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  1. M8, that looks amazing. And enough to feed 30 people!
  2. You can't fix stupid... but you can stop them from boarding a cruise ship. It's so simple yet some wish to complicate it. Covid is the worst infectious disease to hit the world in moden history. Period. It has literally stopped the world in it's tracks. If you want to cruise get the damn vaccine and meet me at the bar so we can toast to the cruise we're about to partake in. Otherwise, dial up the port camera and watch us sail away. Don't be 'that' guy.
  3. I hope good. We had a wonderful visit w/ the Daughter, Grandson, Brother, Mother & Father. I smoked a turkey. The sides were delicous. The pies even better. Black Friday shopped on line, and went to a great Car Show today. Life is good. Could it be better? Of course, but it was good.
  4. It is a light switch and why SCIENTISTS are being paid BILLIONs to produce it. Get the vaccine as early as possible & you will not need to worry about a clerk covid wiping a counter top. Sooo many people have lived as a recluse covid life the last 9 months to a point that they'll struggle to get themselves re-acclimated to life again and have to move on to something else to fuss, nag, and complain about.
  5. Well... funny you mention this...check this out. On our next scheduled cruise these group will be on the ship as well...looks like we'll be sailing w/ a few medical folks. Infectious Diseases: 2021 Update Up to 14.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ 14 ACPE Credits 14.0 Contact Hours 12-Night Europe Cruise Conference Round-trip Amsterdam, The Netherlands Celebrity Reflection July 30, 2021 - August 11, 2021 https://universityatsea.com/coursedetails.php?program_number=3173 🙂
  6. You speak to a loyalty in the future tense, I'm curious as to what you believe that X was not loyal to you on your cruises with them (past tense). Did they not deliver as promised? If so where did they fail? If they delivered, then your loyalty to one another has been fulfilled.
  7. Not sure of your country of origin or your age. But throughout my formative years here in the US, I've had the measles, the mumphs, and the chicken pox. Today one can get vaccinated for these. But as a child, I was vaccinated for Polio (sugar cube), andalso had what was called a 'booster' shot that formed a scab on where they injected you with 5 tiny needles. This required a immunization folio/chart. It was also required to present to school officials to enter schools. This was nationwide. Tatoos & Chips are not needed.
  8. I think it will. Some will not want to get vaccinated and they will be forced to if they wish to move forward in their lives and back to normalcy. Schools, Airlines, Cruiselines, Hotels, just to name a few will require proof of immunization.
  9. Well I'm not special and will not be at the head of any line to get vaccinated. I figure by the time I get it just about everyone will have had the opportunity to get it as well. I'm seeing people that are refusing to get it and/or waiting for others to be their 'guines pig'. I have no patience or sympathy for this behavoir. Once I get vacinnated I'm done w/ mask wearing for anyone else's protection and done w/ the whole social distancing protocal as well. Life will get better. Mine will anyway. Others can too if they want it.
  10. If I get a covid vaccine I'm done w/ masks. From that point on, everyone is on their own risk once a vaccine is out there.
  11. I don't believe the increase you post is a result of the changes in the Captain's Club. I believe it's the future cost of cruising in general in an effort to re-group and pay for a shut down. As an example, my 12 day July 30, 2021 British Isle Cruise on Celebrity is currently 114% higher than my May 1st booking. I also believe you'll see increases in most if not all other carriers as well.
  12. Royal Caribbean has released theirs via TAs. Does anyone have the BM/CM ad/promo for Celebrity? S.I.A.P.
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