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  1. My DH and I booked a Thanksgiving cruise and would you believe we just realized we will be on board on black Friday.


    We don't do internet while cruising as we see it as our break from all that. Now you guys are getting me worried. I can forego buying clothes, technology, presents but a sale on Carnival gift cards? What am I going to do?


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  2. So you were forced at gunpoint to take a cruise?


    Yeah I guess with the same gun that was held to someone's head to make them smoke, I guess we all have choices in life.....:rolleyes:

    Yes we all have choices. That's why we go to the casino early and no longer hang around in the evenings but I would prefer to play the slots, especially on long sea days.


    I didn't mind the balcony smoking as I could go out on the ship and find plenty of views. I prefer balconies because I find the people in line at ports getting back on entertaining. I laugh at the pier runners and at the same type wonder why they wait to the last minute.


    So usually I can move and avoid smoke but on Carnival there is only one casino and my choice is made leave when it's gets to smokey...


    Maybe I'll have to quit cruising and start rving to Las Vegas and Biloxi[emoji3]


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  3. So 17.8% of the population smokes. I wonder what happens when that 80% of non-smokers stops going into the casino? It's getting closer to that!

    You know I thought it larger than that but did a quick search and saw the same statistic.


    Then I tried to search for a percentage of cruisers that smoke as I wondered if that would be a higher percentage but didn't not see anything.


    Anyway maybe we can move the casino to the lido deck where there is plenty of air and we can work on our tans while we play the slots[emoji33]


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  4. If you are truly that easily bothered. Vacation elsewhere. Stop being so weak. Deal with it! And you're wrong. I'm not A smoker!

    ah play nice. I never said non smokers didn't have rights, I just want a better system. I don't smoke don't care who does just looking for solutions so all crusiers can enjoy the casino.


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  5. A lot of interesting comments. Haven't tried Celebrity but might try them after our currently booked cruises are done.


    Also I hope Norwegians idea pans out and others follow.


    I know the smoking ban has made the situation worse I am just hoping someone will come up with a solution for the non smokers. Definatly better filters or more seperation between the machines...


    I am glad Norwegian is trying something...Carnival may have tried smokeless in the pass but I can't believe they can't come up with better filters or something.


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  6. I admit to liking the casino however lately I spend less and less time because of the smoke. We go down early am as its pretty smoke free and if there is a smoke free time we utilize that. However even if one area is smoke free it drifts over and we eventually leave.


    I figure the premier and cruise selects just might have to many smokers so we keep trying to use casino discounts.


    Not asking smokers to quit but has any cruise line ever considered two different Casino rooms on board in different areas of ship one being smoke free?


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  7. Is there an easy way to search/know what ships have 4 day sailings over the weekend? Planning a trip with my sisters and one of them doesn't get much vacation, so being over a weekend would work best for her.


    Don't know an easy way to search but my DH has limited vacation time also. So what we do is use holiday weekends. Ie we are taking a 7 day cruise over the Thanksgiving holiday so he uses only 3 days vacation. So depending on when you might try labor day weekend for example.


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  8. As far as I can figure the price they offer you depends on what you paid so far. I say this because we got offered an up sell from balcony to ocean suite and thought it was an ok price and took it. I asked if my son and wife could have same deal and she said they were on their list and they could have the same upgrade for less...reason being they paid more for their balcony than we did...


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  9. Hi, I was wondering if ladies (mature) still wear Black, soft Palazzo Pants with a dressy top for "Formal Night" or is that totally out of style?


    Would a nice pair of black slacks and a dressy top suffice instead?


    If anyone has any ideas or input from a recent cruise on Princess, I could use some ideas.


    Thanks in advance.


    Safe sails.

    That's my cruise wear. Very easy to pack, comfortable after a big meal. And after all that with an elegant top its perfect for formal nights.


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  10. I think that the upsell calls go to the people that got in on a low rate. If Carnival can upsell them when it looks like a room will go empty they get more dollars. I've booked the last 2 cruises on either a last minute sale or caught a really good sale and have gotten an upsell offer a week out. Both were from inside to aft extended balconies and I took them for ~$300 total extra.

    I agree. Last call we got from the up sell fairy we took and then I asked if my som and wife could get same deal? After checking her list she said their names we're on it but for them to upgrade it was a different cost. ...so yea there is some formula they use...


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  11. I also have seen kids in the "kiddie pool" However on one cruise ( I don't recall which one) something interesting happened. While in port my DH an I went to the hot tub and the only person in it was a boy about 7. He was taking the plastic pieces off the spa and throwing and diving for them. We asked where his parents we're and he said out.


    We got drinks and the server was watching and asked if he was our son and we said no. Shortly after he left another crew member asked us again we again said no. He stood there several minutes and then asked where his parents we're and he said onshore.


    As soon as he said that the crew member told the boy to come with him. We kind of wonder what happened. Later that day we ran into him and we asked what happened. He said he took the child to camp car I also and a note that the parents needed to go to guest services.


    After several cruises it was nice to see someone do something...and why on earth would parents get off a ship and leave their kid? We wondered but will never know whole story.


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  12. We bought under a casino code also, two days later it disappeared. It was a great deal too! Actually went back as we were thinking of booking another one!


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    Quoting myself lol. Just we talk in line to check fttf and I have 3 different Casino offers different than the original. For the life of me I can't figure out how these offers work.


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  13. Hi Marie.........we would love it too if Princess sailed out of PC, but don't think it would happen either.

    Hey Sophia or Jay! We should be so lucky. Just booked a western Caribbean in Feb on Princess. Would have gone sooner but we got a fantastic casino offer on Carnival so we will be using up the rest of Bens vacation days on a Thanksgiving cruise..from Port Canaveral.


    I definitely prefer it over Fort Lauderdale so maybe this rumor will come true.



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  14. In the interest of balance, since we already have a thread regarding overrated "Carnival Items," which aspects of Carnival's ships and vacations do you feel don't get enough praise? I'll start the show.


    1. The Staterooms. I've sailed on four cruise lines at least once and Carnival's staterooms are easily my favorite. I won't mention what I didn't like about the competitor's cabins, but will stick with what I like about the rooms Carnival offers us. The beds are comfortable. The rooms are laid out to be functional and cozy. There is ample storage space. And I even like the décor. Note* I've never booked an inside cabin, so I can't speak to those. We book a balcony stateroom, Cat. 8B, 8C, or Cove. Also, I can't speak to aft balconies, nor suites, but I'd venture a guess that those equal, or exceed, what other cruise lines offer in those categories.


    Next up...

    Not to mention their cabins are usually more spacious.


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