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  1. That is what is holding me back from booking...you can only do so much eating and drinking...how did princess fill the last 8 sea days and nights? Hopefully, there was a lot going on....what did you do?
  2. Good to hear about ticket booth...change in arrival time in S.F. Messed up our plans. We don’t arrive until 3:00 as opposed tp noon. So, my wife really wants to see redwoods and Sausalito and that will be second day. First day was supposed to be Alcatraz, but with late arrival I had to cancel earlier reservations. Night tour day two is also sold out. Maybe if we are cleared by 3:00 we can run over to pier 33 ticket booth...can always dream. Funny how when we decide what to do, I always get outvoted One to one....in marriage ties loseπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
  3. Great thanks for prompt response...what time do military bases get out...final question and appreciate the info. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
  4. Thanks, any idea how long uber would be...just a ballpark, I know it depends on traffic...referring to uber from hotel to pier in the afternoon..thanks! 😎😎
  5. Hi, I believe the ferry is close to cruise terminal so we can walk there. I also believe that it is a couple miles to the hotel from ferry drop off. We would head over after breakfast and thought about ferry over and maybe Uber for the return. We are flexible and concerned about traffic delays. Any advice would be appreciated...thanks, 😎😎
  6. Was on CP two years ago..it was a two week Caribbean circle cruise. It was fine, but an older ship. Seating availability issues at the theatre are real and the simulcast in the lounge also fills up well before show. What you have to consider is age of vessels you are comparing CP is an older ship. There are some pluses to that too. You should compare apples to apples and look at older ships on the other lines. We have also sailed NCL and Royal many times and they are great choices too. When we travel with our kids and grandkids we have done Oasis class ships on Royal. We are booked again on Allure next year, family prefers this type ship for our group. Don’t forget to consider itinerary.Good luck...
  7. Qcruise don’t let people get you down. I found your information very helpful and straightforward I appreciate your review..😎😎
  8. I can’t believe it..but c515 is our cabin too..what are the chances of that?😊😊 plumbing issues sound reasonable as long as toilet flushes. Did the A.C. get resolved. Appreciate all the info...keep it coming...thanks, Fred
  9. Yes hoping for some talented comics and lots of laughs...but thanks for the infoπŸ˜ƒ
  10. Not happy to hear about plumbing problems, but like report of heated pools....were there any comedians on board and how were they? How was the entertainment in general.? How was food on buffet and main dining room? Thanks,😎😎😎
  11. Quick questions...does Epic have a comedy club and can you make reservations prior to boarding....thanks😎😎
  12. Thanks again for the info....we are under a month and getting excited...never a bad day on a cruise ship....
  13. Hi, we will be on Star in October. We only have a couple of prior Princess cruises. Last cruise on Caribbean Princess the theatre was totally inadequate as far as seating. If you didn’t arrive at least 45 minutes before show time there were no seats. Even the lounge carrying the live feed was overflowing prior to show time. Should we expect the same on the Star? Our other Princess Cruise was the Ruby Princess and I think they did 3 shows instead of two. That seemed to work better. Also, any of the outdoor pools heated?....thanks, getting excited about the trip 😎😎
  14. Oct 22nd out Vancouver..west coast
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