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  1. Lot of brown water and smoke. The high lite for me was finding Rum Distileries in the islands. Hot, and very high humidity( like 95 and 95) if you are outside, and then inside like a deep freeze. Every cruise that I have been on was culturally more interesting.
  2. Well, just a little bit. 1) I put down the non refundable deposit on a cruise I had already booked and the price would drop about $1500. No problem, I am taking this cruise. 2) Next price drop came and the only way I could make the cut is by upgrading, no problem just a move next door. Pay another $250. 3) Next time it was obvious to me, my agent and to HAL that it made sense to cancel, lose the $850 and drop the price another $2000. So HAL offers the bribes to keep me from going that route including the $600 in future cruise credits. 4)Then it dropped again. I gave up the $850 deposit and the $600 future cruise credits and the price dropped $2000. So $12,500 to $7,300 + $550 in OBC minus my $850. This cruising is really close to a job. 😎 The thing about the future cruise credits is that HAL uses it when you make a reservation.You have no choices. Then when the price drops $1500 your future cruise credit doesn't matter. Funny Money 😁 No, I am not mad at HAL, I just won't go the non refundable deposit route again.
  3. I have been doing that battle. I will never do a non refundable deposit again. Seems HAL will let you make a change in your booking with a non refundable deposit if it is an up grade.( HAL's advantage), but they will not let you do it to maximize your perks.( Your advantage). So I just bit it on my non refundable deposit, ($850) but my price went down $2000. So plus $1150 for me. But they took away "our" future cruise deposits they had offered us last round. -$600. I decided future cruise deposits were "funny" money. A $600 credit on a cruise that is going to drop 3K is non existent. So bottom line my cruise is $5000 less then when I first booked it.
  4. Checked with Passport Health and everything could be done a lot cheaper. Check with your County Health and some local chain Pharmacy's.
  5. I have four cruises booked in aft, 7th deck rooms on the Rotterdam. I hope they are good.
  6. The three reasons that people go on cruises is to see new things, relax and eat. Sounds like you are "relax". Some of my best cruise days are in port and stay on the ship. Second best might be sea days. Yes, I love to see new things but at "this" age I seek moderation. Also three days in FLL followed by a 10 day cruise could be pretty nice. It is probably about picking the right cruise.
  7. Back to T-Mobile, the Magenta + (for Europe) is an extra $15 a month. You can just turn it on and off. Pay the extra for just the months out of country. The one up above is not the +
  8. Well that makes sense unless you are gone for 10 weeks, have 5 Airbnb to deal with, have about 40 tours/excursions and are just tired of chasing wifi.
  9. T- Mobile Magenta + Senior discount available
  10. Personally I (my wife) would wait until we were onboard and go talk to the maitred'. Then he can show you your choices and make it happen. Trying to "fix" it over the phone only leads to looking for the maitred to straighten it out.
  11. Your agent can do to you what you let her do to you. Tell her to release you and move on. Of course she won't and "it" moves ,
  12. Try this theory. HAL has a price. Any agent (A) that sells that cruise, for that price gets a 15% commission. Agent B, reduces the HAL price by 5% and is happy with a 10% commission. Agent C Sells for the HAL price but gives you OBC = to 5% . Agent D is going for volume so they sell for HAL - 10% and gets a 5% commission. Lots of different versions. My ex-agent accidently sent me a copy of his HAL statement. Every time I upgraded he made money. Every time there was a reduction or sale or benefit added he lost money. If I made the change. He was right on top of it for upgrades.😁 I do my own now.
  13. On board is the #1 first choice. If room is not important Future Cruise Deposits. Then, watch the prices and offers and adjust.
  14. Well not if you enjoyed the quiet and the view. Fewer comfortable chairs and far to much action (noise), for me.
  15. Just call HAL. What the agent, told me before the 45 minute wait started, was "for my reservations that are for 2020 she put a note that I was exempted from the 60 day limit." (2019 had already been transferred.) Now, I wish that I had that in writing. But common sense tells me that when you have 7 cruises on the books, that you can't just tell me, with no warning, that they can not be transferred.
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