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  1. That's my guess too but in a way seems like a programming error. You would think they want me to buy more tickets....

    I have not purchased a restricted ticket, but I have purchased several tickets on EZAir. They never let me change one direction without rebooking the entire itinerary. In some cases, I did not want to change one direction, but the flights I booked in that direction were no longer available.


    Even though it doesn't make a lot of sense, I suspect the Princess representative had the correct information. Apparently, you can only have one EZAir itinerary per person per booking.


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  2. Yes we can cancel it, but are very, very happy, with a the cost and itenary of home trip, we dont wsnt to risk cancelling it. What we want to do is add the departure trip from Florida to Anchorage, basically a one way flight

    I thought you said that since it is 24 hours, they would let you cancel it.


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  3. Has anyone ever bought a one way ticket on EZAir, that was restricted, then after doing so try to go back and look at prices for the other half of the trip?


    Doing an Anchorage to Vancouver trip. I can choose from several airports to depart or arrive to. So saw a really good price 1st class from Vancouver to home, it was restricted, but we liked the flight so booked it. Went back to look for other half of flight and cannot see prices anymore.


    Spoke to 2 people at princess and was told it's because the system thinks I bought my ticket, its restricted, so I cant change it. I dont want to change it. I want to get more tickets. I was told since it was within 24 hours I could cancel it, then I could see flights again and I would have to book both flights at the same time.


    Thoughts? Obviously I could by other ticket independent of EZAir but I really would like to see their prices...


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  4. often you can request seats on ezair. then go into the airline's website, using the airline's confirmation code, and usually my seat requests have shown up there. i have not payed for flights ahead of time.

    if seat requests on ezair are not available, my first call is to the airline to see if i can get seat assignments. only once have i had to have a ticketed (paid for) seat and i opted to wait and take my chances. i'm only 5 feet tall, so unlike your husband, i don't need extra leg room!

    Thank you, that's what I wanted to know. There are a few flights in ez air that I see that are not on Deltas site. Maybe because of a Toronto connection? However the first class seats are about half of the airlines, and I was thinking of booking it.


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  5. So I never used EZAir but am checking it out for a long flight. We usually try and do 1st class, when not cost prohibited, because DH is tall.


    So my understanding from here, I couldn't find anything on princess site, is that after I reserve the flight in EZAir, then I got to pay for the tickets to make sure we get the seats we want. Is that correct? I gather I have to call Princess EZAir to pay? And is this spelled out anywhere? Thanks!


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  6. I typically arrive early (I'm Platinum) so it's nice to get everything in the cabin & get to the Lido before the huge crowds. This last cruise out of Tampa, we decided to take our time since we live only 30 minutes drive from the port - not a good idea. We were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for 45 minutes as there were 3 ships in. For those who don't know how the Tampa port is laid out, there's this "drive around" circle at the parking garage & 2 of the piers - OMG, - drivers were totally confused & didn't know which lane to be in. It was total chaos!


    I'm also concerned about parking and traffic when I go to Miami. It's a circus if you get there either shortly before or while passengers are disembarking. It's very difficult to find a parking space and you're dodging all the disembarking passengers as they are trying to get across the street to the parking garages. So, this may be a port that I will start to arrive after 1:00, and hope that there won't be an issue with parking.

    Totally agree with you on the parking. We arrived in zfort Lauderdale with a 2:30 time and there was no parking anywhere. It was very stressful.


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  7. The offers I had are gone also. Guess we will have to wait and see. Personally the email did not really hint at anything new, it mentioned stuff already available such as, Drinks on us. However I am hoping it will be good.


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  8. Fair point, I stand admonished. Yes the superior Internet speed is one benefit we WILL enjoy
    Just got off the Regal. The internet speed was great. Got knocked off a few times but otherwise speed was just lime being home. Was able to text real time also in airplane mode. We were very happy.


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  9. Sounds great, but everything else is so positive so you would think they want my posts!


    And it does make for a more personal experience since they know who you are.

    I agree, I think they should be reading these posts. I can get to Cruise Critic fine but only problem I have on CC is I can only read the last few post. I can scroll back to read more post and arrow keys to change pages. I have not noticed any other problems.


    I am very happy with the speed and ability to chat.


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  10. I am currently on the Regal now. There are issues but every day I see improvement. as Ben we first got on board internet was up and down. The last two days I have had no breaks in service, the speed is excellent.


    Seriously my only complaint is I can't poke a hole in my card to put it on my lanyard because it's wired for the Medallion. Not a big issue.


    We have spoken to several people both apple and android user and the can chat, do FB etc no problem. The only person we ran into with an issue had a Cricket and it appears he needed to be connected to his celluar program to get text messages and couldn't do it it in airplane mode. Understand I'm not a techie so I might not have explain that correctly.


    I cannot see them ditching it it and even though I am not medallion, I am very happy.


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  11. Ok, my iPhone has a mind of its own and changes words. Forgive me spelling errors and grammatical errors!”,
    Long as you will forgive mine also, spell check had a sense of humor for sure. showing to do the sale (although been there done that), check out casino and watch the carving. Maybe we will see you....


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  12. Ok. To the poster who laughed at me getting the dressing. It wasn’t even my husbands! It was our friend’s dressing! Lol


    Wine dinner tonight was just more fun than I can say. We went through a lot of wine!! Not sure we are welcomed back!!! Lol


    Here is one problem with the medallion and the blue “pilots license” that comes with it. Buying something on the store, they couldn’t tell I was elite to go be me my discount.


    Gremlinbangels, where will you be tomorrow?!

    Hmm good question. We are heading to Lido deck for breakfast. We were going to look at events there, so I will let you know. We are wearing outr black Christmas shirts today....will let you know.


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  13. Update. Our medallion now works for the door!!


    And Jason at Crooner got my chocolate that sticks to the glass. Two beautiful original chocolate martinis are sitting in front of us!

    The girl playing guitar tonight is fantastic!


    Winemakers dinner!

    Glad you are having some success with your medallion. We are loving the Internet speed.


    We have heard that the bracelet or wrist Medallion is being redone to have 2 snaps (clasps) on it like the Disney ones so that they will stay on. The one snap design didn't work as well as expected so they are reverting to the two snap design.




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  14. exactly what is so 'awesome' about the touch tone screens? - you get to see the tag-a-long you created?
    The tag a longs are cute but that's about it. I meant the overall concept. I am sorry I wasn't more clear. The fact that the internet (network)speed is 26.51 Mbps and the upload speed is 89 Mbps (as I type this) is awesome. For a cruise how can you complain about that.




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  15. Another thing, is I think many passengers are not ready for the Medallion. We are on board the Regal now and some people seem to have a hard time understanding the basics of the program on their smart phone. They can't seem to find schedule of events, use messenger app or see their accounts. Of course others find it so simple.


    We, by accident, discovered many of the display boards are touch screens. Every time we stop and play with them a crowd oocurs. It's kind of fun. When it's fully functional, it will be awesome.


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  16. I know 2 people who spoke directly with customer relations and were both told no recently. One even mentioned they knew people from CC who had gotten it since they are on here.


    It's always worth the college try, just like anything else. You can't get anything if you don't ask.

    I was told no 3 times. Finally with advice I called and asked for public relations, but the time I finished telling her what I wanted, she told me she added the obc to my account. Sure enough I looked, it was there. I thanked her, she apologized for the confusion.




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  17. Hello all

    I’m planning on taking my nieces for a cruise to coincide with high school graduation for one and Bat Mitzvah for the other. They will be 18 and 12 at the time of sailing. Is 18 old enough for me to book them a separate room? Or will we need to be together? I’d really like to not share all three to a room as I’m guessing we will need alone time (I know I will).


    Thanks for any advice



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    I don't really know the answer but we recently took 21 year old twins with us and thought we would go crazy. But the beds came out of the ceiling and while the conspired at night it was above and didn't bother us.


    Also we are early risers and we just told them the night b4 where we w ouhld be at breakfast so we left and they showed up later and we enjoyed our peace, coffee and the ocean.


    Good luck.


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  18. Me either. I'm into techo stuff but frankly I couldn't care whether my cruise was a medallion cruise or not. I certainly wouldn't book a cruise because of it.
    My hubby us into the tech stuff. We just figured it would bee another area of fun. I agree wee didn't pick the cruise for it but we were looking forward to it.


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  19. We are on the Regal Dec 3rd. So will only some staterooms on this cruise get medallions? Very disappointed if we don't get one
    We are on the same cruise. We also will be disappointed if we don't have *****. However we still will enjoy ourselves and endeavor to find someone who does have it, so we can check it out. :)


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