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  1. Never done a back to back before. As U.S. citizens what would be the procedure during turnaround day? Must we present ourselves to customs, can we leave and board ship? Do we assemble as a group?....thank you, hopefully we will all be sailing soon..😎😎
  2. I was original poster...just rescheduled our 4/21 cruise on Royal to 4/22....price comparable....this was our entire family cruising daughters, husbands and 4 grandkids...too much risk and uncertainty, plus airfare from Boston during school vacation is outrageous and do not want to lose it,,,would need to book airfare by end of May also....next up is deciding on our NCL out of San Juan 2/1/21...third cruise is supposed to be on Virgin Voyages in Sept. 21...new ship being built now...my guess is may not be completed in time due to coved 19.... these cancelled cruises are just inconveniences...many people have real problems...financial health etc....consider ourselves very lucky at this point..stay well!!😊😊
  3. Have three cruises booked for 2121 and thinking of canceling all of them...this virus may reappear in fall and cruise ships are not safe places if infected people are onboard. We won’t fell comfortable for a long time on a cruise ship and this is from a cruise lover. When you others jump back in? Stay safe..
  4. We are booked for Sept. 2021 and looking forward to something new....we booked the Edge when it first came out and were excited. Then we finally figured out that we really didn’t have a real balcony, only a virtual balcony which really is only a space with a half window that can open. Also, we on your so-called balcony, AC shuts off. we truly enjoy our balconies so it was a deal breaker and we cancelled. Maybe VV will be something unique..time will tell..
  5. Wife and I are booked for Sept 2021....we will be 70.....that number looks worse in print😉😉
  6. Great info Marazul.....any more feedback out there...thanks..
  7. Seems difficult to choose your deck and cabin...can it be done? We are late 60’s are any other senior cruises interested in sailing VV
  8. The beds!!...balcony if you have one....outside areas with sea views and shade...thanks, lots of good questions here..we are all eager for feedback...appreciate the effort....happy cruising 😎😎
  9. Will be joining you on this cruise with my wife Ruthie..leaving Saturday...ready to hit the beaches..😎😎
  10. Hi, Reedprincess if you are still out there another question please. My wife and I would like a simple beach day...calm water, gentle incline in and out of water, local beer, chairs and umbrella or shade, walkable beach for a stroll. Hope not too much to ask, but you a wealth of local knowledge. What options do you recommend for this type of day. I think our ship docks on 1/31/20. thank you!! Fred😎😎
  11. Hi, been to Reggae Beach and done catamaran to Nevis. This time want to spend a lot of time in the water....what is the best beach for calm waters and easy in and out of water......thanks..😎😎
  12. Went to Darkwood last January and did a lot of swimming, but the drop off was sharp ,but manageable for us. However, if it has gotten any worse it would be dangerous for many...we are looking to try something else this year with gradual entry into water...what is Jolly Beach/ harbor like...I hope I am correct about this beach name😉😉
  13. We are looking for same recent info...some people do not swim and what looks great may not be easily swimable
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