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  1. Another vote for Trellis Bar! We met here several times before dinner. They have a few tables that you can sit at if the bar is full. It's a great spot!
  2. Hmmm... How do I explain? It was very close to the Cashiers window. Near a bank of Lightening slot machines. Not sure if this helps!
  3. Yes! We were on Allure the week of Jan 26th thru Feb 2nd. We played Let It Ride several nights.
  4. Hi all... I'm wondering about logistics when going to the thrill park at CoCo Cay. So when we arrive, can we safely leave our belongings on a chair somewhere and have a central place to meet? We will be a group of 4 and we may not all do the same things. Or are there lockers that we can use to lock up our stuff? If so, is there a charge for a locker? Just trying to figure out if we should bring a back pack, or leave it on the ship. Thank you in advance for your replies!
  5. I confirmed with RCI this morning... this is NOT the Black Friday sale. This sale ends tomorrow and a new sale starts on Friday. Hopefully prices will be better!
  6. Yup. Same here. I previously got the UBP for $57 pp/pd. Black Friday sale is at $61. What a let down!
  7. I see the banner for the Black Friday sale in cruise planner. But when I log in, it keeps asking me to log in again. Then I see prices for the beverage package, but it gives a range of prices as if I am not actually logged into my cruise planner. Is anyone else having this problem? Maybe I can't actually get the deal until Black Friday??
  8. There are shuttle buses that pick you up right at the pier. There is a designated area for them to pick you up. Before your trip, just confirm that your rental agency has a pick up point there. But I believe that most of the major rental agencies are there. The shuttle will take you to the rental office which is only a few minutes away. I believe we used Enterprise or Alamo when we did this.
  9. Hi everyone! Does anyone know how one would pre-pay tips for an upcoming cruise? Usually I see recommendations from RCI and a way to pre-pay them. My cruise is end of January so maybe that will be forthcoming? Thanks in advance!!
  10. Hi all! I am booked in an upcoming cruise on the Allure in January. I have booked all that I can from the RCI website - I guess you can't BOOK your entertainment on the app? That's fine. I received confirmation of all that I booked on-line, but nothing shows in my calendar on the app. Perhaps it only shows up when you are on-board? Does anyone know? Also, none of the Aqua shows are scheduled yet. Will they add them later so that we can book ahead of time? Or must you book these on the ship? Thank you all in advance for your help!
  11. Thank you everyone! So Wipe Out Café and Johnny Rockets for Omelets. Got it! Thank you!!!
  12. I'm pretty sure that I read somewhere that they do not have an omelet station in the Windjammer on the Allure. Is there anywhere on the Allure that has an omelet station for breakfast?? Thank you all in advance!!
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