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  1. Mine was already paid for from my Hawaii cruise cancelled in March. I'm happy they gave us plenty of notice so I can plan something else. Crossing my fingers we'll be cruising again next March.
  2. Now that's good news for me. Crossing my fingers and toes.
  3. Thanks! I think I may just go for the refund this time.
  4. Might be that is an automatic computer generated cancellation.
  5. Ruby. Not a fan of the Grand.
  6. Since my cruise is cancelled for Sept I figure I have nothing to lose. I rolled it over to November, but seriously doubt the cruise will still sail. Just curious, for those who have had 2 cruises in a row cancelled, do they give you the added up OBC? (roll it over?) I got 300 for my Sept cruise and if Nov cancels, I will receive 600 OBC if I roll over the $$$'s again, will I then have 900 OBC? If not, I may as well get a refund. Thanks!
  7. Good choice. An aft cabin in Alaska is the absolute best. IMHO.
  8. Never noticed a big difference on Journey cruises. Just get me back to sea.
  9. I always pack everything up and give the steward 20 bucks and the new stateroom number.
  10. I believe the free internet is unlimited where as the Elite is 150 free minutes depending on the length of the cruise.
  11. Sad to see and hear. I was supposed to be on the Imagination again in September. Bittersweet.
  12. You hit the nail on the head. I have been checking my Sept cruises, which were booked before all this insanity, and am unwilling to make final payment on anything that I can't get my $$'s back on. Future cruise $$'s aren't working for me any more. Good grief!
  13. Yes. I went from an inexpensive 2 week Hawaiian cruise to a 2 week Alaskan cruise which was much more expensive. Plus, I get to go in July. I have never cruised in the summer as it's too expensive. I'm excited to celebrate my 60th birthday on this wonderful cruise without it costing me any more than I already paid for Hawaii. YAY Me!
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