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  1. If you look back at that post of yours, you'll see that I followed you up and defended you. It's important to remember, If you break the rules by sending it as an email, you do not get to do anything else wrong. I did hold out. The note said I should use the fax number because the email address was not a secure address. That kept me awake last night. I suspect that means that there are three or four staff that use the same email address but the fax dump in the hall has a guard.
  2. Last time I sent mine in by email, and it was applied, my response came from this email. world_cruise_reservations@hollandamerica.com
  3. aa7yy

    HAL Financial Tips (Transpacific)

    When ever possible I book cruises when I am on Cruises for the OBC. My wife and I always book the rooms that we want.( that makes a difference for us). Once I have decided we will keep the cruise we transfer it to a TA for the additional benefits. Then I continue to watch promotions. We have done upgrades twice and we regret both of them as they were not our favorite choice of rooms. Then I add the CCL credit. Usually do the Atlantic 24-26 day TA's with between $1600-$1900 OBC. Plan B is a Veranda Suite on a non Vista class ship. That is worth double cruise days. Now I have reached the Pinnacle, free laundry and 50% off on wine packages. We have not done any last minute cruises. For us the anticipation is worth more then the cost savings. Also I think the opportunity for OBC is reduced (eliminated ) on a last minute deal. Currently have 6 cruises booked in the next two years. (8 legs) Might only end up keeping two, maybe three. Waiting for the repos for fall 2020 to decide.
  4. aa7yy

    Fax number for CCL shareholder obc

    Which service do you pay for ? If I HAVE to use a fax I drive down to the UPS Store. Nobody I know even owns a fax machine anymore. Haven't sent a fax in four years. Gone the way of the land line. But, I bought and sold my house by emails. "For a while all Carnival Lines did accept emails for requesting Stock Credit. Then a couple of years ago several viruses appeared attached to PDF files, the common format people used to apply for the credit. " Don't they have software to check for that ? Maybe they could pull a couple of techies off their web site design ? Yes, I am a rule breaker. Last three cruises I have sent my CCL info by email. But, I do not exceed the speed limit and stop for red lights.
  5. Just a couple of things to consider. 1) Even if it is part of a promotion, you may be able to book without the promotion and save all of that "free" money. 2) Sometimes it is not just about how much you drink. A number of you answer by doing the arithmetic, sometimes it is fun to take a vacation without needing to do the arithmetic. Our first couple of cruises we were constantly worried about the bottom line, bail money to get off the ship. That is not fun. If my wife wants and expensive coffee, order it. If I want a beer with lunch order it, My wife wants fizzy water, order it, if I want two glasses of wine at happy hour, order it Wine with dinner, sure ! I would never in my life order and pay for an after dinner drink, with Explore 4 I order it. If it was all about the money we would all have inside rooms.
  6. aa7yy

    Last Minute Cruises

    When you go to the HAL website, pick Plan a Cruise. If you enter no parameters all of the cruises will drop down in order of departure. The cruises coming up in the next couple of weeks are most likely to have a discount. Full ship, no discount, half full ( or is that half empty) possible a big price break. More distant price changes appear to be more a function of promotions. Use to be HAL was listed in the Price Drop option for CC. That has been missing for a few years. No ideal why.
  7. aa7yy

    Late dinner seating full 8 months out..

    We completely ignore what ever it says on out confirmation. When we get onboard my wife politely goes up to the man in charge and "things" are fixed. They will do pretty much anything to make you happy. Demanding or pestering are pretty low on there response list.
  8. aa7yy

    Anytime Dining Reservations

    That about sum's it up. That being said, on our last two cruises (30 and 24 days) we were fortunate enough to have a host that saved out table for 7:00, every night. Good things happen to nice people. (my wife)
  9. It might be interesting to see how this plays out. My wife and I just did a TA on the Oo. We had to deal with a "Bridge Group". I large number of us had been playing Mah Jongg on the previous leg and were displaced by the "Bridge Group". We,"the Mah Jongg group" found that the "Bridge Group" had no official standings. They came on board, brought there lessons and competion to the game rooms and demanded a blessing. The activities people had no knowledge of their existence and the front desk insisted that the game rooms had no reservation and were first come first serve. A Mah Jongg Vs Bridge head butting ensued. We deferred and retired to the screaming wine sales pitch in the MDR.
  10. aa7yy

    Budweiser beer 6 pack

    I think that I have noticed with the wine packages, the price includes gratuities when purchased ahead of time. Onboard the price is less, but then they add gratuities. Might be the same with beer. For that price you might try good beer.
  11. I just spent a month on the Oo and noticed that you connected to routers of different types/speeds. So check your room, don't like it try somewhere else. I think I found that just outside the Dive In was real good.
  12. Wow ! Guess I need to post the other side. I was going to keep quiet. I posted the tour on Cruise Critic, you signed up on SDT for a small group, all day tour. Small group, as define on their web site, was a small mini-van up to 18 people. I SAID I HOPED IT WAS 8-1O. Starting at noon, an all day tour needs to go till around 7-8 pm. Hour delay with docking. Fourteen out of 16 met the tour operator at the base of the elevator and walked over to the bus. You showed up late, didn't follow the instructions and exited the wrong end of the building. Yep, rain and drizzle, not a nice day for a beach port or a walk in the mountains. I hate ear buds so I do not use them. I have a small set of headphones that work great.Three or four persons took the elevator, the guide showed it to them. You were off taking pictures and not paying attention. Other unhappy passengers , yep. Didn't want to walk up to the castle in the rain. Yep, didn't want to walk the winding streets in Sintra in the rain. Had four or five choices for lunch and picked the wrong one. The couple behind us wanted to get back early for dinner. Yes my wife and I went for the walk in Lisbon in the rain. Yes, would of rather had a sunny beach and a bar, but when you have lemons make lemonade. I have had my own problems with Spain Day Tours, this was not one of them. Bad day, bad weather, cranky guests and a GREAT GUIDE. In fact I have posted that tour for my next cruise and asked for the same guide. I want and hope to do that tour on a sunny day. Smaller group is easy, it's only money, spend it.
  13. aa7yy

    Evacuation insurance

    We just did a 1 year policy with these folks. Allianz First time we have signed up for Trip Insurance. RV, Ocean condo's, two cruises three train rides and five Airbnb. Seems like a good ideal.
  14. Already booked. Need to get Anne and Eugene to sign up .
  15. 100% I think a lot has to do with your TA's state of life. My highly recommended TA was nearing retirement. He was "bothered" by my changes. I like to look around, change my mind and often have to many and over lapping cruises booked. It is easy for me. Something goes wrong, all my fault, nobody else to blame. The HAL phone people are easy to work with and do not care about my changes. Not many professionals think it is "fun" to make and cancel reservations. I never worry about upgrades as I book the room I want. Last cruise the wife bought a $400 purse to burn off OBC. I believe that if you have A TA that you have worked with and like you should stick with it. If you are board and have nothing better to do, take control. Reap the benefits and take the blame.