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  1. Well thank you for all the input. I admit I was very put out by the whole thing. The other reservation was canceled so not an issue. Guess the only thing left is to wait for money to b refunded. Tbanks

  2. Well just got an apology from family member and she said she ga e them my hubby name n date of birth. So I called princess and spoke to some else they apologized also and said probaly since they were booking rooms and se eral people had the same last na

    E the previous rep probaly thought it was legit

  3. Yea, I admit to being mote than upset at them. I mean they could have called before instead of after. If I had wanted a guarantee room I would have chosen it. And I hope your right about the money I will b watching for it

  4. The group definitely knew how I felt especially after they told me I could call princess and get the room situation straighten out. The unfortunate part it is family and while I can say my piece in the end we have to have peace. I was just really surprised and not happy about the extra hassle I have to deal with. Just checked my credit card and bank account no refund yet.


    And I don't blame princess I blame family.

  5. Lew and Cove guys they absolutely did not have booking number. They know the ship and date our names, date of birth address and phone numbers. I was shocked. Fortunately other than money in limbo it's okay but I was surprised. My hubby and I usually make our booking then look for price drops. Now for this booking at least we have a specific princess representative. I assumed they used our names and date of birth to do this

  6. I already hung up with princess but thought of a question I should have asked. Let me start by saying this is not a Princess problem. I have never had an issue with Princess or any representative they have always been great.


    My question is when someone goes to change an existing reservation wouldn't princess ask something to make sure its the person who booked the reservation? Basically we picked a cabin a while back had our deposit on file etc. Someone else recently decided a group should go and called Princess and included us in the group. So Princess actually cancelled our reservation and rebooked us.


    You wouldn't think this would be an issue but as it happens at the exact time this was happening to us unknowingly I was making an online payment to Princess for this booking but kept getting an error and finally the debit from my checking went through. So I checked the booking to make sure it was credited and noticed a room change. So as I picked up the phone to call Princess the phone rings and behold its "blank" telling me they put us in the group. Arghhhh, they tell me to call Princess to straighten it out..well there would be nothing to straighten out had they minded their own business.


    So I call Princess and as always she was very nice and apologetic but I had to pay a new deposit the old one couldn't be transferred, plus she called revenue to stop the debit from my account but its not back there yet....she was giving us back the cabin we had but when I was trying to make the payment she was modifying it.


    Long story short, we are still booked in same cabin but I have an extra deposit and an extra debit payment that has not yet hit my accounts from the refunds of the cancellation.


    Since we booked this early and separate I wish Princess had called before changing but I am sure my blank had enough information they figured it was legit...okay I feel a little better getting that off my chest.

  7. I feel your pain. Working a regular job makes it a bit harder. First we are fortunate to live in Florida with 3 ports within 2 hours of us. A couple of other ports within 3-4 hours. I mention this cause it gives us the ability to use 1/2 days of vacation. We can leave at noon and be in Fort Lauderdale, Miami or Port Canaveral by 2 at the latest. And we usually do self disembark and our home before noon on the last day. So dh doesn't need to use as much time. we also (try to) make use of the holidays and weekends as part of the cruise.


    Anything is possibly if you strategize :) We actually managed to book 4 cruises this year. Admittedly one is a 3 day leaving on Thursday afternoon getting back on Sunday so 1 1/2 day for that cruise.

  8. You know I don't have an answer for you. I would go with it and try it. I have often wanted to try an aft balcony but I hear people get seasick or noise then you hear other just going on and on about them and that's all they book.


    While I have never booked one, because I'm a little nervous about the seasick part, earplugs stop the noise so bring a pair. It may be the best experience ever. If I ever get a free offer I certainly want to try it until then I probably will stick to my middle forward....and actually in Nov we booked our first forward balcony so we will be checking it out.


    Be adventurous :):)

  9. We usually go to the casino as soon as it opens. They punch a hole in the card and add a nice stretch belt clip (not sure what its called). Then we can clip to a belt and put in a pocket and don't have to worry about it coming out and losing it...You can also make a necklace or a wristband out of as its curly and stretch. I even seen some people clip it around their waist for a fashion statement. That works well in the pool when your bathing suit has no pockets.


    But I will warn you watch you don't catch it on something because you will be across the room with it stretched out

  10. Thanks geoherb I gather the dc hasn't changed


    N an _ Sea thanks funny when u are so close you miss the obvious. I got obc on the other cruises from price drops just didn't think about it because this came up out of nowhere and we are trying to make it happen..thanks for reminding me of another possibility

  11. Does anyone know what the current offering is? I searched but not sure I have found the latest. Looking at a 7 day cruise.


    We are currently booked on the Regal in November but yesterday several family members indicated they wanted to go on the Regal in February. We were not planning on another cruise so soon with one in November and another in December but trying to see if we can make it happen.


    We were thinking rather than booking with the others waiting until November and booking on board to get some OBC. The downside of waiting though is what cabins might be available. I do admit to I rather book early to get the room I want but in this case we need to be financially savvy.

  12. Wow some good info. However we just went to publix and got the mini sticker...If we had waited I would have gotten the transponder so we could switch it. Ah well our next cruise are from ft. Lauderdale n port Canaveral.


    We were planning on taking the turnpike pike all the way because our maps program should 1 hour 47 minutes vs 2 hour 3 minutes with combing turnpike with 95


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  13. Thanks, fishywood..yes I realize we need to get sun pass and that seems simple enough. Previously we did port Canaveral and ft. Lauderdale and those r very doable. Yes we a tally use the turnpike but not usually further than jupiter. I think it's doable as long as the traffic behaves and they have a parking space for us. Excuse the typos I need a bigger phone


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