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  1. How do you find your casino rates? I got mine from a trip in May, offer was slipped under my door. Got a balcony on March 13, 2016 cruise for $260 each. Could have had a free inside, but love my balcony. will be in Cozumel on my birthday again for the 3rd time since 2003. Can't wait. Love the Dream.

    I haven't figured out the time they send them but it seems when 1 disappears another one seems to take its place. casino rates are great! Even though we realize the rooms are not free...we just paid for them on the last cruise....lol


    BTW we upgrade to a balcony too. We enjoy people watching at the ports.


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  2. I bought a $500 one and used it for final payment on one cruise and then used the rest to apply to my onboard account last week on Magic. I also found on Verizon Wireless' Rewards webpage a 50% discount for my airport parking. I used that last week and it saved me over $50 in airport parking fees. I found the airport parking discount under "Local Deals" and then "Shopping" on their website. Just another way to make cruising more affordable!

    thanks for the airport parking tip. I have looked at the Verizon awards a lot more closely lately and recently used points for a rental. There are a lot of different things the points can be used for to help with expenses.


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  3. If I order it today do you think that I would get the email on Monday, I have a final payment due Dec. 1.

    it took me 15 minutes to get both the gift card and bonus 50 gift card. I think it would have been quicker but the internet was kind of slow on carnival sunshine..lol..yes it comes quick.


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  4. Hi all, my be my title was wrong. To be honest I long foot about the chocolates. There was a captains party but we didn't attend so I have no idea if the drinks were free to not.


    This cruise has been very rock and wavy with high winds. Very hard to get balcony door open with the wind. Some shows were adjusted because of this, some excursions have been cancelled because of high winds. Saw some trays go flying into mdr last night because of ship motion. Can't blame Carnival for the weather but we did here a few people complaining that they should get more credit than just a refund of the excursion. Really.



    I guess my comment ishould have been my DH and I are not noticing cutbacks. Maybe we are not as observant as others but the shows been great, even though they modify some for safety and did announce it. The food has been great as so has the service.


    I only have two disappointments and neither is carnivals fault. One is the weather and the second one is I finally get the Behind the Fun excursion and was so excited. However as we started the tour my DH got motion sickness so we had to give up the tour after doing one behind the scene stop....ah well he is lying down guess I'll go shopping. Have a great day folks.

  5. lol you just got to love the internet! There are lots of things to do on a cruise and lots of fun to be had. maybe I don't count the dancers or shows, I just sit back and enjoy what's there.


    Tonight we went to the Mdr first time this trip. had a wonderful time, there were 5 performers dancing on top of the tables. Should there have been6? Don't remember don't care it was great. Had the traditional turkey dinner not lobster. BTW I don't particular care for lobster anyway.


    taking a quick break and heading back out. just want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.


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  6. OP, there were no cutbacks? Wow, I want to sail on the Sunshine.


    The steward twice a day in your cabin is a test on 3 ships and the Sunshine is not one of them maybe so that is why you did not see that?


    But I must ask:


    You received chocolates on your pillow every night?

    You had a live orchestra with the shows?

    You had a live band that played instead of just a guitar player or a duo?

    You had Professional Fly on Entertainers instead of live interactive entertainment provided by the customers on board (Hasbro, trivia, karaoke, etc)

    I am assuming you were not on a 5 night cruise and you had lobster but if you were on a 5 night cruise...no lobster

    You had steel drums or a band that played by the lido deck instead of a DJ playing piped in music?

    There was a production show in the Main Theater every night?

    There was a farewell party with free drinks?

    You received a free drink voucher?

    There was a captains cocktail party with free drinks?

    You had the room service menu where every thing was included and you did not have to pay for certain items on the menu?

    You had lamb chops, not lamb shank in the mdr?

    There was no mark up of $20 for items on the menu in the mdr that use to be included?

    You had free expresso and cappucino's in the mdr after dinner?

    You had breakfast in the mdr every day? (I do not consider brunch as breakfast when it is not served until 8:30)

    You had 16 dancers and 2 to 4 main singers with the live production shows?

    The past guest party was for "all" past guests?


    WOW, wish I was on your cruise. That must be awesome that Carnival is doing all of these things again!!!


    Seriously though, OP, how can you state there are no cutbacks?

    wow ..1st I'm about ship not sitting here analyzing everything. 2nd te internet service is ok I post from San juan where the service was better.


    everyone enjoys somethings and not others... I usually don't care about the music and as I said in a previous post so far we have not made it to the mdr.


    yea chocolate disappeared a while ago didnt.personally affect me...I guess to each their own


    So rather than hit on ur long list I am heading for a omelet since my DH is out of the shower. Have a great day..as I will.


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  7. Carnival is NOT cutting room service down to once per day. They are only testing a new service where you can request to only have the room serviced once per day.


    To the OP: my frustration is not with you. It's towards the people that spread silly, unnecessary rumors.

    we brought our suits and dresses for elegant nights but so far we skipped and have not done the mdr.. sorry

    Thanks for the info. Sailing on Saturday!!! What are the Dining room menus like? I've only experienced the American table menus.



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  8. I watched your sailaway on the port cam. The weather was sure not the best at sailaway! Bring her back safe and sound! We'll be waiting to board on Saturday!

    Lots of waves and rough weather but she is holding up welll.....nice day in san juan but we did get caught in a rainstorm for about an hour...current winds 37 mph heading towards turk


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  9. I have read many threads about all the areas carnival is cutting back on. I would like to address a few. I am currently aboard the Carnival Sunshine.


    First I have been reading that Carnival has cut back on room service to once a day. We are getting room service twice a day. As always a great steward and no problems.


    Staff cut backs....the only divergence we noticed on this trip so far was it did take a long time to get our luggage. However I will say our steward came by and told us there was a delay and not to worry and if we would like he would put it in the room. And we did get it in our room sometime between 6 and 7.


    That dining room service is slow...nope still good as previous cruises.


    Anyway the Sunshine is great and so far despite some lousy weather Carnival is still providing great service....well except maybe I wish I could win in the casino. Anyway rest assured Carnival is still doing a great job.


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  10. I like the life jacket under the matress idea. When I had knee surgery the physical therapist put a pillow under the mattress to raise the feet and ankles. This way you feet don't slide off the pillow. I ended up liking this and still keep it there. Makes the bed a little undeveloped as to my husbands side by way cheaper then automatic beds..and it works!


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  11. Thanks, so this year it's not the crew decorating which is interesting, I wonder why.


    However still trying to figure out do they decorate in port or at sea. I just never seen them actually decorating. Do they come out in the wee hours and do it?


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  12. When does Carnival decorate their ships for the holiday? Do they decorate on a sea day or port day? Do they only do it at their home port?


    I never seen them decorate even though I've been on ships near holidays. Would love to watch them.


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  13. [quote name='elainmir']I was impressed at how quickly I got this gift card...after a long drawn out deal with insurance claims on a different item and USPS I was not looking forward to tracking a gift card..but you guys reassured me [B][U]UPS not USPS[/U][/B] would deliver and they did..it was within 7 days and I had to sign for it but that is fine..I'm more reassured! Everything went smoothly! thank gosh!![/QUOTE]
    Also took me 7 days, excluding Veterans Day[emoji3] Orders Tues night and received yesterday via UPS. We did sign for it. Will definitely do again.

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  14. Thanks to those who replied. I think it is cute. I also started thinking that possibly I will have shirts made? Has anyone made shirt for their cruise? Any tips on place that do it rather inexpensively? I think it would be nice to not have the same shirt as X other people...

    On one cruise we all made shirts with our screen names. We used iron on letters.


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