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  1. The scheduled time is just approximate. It actually starts when they are ready. They make an announcement and then people start going. It takes a few to get everyone there. As far as roll call, that would be a mess. They do count everyone there. I'm not sure what they would do if they came up with the wrong number.

    Princess actually scans your card and knows who has been there and actually has a follow up for those who missed it lol


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  2. We were on one cruise (Carnival Dream, Feb. 2014...I think) where they offered double OBC to book onboard. We didn't take advantage unfortunately. I would surely love to see that again! Has anyone else ever heard of this?

    We will be on the Sunshine this week. When or how did they announced the double obc? We are thinking of booking a short 3 day cruise when my husband's daughter visits as she never has been on a cruise.


    Also does anyone know if you need to be 18 or 21 to play in the casino? His daughter is 20 so we were wondering.


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  3. On our last Carnival cruise the advanced announcement came on saying there would be a Muster Drill and to go to your cabin for your like jacket and proceed to your muster station when the announcement/horns instructed you to do so.


    We had our life jackets on the bed and were sitting on our balcony awaiting the "Call to Muster".

    Security came barging into our cabin and banging on our balcony door telling us to get to muster NOW.

    We told them, no problem and that we would go immediately and explained why we were waiting like we always had in the past until the horns sounded.

    They were very RUDE and continued to yell at us to go NOW.


    We were some of first at our muster station and the horns didn't even sound for another five minutes so it make for a very long wait.

    We once went back to our room to get rid of our life jackets to see our hall have personnel ever few doors. I guess they were making sure no one was in the cabins.


    Anyway they told us we couldn't go in we were supposed to be at muster. We explained we were released and they looked confused. Fortunately about then others started showing up. I guess they didn't here the announcement

    . lol. But they were never rude.


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  4. The bottom line is always profit. So if they can draw the masses in with less and cater to the wants they will do it. This is why elegant nights are being diminished. ie i know skeet shooting and golf are not my thing. It does sound nice the way you describe it, however we do enjoy current day cruising


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  5. I like a clean room too. Twice a day is what helps make the cruise special but I can live with once a day


    I have seen the animals too but I still love them plus we tend to make some for the stewart (ess)



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  6. you don't have to sit through anything. Before you go on a cruise look at cruises way out you may want and then give to the desk and book it just don't book at early saver rate. Tell them you don't need to here their talk. We never had anyone complain and more than happy to do a quick booking and move to next customer.


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  7. Some threads are indicating room service once a day. That's okay with me but then I thought what about my towel animal? That's a unique thing about carnival I love. One at night in room and then that last season day with tons of them on the lido deck.


    So if room service is once a day do I still get my towel critter?


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  8. I never get price drops. I guess it depends on the category of room whether or not the prices go down.

    You have to look at the prices every day. They sometimes change twice a day or stay the same for weeks. It's crazy.


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  9. I've had this happen with the Victory last year and the sail date eventually showed back up the next day. I've always wondered if this occurs when Carnival does a major update to the sailing (prices, itinerary change, large blocks of booked/released rooms, etc.) or a database refresh. I'm an IT guy so that's what comes to mind when I see these types of website "glitches".

    hmm my cruise leaves the 21st. so maybe they updated all and I'll get an up sell call today..lol


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  10. I never had a problem rebooking. Sometimes the math boggles me until I had enough coffee. ie had a casino rate with 100obc. then you see offer at a higher rate with prepaid gratuities and 75 obc.. so then I got to see if the gratuities and obc but higher rate is actually less...


    But the good news when I called I got to keep casino rate, they gave me the free gratuities but I loved 25 obc but the gratuities were worth more.


    I have always been able to keep the same cabin so I do watch prices and refare.


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  11. I actually had this happen to me yesterday. First though was maybe cruise was sold out so they took it down. However, I went out and back in again and it was there...so I thought did I miss it before, I didn't think so. Maybe a slight tech glitch.


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  12. You can use Canival.com for free on the ships. Just be sure you completely log out of the site when you end your transaction so that the next person using the computer doesn't have your information.

    Cool really good news. We really stay away from technology on our cruises...unless u count slot machines [emoji33]


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