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  1. Got a free cruise once doing this. I jumped all over it. Remember, the OBC is fully refundable. You get a check 4-6 weeks after the cruise.
  2. They did when I cruised the Miracle. Someone volunteered to speak and wine, chocolate coins and other items were provided. The menorah was electric.
  3. Don't you still have to pull the handle to open the door?
  4. Check out the other cabins available and switch. Also, this happens on all lines, not just Carnival. Just an FYI.
  5. That's exactly why I cruise more on Carnival now. Friendlier passengers, young and old.
  6. At least she got out of the pool. lol This can and I'm sure does happen on all cruise lines.
  7. That is not the norm on 7 day cruises. The Inspiration does 3 and 4 day cruises and has many new cruisers that have many bachelor/bachelorette parties going on. Especially the 3 dayers. I used to cruise mostly Princess, but very much enjoy carnival now. I think you should try it as I have been quite pleased with Carnival and lean towards them now.
  8. Star Princess also has a small adult only pool, but I much prefer the Miracle's.
  9. I have sailed on both these ships and greatly prefer the Miracle. I love the adult only pool that is aft on Lido deck. Also, their almost nightly comedies are a hoot. The Star had smaller closets than the other grand class ships and it is one of my least favorite Princess ships. The food on both lines are hit and miss as Princess has really gone downhill in their food dept. IMHO. I don't think you can go wrong with either cruise, but I prefer the up beat and laid back passengers on Carnival. That itinerary always attracts an older crowd, but they are far less cranky on Carnival. IMHO I've done this itinerary many, many times on both lines and now only do this itinerary on Carnival. The Miracle has many, many live music choices every evening/afternoon. From violin playing, to pop, to slow melodic music. I love the bands in the Red Frog Pub at night. Happy sailing!
  10. I'm in GA now, so anywhere on the East Coast, although I'll be going to Hawaii in Oct. Gonna fly out early and visit family. One last time out of Long Beach on the Miracle. Love that ship.
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