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  1. I am really enjoying your review and pictures! We live outside Raleigh, NC and have been wanting to sail on the Sunshine! And we just love Charleston, too! 🙂
  2. Thank you so much for your review, Sid. I thoroughly enjoyed it! We did our very first B2B on the Horizon and it was nice to reminisce. Thanks for all your Alchemy drink pictures too....gives me lots of ideas for when we sail the Panorama next May. 🙂 I look forward to your other reviews as well!
  3. He's awesome!! We sailed with him on the Magic a few years ago!! He was also Matt Mitcham's "sidekick" on the Vista. We loved him!! 🙂
  4. Loving your review so far! We did B2B on the Horizon in May and we absolutely loved it! We had never been to Aruba or Curacao and they turned out to be our all-time favorites!! Aruba was just gorgeous! And in regards to Alchemy, I give a special kudos to Anna Maria! She will make you anything you desire! We sailed with her on the Vista and to our surprise she was on the Horizon! We paid homage to her every night!! LOL..... Enjoy!! 🙂
  5. We are sailing the Panorama in May 2020 and just last week I was able to make specialty dining reservations. I haven't received any type of notification/confirmation yet. Will keep a watchful eye....👀
  6. Thanks so much! I'll keep checking....I'm figuring May is still a long way off. 🙂
  7. Can I ask when you are sailing? We are going in May 2020 and I cannot access anything regarding specialty dining. TIA
  8. Just off the Horizon and the only speciality coffee I found was available at the Java Blue Cafe for an additional charge.
  9. Hi Jamman54! A fellow Jersey native here....lol....Happy Belated Anniversary! We just got back from our first B2B on the Horizon celebrating our anniversary as well! Best thing we ever did! I am just loving your review, especially all the information about Long Beach! We have booked Panorama for next May and are so excited to do the Mexican Riviera!! First time for that as well! Also loved your pictures of Catalina! We visited there over Christmas (my BIL lives in San Diego) and it's just gorgeous! Thank you again for your review - can't wait to read about your trip to Hawaii. 🙂
  10. Yes, we'll be there before the 15th...and good to know that they do "flash freeze". Glad we'll be there before the season is over!! 🙂
  11. I couldn't agree more!!! 🙂 We are going there in May...cannot pass up some stone crab!!!!!
  12. Thank you so much for your review!! The Celestial Strings pictures were amazing!! And the Pizza update was good too! We'll be spending some time there.....Thank you again! 🙂
  13. Thank you again for your review!! Can't wait to hear about Celestial Strings....Looking forward to sailing the Horizon in 30 days!! 🙂
  14. Breeze, Vista and Magic....will be going on the Horizon next month, so I'm sure that will be a favorite too! 🙂
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