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  1. Thanks for this information.  I to, am trying to figure time lines out.  So I understand leaving the ship in Vancouver and going through customs but wondering on the other end.


    We are staying in Vanouver for a few days after the cruise, then heading back to the US.  Confused and concerned about time.  We catch an early flight out of Vancouver, with a plane switch in Seattle to Orlando.  Where do we do customs back into the US: Vancouver, Seattle or Orlando?  We have just over an hour in Seattle to switch planes but that was the connecting flight offered by princess easy fair so we booked it without thinking where we had to go through...

  2. We havent got an email yet but our sail date is July 3, so maybe we will get one later.  We dont usually buy minutes, we usually just use free ones.  However we might need to use more this trip. so we are watching....

  3. Looking at this thread I was curious as to what packages was listed in mine.  Interesting surprise, I dont have any internet packages listed just cabin to shore calling plan.  😮


  4. Given the comments about you cant have two shots at the same time, what is done with drinks that you need more than two types of alcohol to make?  Frozen drinks such as a dirty banana or maybe a zombie or sex on the beach or long island ice tea?.....I'll quit there as I don't know all the names but we have sip and sail for the 1st time and are wondering.

  5. 22 hours ago, caribill said:


    Thanks for the compliment.


    Enjoy your 15 day Alaska cruise/tour in May.

    I wanted to say thanks, also.  There was a wealth of information there.  I feel like we know what to do now.   I do want to ask 1 question though.  We saw the size of the totes you can bring etc but it it ok to bring one large back pack as long as you keep if with you.  My DH is bringing his laptop in it :). Thanks

  6. My wife reserves summer for camping. Always. We did a 7 week trip last year and have done a 4 week trip this year. We are taking another one week trip very soon as we just "need" to get in one more camping trip before the weather gets nasty. We don't have an RV though. Here's a picture of our "big rig". :D



    I love it but you and you wife must handle camping better than us. I guess we do flaming as they put it. However, in all honesty my husband works from home or the RV full time so we do have a class A, the smaller one 36 ft. Thoight about driving to Alaska, but problem would be whe we went on cruise who would watch the cats? At least lea ing them here with a house sitter works.


    Anyway see your posts all the time and appreciate the info. My DH and I honeymooned in Alaska and our really looking forward to going again and seeing Denali.


    We actually got a fantastic deal on EZ air for the return trip but since they were restricted we cant do our departure tickets by EZ air. Interesting gliche. However no biggy just going to do it independently, when the price is right.


    In the meantime going to be heading to Alburqueque in our camper to see the big Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. Take care.


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  7. Since it "may" not be possible to change your itinerary to have 2 days at Denali lodge so you could take the Tundra Wilderness Tour you may want to see if you can be reimbursed for the Natural History Tour (I have been assured by others here on CC that this is frequently done) and then take the shuttle which can get you quite a way into the park.


    I would suggest that you look at these two web pages for information on the shuttles available and for the full bus schedule. Both are National Park web sites.






    Note: I found these to sites by simply Googling "denali shuttle schedule"

    Thanks we are very familiar with the http://www.npa.gov/ website as we camp a lot. We will look at it. We get torn between RVing and cruising....


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  8. Audrine, good questions. My DH and I are booked on the Coral, July 3 sailing with a 3 day land tour prior. It sounds like the same as yours. I appreciate everyone's comments because we are coming from Florida and know we are trying to shove a lot of vacation in a short time.


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  9. They only care about the flight that brings you to the cruise port and the flight that takes you from the cruise port. Any flights that connect to those flights do not matter.


    They are basically making sure your scheduled arrival and departure flights meet their guidelines.



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  10. Well, I can see if they change planes they might have to change seats. However, one would think they would keep you in an identical class and it make a close substitute. I elected yo use a restrictive fare for June of next year, because I felt the price was right, so I will be disappointed if my seats change. The other thing that happened when I bought the tickets it was return only but since it was restricted EZ air thinks I cant change anything and I cant buy departure tickets thru ezair....


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  11. Sorry if I'm not clear. She apparently did not know I had a casino rate. When I told her she match the casino rate.

    Sorry, not sure I understand, did she know you had a casino rate before she offered you the price and then match s it when you told that is what you had?



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  12. So today I got an offer for an upsell from an inside cabin to an oceanview for $96.00. Since our cruise is slightly more than 3 months out I was surprised. However I went on line and found out I could upgrade us to an OV for $40.00. casino rate, so obvious not a good deal but I had time on my hands and thought I would call and ask price of balcony.


    So before I called I looked at the cost to me to upgrade was $340.00, casino rate. So knowing that I called and was told to do it would cost me $422.00. I told the rep it would cost me only 340.00 and then she agreed to 340.00 as it was a casino rate.


    So long story short, this was definately an upsell in their favor. and I can still book myself. Needless to say I'm still in my inside room although I would have jumped on it had it been a deal.


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  13. Anxious to see what Princess will say...since you have paid for the flight maybe they will let you book the arrival.


    As posted, my situation was a no go..Princess said I must have a RT.......but again mine was Flex.


    Also I not unusual to be told incorrect info from Princess, good luck...let us know the outcome.

    I will, could be a while, I have a price in mind that we will book atbook and am eyeing a specific flight.


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  14. yes this works, guess I can do that and then call princess and hopefully they can added it. Thanks

    Easiest way, I have found is to click on Plan a cruise, select your cruise from recently viewed cruises, click on Flight Quotes. You can be signed in just not to your booking.


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