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  1. Well - we got an email yesterday from our agent (Viva Voyage) confirming this cruise on 22nd May is now cancelled. apparently if we wait a couple of weeks we will get 125% 'future cruise credit'. We'd like to shift the cruise now to May 2022 but I think on reading things, we have to use the future cruise credit by April 2022. Looks like its going to be December 2021 or maybe February 2022. Now to try and shift all the flights and hotels that were associated with our vacation - AGAIN!
  2. Thanks for comments so far. We in Scotland have just gone into another month long total lockdown from midnight tonight. The additional problem for us is the cruise is linked to a further holiday in Canada afterwards. Getting the cruise, hotels and all flights changed from Sept2020 to May 2021 was very difficult... we are so keen to get there in May but it is looking to be somewhat unlikely I guess. Hope the vaccine rollout is swift and effective everywhere.
  3. OK - so I asked *way* back in 2020 if our cruise in Sept 2020 was likely to go ahead. Seems naive now! Anyway - it was rescheduled to 22nd May 2021. Same question - anyone with a view if this sailing out of Miami is likely to go ahead? Open to all opinions and views, but those backed with legitimate research and notes carry more weight 😉
  4. Little bit disappointed in MSC... We booked through a third party (Viva Voyage) and we have tried to take advantage of MSC's option to shift our cruise to May 2021. Seems fine, until MSC confirmed to our agent they would not honour our 'drinks inclusive' deal we had when we booked for September 2020. i.e. when we booked for September they had a promotion whereby Fantastica or above included free full drinks package for free. They are now only willing to shift our cruise. If we want the drinks package, we have to pay for it this time. Leaves a lit
  5. Can you send me a link to that if its the official position - this will help me with any switches of flights or insurance claims.
  6. Thanks for all the responses. With the sailing ban extended to 15th September, we have sadly decided we are probably best to reschedule to 2021. Even if sailings begin on 15th (doubtful given the way the pandemic is roaring back in Florida) then we don't particularly want to be the 'guinnea pigs' trialling some very new procedures and practices on board and at the various destinations. It could be total chaos. November and December we considered, but to be honest - we're just gonna look to late Spring 2021
  7. Just a straw poll. Its my wife's 50th and we booked upper class flights to Miami, Cruise round the Caribbean for 7 days then a short stop in Toronto before returning to Scotland... Question is - What do you think the chance of us getting to cruise on 23rd September with MSC? We are both totally willing to go if there are no actual/legal barriers, so not looking for advice, just gut feelings will MSC be cruising by then?
  8. ah - ok now I understand... there's always a few people looking for a loophole to cheat their way to benefits sadly. OK - I will give them a call and book the 3 packages on the phone. Many thanks for the advice and so quick responses!
  9. Hi Folks, we cruised for the first time 5 years ago with RC. After boarding on that cruise, it became apparent I was going to spend less money if I bought a drink package. All good. My wife does not drink alcohol and we bought her (onboard) the refreshment package. All good. We have now booked our second cruise - Explorer of the Seas (again) this time from Miami in November. Our son is cruising with us in the same cabin. Looking at drinks packages to buy now, if we go for the deluxe drinks package, we have no choice but to buy 3. Every adult in the
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