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  1. Mine just came in an envelope with none of the labeling.
  2. Currently on the Oasis and am having a wonderful time. Great service! Can't wait until my next cruise.
  3. Had the same thing happen to me twice. Thankfully both times I was able to get my cabin back.
  4. Johnson and Johnson is fine. They are talking about the vaccines which require 2 shots.
  5. Agreed. I couldn't tell you the name of a single CD in over 100 cruises. LOL
  6. With all the insanity going on right now, anyone who doesn't stay on top of this is just throwing the dice. They did, and they lost.
  7. No. It was a free casino cruise. It was cancelled last year and she had a time limit in which she could rebook it. She did upgrade to a suite. Maybe that's why?
  8. The laid back and friendly atmosphere.
  9. This can happen on any cruise line. I always add "no upgrades" to my booking, and even then have had to keep my eye on my reservation. Luckily I've always been able to get my cabin back.
  10. Vaccinated people are getting Covid, so yes, they should test. Nobody can beam their selves on board without being around others.
  11. I once told a youngster he was in the adult swimming pool and his mother just about went to blows with me. When the kid got out of the pool she screamed at him to get back in and not let someone tell him what he can and can't do. Some people are just unbelievably rude and there is not talking to them. I'm assuming by touching food with hands you are referring to the buffet? Agreed. Disgusting.
  12. Can't wait until October! Thanks for sharing!
  13. Exactly! I don't even try to watch MUTS anymore. Too many distractions.
  14. Ditto! At this time most changes are to be expected. I think we all know this, don't we? No sense in becoming unraveled. If one can't handle that, they should book further out. JMHO. 🙂
  15. Then, the night before disembarkation, my husband [the non-Autistic in our group] sstarted worryng that the whole disembarkation crowd would be too much for some of us. He insisted on going to customer service and seeing if they would have any ideas. I went with him. The lines were crazy long. They had 4 people working priority line and 1 working the other line. Even with 4 people helping Priority Line it was nearly an hour before we reached the front. Wow! I have been on more cruises on Carnival than I can count and NEVER, has there been more than one person working the priority line, and even then, they help out the other line. Glad they were able to take care of you.
  16. As a solo cruiser who sometimes has a friend cruise, there is no way they wouldn't credit the no show. Just like they would only charge me for one in my cabin. Yes, I have gotten cheers as a solo and NOT had to pay for 2.
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