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  1. We get one card and get two specialty coffees at a time. We just like them as a pick me up in the early afternoon and one card for the 2 of us on a 7 day cruise is perfect. We never have had a problem with this.


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  2. Hi Marie :) ! Earlier this year I did a guarantee and got what I paid for. Booked 5 days before the Emerald Princess cruise started. Hope you and Ben are doing great !!


    Jay and Sophia

    Hey hope you guys are doing good. We won't be doing Princess patil next May going to Alaska. Right now we are traveling in an RV...definitely different than a cruise!


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  3. When I picked the option where Princess picks the room, it doesn't say guarantee cabin type. It actually assigns you a cabin number. So I don't consider that a guarantee room type since you are assigned a cabin.


    Also you can select your cabin and mark your selection for an upgrade. Was just curious why someone would let Princess pick your cabin when you can pick it and prices appear to be same.


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  4. Yes, I think that must be the reason. I wonder how many people actually choose that?


    Once cabin categories start selling out Princess does offer guarantee cabins, and they do it by category (IA, IB, BA, BB etc) at the current price for that category, not just Inside or Balcony at a the lowest price.


    We prefer a midships cabin but on a cruise we did last year, which we booked about a month before departure date, the only cabins left to select weren't where we preferred to be. I was just dithering over which cabin to select when an IA guarantee popped up. I grabbed it and we ended up exactly where we wanted to be.

    Yes mid ship is best, however when we book early sometimes we will get mid forward then get the room that is next to the middle category. Close enough and save a few dollars too! Also like caribe balconies.


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  5. Never interested enough to click on the button. We like to choose our own cabin.


    Why not click on the button and see?:D

    I have, it picks a room for you. So it's not really a guaranteed room. All I can figure it is for people that have no clue to where they want to be so Princess just randomly assigns a room to you.




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  6. Publix carries them and they have a $15 off $150 Carnival GC with $50 grocery purchase coupon in the purple sale flyer good through May 6. At Publix you can make the GC any denomination.

    You can split the $150.00 into as many gift cards as you wish. I got one for 100.00 and another for $50.00.


    And cause I am sure someone will wonder why split them, I am keeping one and giving one as a present.


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  7. I waited until the last 10 seconds of the auction and just starting clicking the bid button repeatedly as fast as I could. You can't outbid yourself so soon as someone else outbids you your already clicking away on that bid button and when time runs out its a good chance you'll be the high bidder. I dont bid on the auctions that resets the timer to 10 seconds each time someone makes a bid though. I hate those cause you never know when it will end. As long as someone keeps bidding before timer reaches 0 the timer will keep resetting back to a 10 second count down.

    yea I tried that too but so far I haven't won. Right now I'm buying cards from publix cause it's a better deal. Going to visit mt son for the holidays and told him to grab some publix flyers and I'll get him a couple discounted cards too.


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  8. Carnival gift cards are still available as of now this morning, both $500 and $100. I ordered a couple $100 cards last night and then decided to try my luck at some all points auctions as I have over 350k points built up. First auction ending in 1 minute was a $100 gift card and bid was up to 250,000. Waited till the last couple seconds and just started clicking bid button and won the auction for 280,000 points. So now when I get that card I'll trying to use it to get another $100 carnival gift card or use it to pay my bill and the money I save I'll get a $100 carnival gift card and the remaining balance on my cruise will be paid off. :D

    wow I feel honored just to know someone who actually won one of those auctions. I have tried numerous times on different things and finally gave up. Now I just buy things with the points such as gift cards and local deals.


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  9. If anyone goes to Public's Supermarket.... they have a special if you spend $50.00 You can buy a Carnival Gift Card for $100.00 and save $15.00

    Not bad since most of us spend that for Christmas dinner... nice stocking stuffer...



    Just wanted to say thanks again. We usually get them from Verizon and get 10 off of a 100 gift card. 15 off 50 dollars of groceries and a 100 gift card is way better in my book. Think I am gonna go get another one tonight for my son and his wife as an extra Christmas present. I can always buy more frozen groceries.

  10. Yes the plastic ones that look like old phone cords are still free at the casino. On Glory last week holes were already punched in our cards when we received them. Yippee!

    yes we noticed at Thanksgiving on the Sunshine that are sail and sign cards already had holes punched in them. also when we went to the casino there were several crew members handing out the cords. Was very quick process.


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  11. I have seen it and it is cheaper but I haven't tried it because I figured I couldn't get price drops.


    I checked the price and it does match Carnivals price real time and then you get money off using points. However once you buy the it I have no clue as to how to get price drops.


    I have used it for rental cars and have gotten great prices.



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