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  1. Wow ! Guess I need to post the other side. I was going to keep quiet. I posted the tour on Cruise Critic, you signed up on SDT for a small group, all day tour. Small group, as define on their web site, was a small mini-van up to 18 people. I SAID I HOPED IT WAS 8-1O. Starting at noon, an all day tour needs to go till around 7-8 pm. Hour delay with docking. Fourteen out of 16 met the tour operator at the base of the elevator and walked over to the bus. You showed up late, didn't follow the instructions and exited the wrong end of the building. Yep, rain and drizzle, not a nice day for a beach port or a walk in the mountains. I hate ear buds so I do not use them. I have a small set of headphones that work great.Three or four persons took the elevator, the guide showed it to them. You were off taking pictures and not paying attention. Other unhappy passengers , yep. Didn't want to walk up to the castle in the rain. Yep, didn't want to walk the winding streets in Sintra in the rain. Had four or five choices for lunch and picked the wrong one. The couple behind us wanted to get back early for dinner. Yes my wife and I went for the walk in Lisbon in the rain. Yes, would of rather had a sunny beach and a bar, but when you have lemons make lemonade. I have had my own problems with Spain Day Tours, this was not one of them. Bad day, bad weather, cranky guests and a GREAT GUIDE. In fact I have posted that tour for my next cruise and asked for the same guide. I want and hope to do that tour on a sunny day. Smaller group is easy, it's only money, spend it.
  2. aa7yy

    Evacuation insurance

    We just did a 1 year policy with these folks. Allianz First time we have signed up for Trip Insurance. RV, Ocean condo's, two cruises three train rides and five Airbnb. Seems like a good ideal.
  3. Already booked. Need to get Anne and Eugene to sign up .
  4. 100% I think a lot has to do with your TA's state of life. My highly recommended TA was nearing retirement. He was "bothered" by my changes. I like to look around, change my mind and often have to many and over lapping cruises booked. It is easy for me. Something goes wrong, all my fault, nobody else to blame. The HAL phone people are easy to work with and do not care about my changes. Not many professionals think it is "fun" to make and cancel reservations. I never worry about upgrades as I book the room I want. Last cruise the wife bought a $400 purse to burn off OBC. I believe that if you have A TA that you have worked with and like you should stick with it. If you are board and have nothing better to do, take control. Reap the benefits and take the blame.
  5. And that i the way it is suppose to be. But, this thread is about when it goes wrong. At one time I was signed up for six cruises for next summer. No commissioned sales person should have to put up with me. I know it and I don't burden them. If something goes wrong it is on me. On your last cruise you got a free bottle of wine and maybe some OBC and I had $1800+ of OBC. We both won.
  6. Hank for all practical purposes I agree with you. The agent is working for you as long as he gets his 7, 8,+%. That is the way it used to be and the way it should be. I suspect you have an agent that you have worked with for a long time. They might take the good with the bad and average it out. The generation has change, I tried that way, and the agent was burdened by my calls. It is not for this venue to discuss how things work, I respect that. BUT, I do much better on my own. I tried getting my agent to release me one time, that was not pretty. You think this guy has a problem now, wait till he tries to get a release.
  7. That's why a lot of us don't use TA's. They work on a commission and every minute they "waste" on you cuts into their profit per minute.
  8. aa7yy

    Dress Code Question

    I wear a jacket, sometimes a tie, sometimes not. Jacket is good when the MDR is cold. Ties are often bold, with a colored shirt. We take longer cruises, I find ties are ok early and fade with time. I have finally grown beyond the flowered shirts.
  9. aa7yy

    CC log in problems

    I think HAL is working on the CC web site.
  10. aa7yy

    Mariner Society mess

    My Mariner status just updated four days after leaving the ship. Just another HAL Mystery.
  11. aa7yy

    Pinnacle Grill experience declining?

    First time that I dined in the PG the Almost Baked Alaska made it worthwhile. Last two times, the Almost Baked Alaska seems to be the victim of cost cutting. Lot of Angel Food cake, some ice cream and a lot of meringue. Not the same, but I guess nothing ever is. Now no longer a reason to return. I did think the beef was great. Speaking of down dressing,,,, Gala night on the Oo was about a 20% participation.
  12. aa7yy

    Happy Hour

    Do you remember when it was 2 for 1 ? Maybe two years ago. About a year ago, buy 1 second for a $1 Just now, buy 1, second $2 I see $2.00 off each drink coming. This last cruise they moved Happy Hour from the Lido bars down to the Ocean Bar and Billboard at around half way. The good news is it was poring down rain. The bad days is it would of been nice to be outside on the warm sunny crossing.
  13. aa7yy

    MDR on Oosterdam

    7 PM 😋
  14. aa7yy

    MDR on Oosterdam

    I was able to arrange fixed seating on the O on deck 2. Great staff !
  15. aa7yy

    ship's A/C

    I just spent 26 days on the O and it seemed every where was cold until you walked passed a HOT blast. Then you couldn't find it. Seems the thermostat in our room was worthless. A steady rotation of blowing hot and then blowing cold. No in between. Constant!