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  1. I booked flight ease on my own and skipped the BB store. The BIG mistake I made is that I paid for the ticket ahead of time so that I could chose my seats. That put me into a could not cancel position. Luckily the airlines changed my flight so that I had an argument for getting my money back.
  2. I had a similar problem a month ago. $2400 FCC, applied to a new cruise. Does not show up as a deposit, just a reduction in price by $2400 and nothing down. For those of us that book and rebook this is going to be an argument in the future. What is my basis for a rebook ? For the simplest of examples, if that cruise is canceled, I will have no refund. (No deposit so no refund ?) Then it gets complicate. For now I will be taking refunds and starting over. It seems to me that if you hold out for the bonus you might be playing "double or nothing".
  3. The Hal promo expires, the shop card lives on. Hal is not currently offering OBC. You just wait awhile and rebook when something better comes up.
  4. I had a September cruise canceled, $2400 deposit. I applied the FCC to a future cruise and all it did was reduce the price. It shows me with no deposit. If this cruise is canceled will I have no FCC as I have "no" money into it ?
  5. Yes we had un accounted for noises both on deck 5 and 8.(stern) I even went outside in the middle of the night a couple of times to see if we were turning.
  6. I think that it might have something to do with a lack of decision on fall 2021. They have not yet scheduled the repositioning of three of the Alaska ships, the Nordam, Konsingdam and Oosterdam. One will go to Japan, one to Australia and one to the Caribbean. When they are scheduled we will know the answer. Give me room for a possible mistake here. I made this observation three months ago as I am watching for the Australian cruise.
  7. I was told buy the BigBox TA that the change from OBC to the Shop Card was a requirement made by HAL. I have witnessed this, my wife see's the BB OBC as a refund and quits spending. It makes sense to me that HAL would like to take that carrot out of your vision.
  8. For me, one of the secrets to a great cruise is not owing money when I get off the ship. The secret to that is OBC. I always book while onboard and usually start out with a lot of OBC. Then when moved to my agent additional plus CCL. Promotions will change while onboard. But what ever, often a doubling of the normal promotion. Then monitoring the promotions until final payment. My goal is over $100 a day OBC + free drinks. Sometimes I make it. Go for the OBC !
  9. Pretty sad ! The recent efforts to make money selling drinks is followed up by the cost cutting of a lack of service. How many times on my last 17 day cruise did the Happy Hour Staff Show up at 4 to a gang of 40 that had been hovering for 20 minutes. And usually 3 management type guys standing around managing when they need waiters.
  10. Did Xmas New / Years on the Rotterdam. They left the scooters in the hall in most cases. I remember when they were worried about people leaving dishes in the hall.
  11. Well I think that I remember "always available" showing up less then half the time. Yes, I am probably remembering the Gala Nights (extra dose with Xmas and New Year) and the choices that I did not recognize so I just would like Salmon, Creme Brulee or something simple with ice cream. I tried a few of the "special deserts" and usually left half of it. Kinda feels like they are trying for a 5* menu with $100 bottles of wine and driving everything else down to blue collar. But the menus format is constantly changing. I can go thru life without glasses, except to read the menu.
  12. Well we have the reduction in menu size. And they need to include two bottles of wine way out of my price range. They have dropped the "always available" and only feature "special" deserts. Takes a lot of guessing for a four star, made it really difficult for the newbes.
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