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  1. Thank you, Keith! What is the sign up system? Can you just show up at the courts and work your way in?
  2. In anticipation of possibly more sea days being added to the Bahamas trip, we are interested in finding out about playing paddleball on board! We are avid pickleball players and are wondering if we should bring those paddles or if the ship provides paddles and balls? What is the protocol for playing on board?
  3. Hi Gary, I've so enjoyed following our threads and stories. We too will be on that July 10th sailing and celebrating our 41st anniversary! We were SUPPOSED to be in French Polynesia last year for our 40th, but. . . .c'est la vie. . . .
  4. WONDERFUL NEWS!! I was just checking out the Ft. Lauderdale airport website that states they are performing the PCR test at terminal 3. One less thing to worry about. . .I am ready for our first Crystal experience!
  5. Thank you all for your thoughtful comments. After much evaluation, I have decided for now to keep the PH based on some of the same things Keith mentioned, i.e. the two desks, the additional storage drawers and the risk of being in a less desirable location on the ship. Unfortunately, my TA will not be able to choose the room for us, but it will be assigned by Crystal. Since this is our first Crystal cruise, I don't want to discolor my experience in any way. I appreciate all the input and will keep you posted if we get another offer!
  6. We were just offered an upgrade from the Penthouse level to a Penthouse Suite for $1250/person for the RT Nassau cruise. I realize you are paying for the extra square footage, which is appealing, and it looks like you have a bigger verandah with better furniture. Should we jump on this or not? Not sure it's worth it for one week. This will be our inaugural Crystal cruise!
  7. We have decided to shift our departure to the July 10 Nassau boarding, as the flights were just more plentiful coming and going. We will come in a few days early and hopefully enjoy the beaches, but I'm still deciding about which hotel to stay in. And so, Keith, thank you so much for revising us: Or July 10 Nassau R/T VeroKaren (Mark/Karen)
  8. Nice!! That looks yummy. I will look forward to that. One of my favorite things about cruising is getting up and about super early to have coffee and enjoy the ocean and ship.
  9. We are also trying Crystal for the first time after Regent and O, and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to cruise my "backyard" Bahamas. I am concerned about the ferry over to Bimini, though, as I have read some iffy things about the reliability. Also, it looks like it doesn't leave until late Sunday evening. We will head over to Bimini a few days early as well to soak in the water. And. . . I'm a super early riser as well, and will be seeking the coffee bar! What brand of coffee does Crystal use?
  10. Thank you, Roy! I did see those additional ferry routes, but nothing on Sunday, the day we return. I'm not thrilled about hanging out in Bimini all day after we get off the ship and returning to Ft. Lauderdale at 9:30pm. From there, we have a two hour drive home :0! Not my idea of decompressing from a lovely cruise, but maybe we need to stay a night in FLL. Also, on an unrelated subject, we booked directly through Crystal, but I'm wondering is we should switch to a TA. I'm not sure if they added value or not during Covid. We had several cruises booked and cancelled through O
  11. And greetings! I am posting to this thread but changing the subject somewhat. I am booked on the Bimini cruise for July 11 and so very excited to try my first crystal cruise! However, I'm concerned about the ferry transportation over to Bimini as I have read many not so great things about it. Also, it looks like it will not get into Fort Lauderdale until 9:30 PM on the Sunday post cruise. Does anybody know if Crystal will be providing any additional transportation back to Fort Lauderdale? There don't appear to be any commercial flights back either. Thank you for any suggestions!
  12. Thank you, Nancy! Yes, I read Keith's post last evening, and will probably reread it several times. Great information!
  13. We are going on our first Crystal cruise as well! Please add us: July 11th 2021 Crystal Serenity 7 Day Bahama Cruise from Bimini. Mark and Karen Smith We have done one Regent cruise, and the rest have been Oceania. I have always wanted to try Crystal, and this feels like a great way to dip our toe in the water, pun intended! Is there a thread about the dining times? I am also confused about how that works. Do we have to make a choice about reserved dining vs. open seating? Thanks for any tips on this! We enjoy mingling with an early coctail and then a fairly early dinne
  14. Thanks! Is that Marriott on Bimini or Nassau? I'll ferry over to Bimini and just hang out there for two days prior to boarding the ship.
  15. I booked today on the July 11th cruise out of Bimini. Hoping to take the ferry from FLL, and stay a few nights at the Hilton Bimini prior to the cruise. I booked a room at the Hilton for about $310/night ++, but will see what Crystal has to offer. It's my first time on Crystal, but previously have sailed Regent and several Oceania ships, which I love. Hoping it's a positive comparison!
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