window and can't be removed.


    If you are planning more trips and going to switch cars you should buy the plastic transponder which costs around 25.

  7. I wish I could help. I did the trip several times and got so tired of handing out dollars and quarters that we finally broke down and got a sun pass and just zip through now.


    There is an on line calculator at the Florida turnpike website but I could never get it to work right. Sorry I'm sure this post is no help to you what so ever.

  8. Interesting question as I was looking on line at some cabins and the price for a guarantee room was the same price as a regular cabin in the same category.


    Other than hoping to get an upgrade I saw no advantage (monetary) in choosing a guarantee.

  9. One more three day summer holiday

    Have to weigh first before your on your way


    Know some will be home doing whatever

    Saying you won't overeat this weekend..never


    Other's will be going to here and there

    Now deciding what fits and what you'll wear


    Wherever we do this holiday..try to exercise and eat right

    Sometimes it's easy and sometimes have to try with all our might


    Enjoy the sun and get a tan

    Walk everyday and eat light if you can


    Wishing you all a good time on this summer holiday

    Plus it's a "Great Monday Holiday" It's MY BIRTHDAY! LOL


    PS..Others have Birthday's this month too...

    BUT mine is on the HOLIDAY first birthday of the month.

    I'm Special!!! LOL




    Hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday! I "labor "to keep off the weight. I have promised myself to be a certain weight by our Nov 6 cruise. I did it before and will do it again. I know exercise and good diet is the key. Its just everyone around me eats and eats and never puts on a pound.

  10. I'm a converted croc hater.:) My husband swore by them and forever I resisted. Then I needed knee surgery and couldn't wear my heels and I finally let him convince me to try a pair. I loved them. And they r4eally have some stylish ones too. recently went to a formal wedding and was worried what I could wear with my semiformal dress and we went to the croc store and I found a lovely matching pair.:):)


    Crocs for life.

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