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  1. Before you all tell me I know we are cutting it close and we are praying for all to go well. That being said we will be heading for POM which we have never left from. Our boarding pass says boarding 1:00 to 2:30. Praying for smooth driving no accidents and no delays we should hit the port about 2:00. Is there parking available for late arrivals such as us. Is it far from the parking area to the terminal?

    I always think the worst, what if we get there and there are no spaces available..can someone reassure me.....


    And yes we are trying to find away to build in some safe time unfortunately we haven't been able to yet?

  2. Interesting thought, yes the money goes back to them but we are getting a few perks we don't pay for with the primo; ie a few drinks etc. But then on the other hand they got lots of cruises paid off ahead of time so the money is in their account making interest. Sure sounds like a money maker


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  3. Good question. I just think the promotion let's carnival have a cash infusion with their expectation being that most people will use to pay off their cruise. I dou bt the majority of people have thousands lying around. Also if they charge the gift they may never see free money as they will be paying interest on the credit card which is usually more than 10 percent


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  4. I manage the wellness programs for company and I have an ongoing struggle eating healthy and staying on track. Today, I was sitting at my desk contemplating on eating a pack of Lance crackers and look what came to my inbox. Hopefully this can serve as motivation for you.



    That was great. I just found this thread and I too want to loss weight. My biggest excuse is I had two knees surgeries in a relatively short time and it hurts to exercise to much. Then you see the guy with the prosthetic leg...ok so that excuse is all used up...got to try harder....

  5. I think the system may be a little slow with everyone on it. Yesterday I got the gift card immediately. I just went on to do another one and the 200.00 was sent but I didn't get the gift card right away.


    And someone asked why do it more than once. well the first time was to test it, I was a little skeptical (but no longer). The 2nd time was to send one to my son and the third time will be to pay off my booked cruise.


    Gotta love this promotion. Wish Princess would do one now :):):)

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