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  1. The way the testing is going... you can test positive today and it be actually negative.
  2. Alternating days are an option. Limited slot frames per visit is another. Managing the DLs can be relatively easy. It's managing the Ds & D+s. That is the challenge. But the time to make changes is now as there is a built in excuse.
  3. Few cities? 2-3 nights? Reasonalbe. You can try to 'reason' the riots all you wish. But you are in blatant denial. Try mega cities and 2- 3 weeks. Multiple deaths, and viscous aggrivated assaults all over the country.
  4. The only insanity I see is the thought of wearing masks is enforcable. Let's be real... this same Fed Government just mailed $1.5 billion to dead people & can't even stop rioting, & looting.
  5. Here's what I know about Houston and testing. The Texas Medical Center is the largest Medical Center in the world. It is a tremendous amount of hospitals. In fact, the TMC is second to no other in the amount of business is done in Texas on an annual basis. They are huge money makers and as such they know how to balance occupancies. When the state first shut down, selective surgeries were stopped. Nobody could get anything done at a hospital. When Texas re-opened, selective surgeries and procedures were back. Only now when you have them, one MUST be tested for Covid 19. So if you wanted a Colonoscopy preformed you had to be tested. If the test came back positive it counted as 'Covid Hospitalization'. Billions of appropriated Federal dollars are being funnled to facilities based on the number of Covid cases they can produce. The hospitals are no more and no less fuller than last year at this time. The same can be said with regards to the ICU beds. Bottomline, when you subsidize something, you end up getting more of it. It's all legal, perhaps misleading to the publlic, but when the Government is giving aweay money, people and business grab it.
  6. I can't speak to any other part of the country as I don't pay attention to them much. But here in Houston, I truly believe it was the protesting that spiked the numbers. The numbers and datafall in line w/ that belief. https://www.thelibertybeacon.com/houston-hospital-boss-shatters-medias-covid-fearmongering/?fbclid=IwAR1OtkpN-fmZWuf80OoWdi_XU4ZzJRsTDzxx0yM85gZPfMp5h8zBjN_-I6I
  7. Are you asking or telling? Can't tell. In case you're asking... I'm pretty sure he did so as a precaution. Which is smart. Especially if it prevents the shutting down the entire city of Houston or state of Texas. I do know that at one time the GRB convention center had over 1000 beds set up at tax payer expense and it was never used. BTW, those counties you mentioned are home of four of the top 11 cities in the country. So it makes sense to be safe. Having said this, NY alone has had 5 times more deaths than Houston. I also think the spike will calm down shortly. There was a tremendous amount of protesting going on in Houston a few weeks back. Over 60,000+ people marched through the city, Mostly younger people which are the age group being effected in this spike. I think this has more to do with the current spike than the re-opening of Texas. Texas was re-opened for 29 days w/o any issues & then the protesting started. TwentyTwo days the spike occurred. BTW, I'm not advocating one shouldn't protest, so please don't acuse me of that. But the numbers do bare this out. Which goes to the theory that I don't see cruising happening for anytime soon. Large masssive crowds create spikes. Masks or no masks. I don't even think we'll see attendance at sporting events anytime soon. I can't imagine flying anywhere at this time much less across the Atlantic to get on a cruise ship with another large crowd.
  8. Ours was to be in Sept. It is what it is. They don't want Americans and to be honest, I don't want to go to the Greek Isles these days either. Things aren't right for that cruise. So it works out. I'll wait for a better time. They'll wait for a better time as well.
  9. I don't think we've seen the complete fall out of the economy. Billions are being paid out each week. Round One of Pandemic Relief is set to expire at the end of July. Money is about to get real tight again. Today's prices will not be same by the time the ships start sailing.
  10. We can't cruise to Europe anyway... so really the news from the EU means nothing. As far as the COVID spreading or increasing inthe US, it's very debatable. Deaths as labeld via CV19 on yesterday Jun 29th was the lowest it's been since back in March. I really attempt to deal with factual evidence and not the scare tactics which are in play. Perhaps they are necessary. That's for another debate. But when the Mayor of Houston tells his citizens that ICUs are full, and then the next day the CEOs of every major hospital in Houston says they're not, I take notice. They know their inventories moreso than the elected official. Afterall, the elected official gets his info from these same people.
  11. Not going to argue w/ you. But friend, wearing masks is not an enforceable law. Incentivized are not. A 19 year old does NOT have to go to a bar. You & I do NOT have to drive or ride in a car. But you & I can walk outside w/o a mask on. Those are the real facts. Do you actually think your neighbor gives a damn whether you cruise somewhere. Hell we both are members of the community and I don't even care. My point is, calling people selfish because they won't wear a mask is full of irony. Becuase from what I'm reading in this thread, people want, expect, and demand others to wear masks so the can cruise to Europe or somewhere else in this COVID filled world. Ha! Good luck w/ that one friend. Peace to all. I'm out.
  12. False data friend. I live in Houston. And the full on scare tactics are in play via the Mayor. In fact, the leaders of the Texas Medical Center, one of the largest, if not largest Medical Center in the world put out a statement stating otherwise. Check it out. https://www.chron.com/houston/article/TMC-leaders-Despite-rising-COVID-19-cases-15366132.php?fbclid=IwAR2DOdddlQlJWtiWSXe1VhzsnEP5qGo66sXPdCVzIX5ekMNzgl9Rt52TLQ8
  13. Yes. For a couple of reasons that I can think of. 1. States are paid or incentivized to mandate a certain drinking age. (actually this occurs w/ seatbelt laws too i.e. Fed Highway monies) 2. Liquor is a controlled substance. We are seeing business' being fined for not enforcing face maks and not individuals. If a business is 'licensed' via county, city etc., that license can be in jeopardy as well as fines. Not to mention, the local governments sicking the health depts, the tax dept, along w/ the fire dept etc. The list goes on & on in what the local government can do to a business for non compliance. They can not do this to an individual. But can and will do this to business.
  14. Now this is simply false imformation. Hospitalizations decreased significantly. ICU's as well.
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