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  1. A wink & a nod. Most can see through it. RCL & Clebrity sure have.
  2. It is only my opinion but I believe the Florida law was not designed for the cruise industry but rather other areas that operate on land in the state of Florida.
  3. Wow. Not for the threads being closed... but wow for knowing how many?
  4. They should actually stop this nonsense of sueing Florida and join Florida in their lawsuit of the CDC. Some of protocasls are outdated big time.
  5. Well it's ugly and RCL has made some very poor decisions in the process, but it is a process. A process that I think NCL sat out waiting to see the results from others who dared to dare. I don't think NCL wanted to follow the protocals from the CDC so they're setting their sites on the Florida law.
  6. Sweet! We did a 14 day Baltic cruise in that cabin. It has a larger balcony than other GS' but it does have less closet space. Enjoy your cruise.
  7. It sounds like Capt Kate recognized how bad the deal was and brought it to someone's attention and they made correcions. Good for you. That's worth a well earned complimentary dinner for two w/ drinks if you ask me.
  8. I can smell the stench already and the plane is still in the air.
  9. One shouldn't need an insurance policy to kick in based on a poor decision of the cruiseline not to allow you to cruise. The cruise isn't cancelled. It's happening. But it isn't happening for a select FEW people in the entire damn cruising world. This is just a flat out bad deal and another PR blunder of RCL. If they so choose to change policy, then do it but not after passengers are already on board. Let them finish their cruises. Just bad bad bdad decisions one right after another. Something tells me that RCL screwed up by allowing the bookings to be made to start with. Now they're in hot
  10. I went to a ballgame tonight. I had four people in front of me, four people directly behind me, and the 3 people to my left, all within 6 feet of me. The game lasted approximately 3 1/2 hours. No one was wearing wristbands and/or identified themselves as being vaccinated or non-vaccinated in any way, shape or form. I have no idea if all of them, one of them, or none of them were vaccinated. I didn't ask either. And I really don't care. Why? Because I'm vaccinated. If everyone would worry about their own vaccination, their own wrist, and their own business I bet their own cruise wo
  11. It appears that contact tracing is NOT happening. Thank God.
  12. Well if you look closer, you'll see that those restricted spots are places that kids can't go or shouldn't go. So at night when little Johnny & Sally are hanging at kids r us, you'll be hanging w/ the Mommys & Daddys. Isn't this fun!
  13. I'm guessing they are doing everything they can to assist & help the unvaccinated passengers make an easer decisions to cancel and to get them off the cruises. I think they have more than the thought they'd get.
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