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  1. There's currently a 14 day quarantine after flying into Queensland. My daughter's best friend has just finished 2 weeks quarantined in a hotel in Brisbane after flying in from Port Headland (WA). She starts work at her new job in Gladstone on Sunday.
  2. Well if he's not as enthusiastic about birds as you that makes sense. I can assure you CPAP on a plane is not a big deal so if you do find somewhere a bit further away to go together don't rule it out. I know in the early days of hubby having a CPAP it felt like a huge effort but we've done so much travel with it now it's just as easy as packing your phone or socks :).
  3. Why does this mean you can't do long haul anymore? My husband has had a CPAP machine for the last decade and that has not stopped us doing any long haul flights. There are travel CPAP machines available and some airlines have power available to certain seats. Don't rule out something you love to do together when there are some good options available to get around it.
  4. Turns out the husband still uses this in a work context (also a Queenslander).
  5. In primary school in the 80s (Queensland) we use to get an early mark. Can't send the kids home early now, so it may be out of fashion.
  6. Thongs go on your feet, also know as pluggers here. US thongs are called g-strings. My grandmother wore 'spencers' but by the time we get to my generation they are called singlets.
  7. This is the page for the Port of Brisbane. Midway down is a link to a PDF for cruise ships at the multi use terminal. It gives a bit of a rundown about transport options from there. You could easily taxi to the station and train into the city if the cruise ship doesn't provide a shuttle. https://www.portbris.com.au/Operations-and-Trade/Shipping-Schedule/
  8. We've recently done NZ from Brisbane (Nov/Dec). The men in our group and at our dinner table wore dark suits (MDR). There were a few tuxes around and a couple of preteens in dark pants, long sleeve button up shirts and ties.
  9. I emailed them originally in February to ask some questions about various tours. I emailed them again in May/June to confirm the tour we wanted and the number of passengers and they said we will send you an invoice closer to the tour. I didn't hear from them again. About a week or two out from our cruise I sent them an email to make sure they had our booking and to finalise payment details. They sent me an invoice within a couple of hours (timezone differences) and we paid it by paypal. I found them really good with communication. If you are concerned try again, your last communication might have been missed. If I remember correctly they have been running tours for about 20 years.
  10. We enjoyed Hobbiton. The quicker you can get off the ship and out of the car park the earlier you will be able to take the tour. We got a little wet in Rotorua ($3 disposable rain poncho for the win). The Maori cultural centre was worth the visit. We would have had enough time to take a quick walk up Mt Manganui on the return but the timing of the rain meant that was not an attractive option. Highly enjoyable visit.
  11. Back today from our NZ cruise. CJays were excellent.
  12. This morning we returned to Brisbane on the Sea Princess and our ship was in port the day after this occurred. Our tour guide was quite unimpressed and informed us that the cruise ships have the option of local Maori people providing welcoming services for all incoming ships. It is unfortunate Princess did not access the resources available to them.
  13. I've had my shoes taken away and sprayed on return from New Zealand and also had my shoes inspected after returning from a visit to Niagra Falls. It's not a big deal, just give them a decent clean before you fly and if there's an issue they'll do the rest (it took about 5ish minutes if I remember correctly).
  14. Here is the government site https://www.abf.gov.au/entering-and-leaving-australia/can-you-bring-it-in/list-of-items
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