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  1. I would have thought the point of doing targeted lock downs in various parts of the USA at the moment is to reduce pressure on the hospital systems. 'Flattening the curve' I believe is the expression.
  2. An update: My TA has advised that funds (A$3,000) were received from Crystal on Friday 8/14. So that is 140 days since the refund request was made. My payment was a direct funds transfer (via TA) so there was no charge back on a credit card to influence Crystal's behaviour. In fact I made no effort to inquire about the status of my refund the entire 140 days, although my TA may have done so on my behalf. TA has got my bank details and is processing the transfer to my account today - (a process which he says takes two hours due to all their internal controls and auditors).
  3. Hi @SusieQft I'm late to this party, but here is my entry: Deposit only. Cruise date: 7/7/22 (Symphony - Lisbon to Dover) Cruise cancelled: 3/27/20 No refund as at 8/4/20, 130 days Unfortunately I paid by direct funds transfer to avoid a 1% fee my TA charges for using Amex, so no charge back option for me. (I've filed that under 'false economies I have made'. Lesson learnt). We have never cruised crystal - I still hope I get the chance.
  4. Sunset leaving the Stockholm archipelago, Marina July 2019
  5. I don’t want them to discount or offer upgrades (and we are in a B3). I would much rather the ship sails 60% full with passengers who have paid the full price, than 100% full with deal chasers. The lower the passenger load the less prospect of transmission of illness between passengers. I am still in two minds about sailing in July in the med, but if the ships are sailing at less than full capacity it will give me more confidence to sail.
  6. Not a full refund, just a FCC. The email I received states in regard to the 6 cruises with adjusted itineraries eliminating Italy: "All guests who choose to sail will receive a Future Cruise Credit equal to 25% of the cruise fare paid. If guests choose to cancel, refunds will not apply yet they will receive a Future Cruise Credit equal to 100% of the cruise fare paid" I believe there are only three circumstances where Oceania will send you cash: 1. They cancel a cruise entirely and nobody sails 2. A guest arrives at Port having traveled through China, HKG etc.
  7. Exclusion period which was previously 30 days has also been reduced to 14. That's handy - we will transit Hong Kong 14 days and 3 hours prior to our scheduled boarding!
  8. We have similar for our July med cruises. I booked cheap Finnair business 8 months ago which go via Hong Kong and Helsinki - into Barcelona and out of Milan. First leg to Hong Kong is on Cathay. As it stands we would be denied boarding on Riviera because we would spend 2 hours in HKG airport 9 days prior to embarkation. Which is starting to look a bit odd because there are now only 65 active cases in Hong Kong and 440 in Italy where the cruise goes. Under the current rules we can get our deposit back if we make final payment in early April, and arrive at the ship showing our flight i
  9. Pretty sure you both get the beverage package if you select it as your choice.
  10. Having just checked the Oceania website, yes it clearly states the basic package is A$52 per person, per day - so your reasoning is correct (and the prestige package is A$78 per guest per day).
  11. That's right - the beverage packages are priced per person. So yes, on a 20 day cruise if you have a couple of wines a day with lunch/dinnerthen choosing the beverage package as your o life choice you will come out ahead compared to the US800 of OBC. A glass of wine off the menu starts at about USD12 (incl gratuity), so 4 glasses a day for 20 days would be US960. Our last cruise was 12 days and so the OBC made more sense for us. Also note that if you take the beverage package as your OLife choice you can upgrade it when you get on board to the premium pack
  12. It’s Oceania that have put that pricing structure together for Australia, not the travel agents.
  13. Hi the_travel_locks, Unfortunately, for Australian cruisers, much of what has been written above is incorrect. In particular, in Australia, the base pricing is inclusive of the O-life Choice offer. You cannot deselect it and 'book the cruise without O Life'. The only 'choice' is which one of the three options you take. (Note some cruises are sold with the O Life Ultimate deal where the base price includes all three amenities). I just tried a dummy booking and the Oceania website actually describes the choices as 'selecting which of the following complimentary amenities y
  14. If you mean the B3 extended verandas on Marina and Riviera, then they already have loungers (plus 2 chairs and a small table). No need to request them.
  15. Try here: https://www.qantas.com/us/en/travel-info/travel-updates/coronavirus.html It includes a link the official govt statement - only flights from mainland China. Qantas and Cathay are continuing flights between Australia and HKG
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